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Silk Stalkings

screenshot_001I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get around to this one.  Before we go any further:  spoilers abound, you have been warned.

American TV show Silk Stalkings had a bumpy ride over its 8 year run.  After initially being broadcast in a prime slot on CBS it got moved to the USA network.  The original male lead (Rob Estes as Sgt. Chris Lorenzo) wanted out before his 5 year contract was done but stuck it out.  His character was killed off during season 5 and his female co-star (Mitzi Kapture as Sgt. Rita Lee Lance) didn’t want to extend her contract beyond the end of that year.

Season 6 saw wholesale changes to cast and crew with two new leads.  I’m sure many fans were not happy about this but the show continued for three more seasons so it must have kept a fair few of them.

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Silk Stalkings Videos – Update

silk_stalkings_s06e05_071WendyCR72 has very kindly posted videos from the one episode of the TV show Silk Stalkings that Kathryn starred in.  It is titled Compulsion and was the 2nd episode of season 6.

Screencaps will be posted at a later date but for now here are links to the video as posted in four parts on YouTube:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4

Huge thanks to Wendy for posting this for us all to see.

Update: Wendy has been able to upload the complete episode in a single video, you can find it HERE.  Even more huge thanks for doing this and letting us know.