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The Sweeter Side Of Life Returns To UK TV

tssol_515The Sweeter Side Of Life returns to British television screens today and another fours times later in the coming week.

Movies/24 is showing TSSOL today (25 Aug 2013) at 5pm on it’s main channel and at 6 o’clock on its +1 channel.

Next Thursday (29 Aug 2013) sees a 9pm screening.  This time Movies/24 does not seem to fully understand the idea behind a +1 channel because it does not follow suit with a 10pm repeat.

3am on Friday morning is another scheduled showing, this time with a 4am +1 repeat.  Later on Friday Movies/24 changes the meaning of +1 to be plus 1 day and 1 hour with a 10pm screening of the film on their twin channel.

Movies/24 is available to Sky satellite and Virgin Media cable subscribers.

You can find more detail on The Sweeter Side Of Life in previous posts here on KM UK and comprehensive coverage in our Gallery.

The Single Side/Layer Of Life

dvd_cover_002The Sweeter Side Of Life was released on DVD in the United States yesterday (16 July 2013).

The image on the right might be a “3D” shot of the DVD box but the actual product is a lot more one dimensional.  Having got hold of a copy of the disc I thought I’d post an update so if you are considering purchase you’ll know what you are getting.

A comprehensive list of the contents of the disc is as follows:

  • The film

That’s it.  Unless you count the main menu and the “scene selection” screens, which I know I don’t.  There are no extras.  Not even the Special Features video KM UK brought to you two months ago.  To be fair, the packaging makes no claims of any extras, and doesn’t even try the common trick of adding the “interactive menus” to a back-of-the-box list of features.  The thing is does add is further disappointment.

The DVD is a single-sided/single-layer disc, meaning it has a capacity of 4.2GBytes.  The film does fill the available space.  Extras would have meant sacrificing some picture quality or go with a more expensive dual-layer disc.  This will be the approach taken with the two-films-in-one-box package with Meddling Mom reported on here last month.  The only complaint about the picture quality that we are not given the option of a full HD Blu-ray version.  What’s the point of using the 4K RED cameras for filming if you are going to shrink that down to standard definition sizes?

So, to sum up: The DVD of The Sweeter Side Of Life contains the film The Sweeter Side Of Life.  To quote a higher intellect than mine “That’s all folks!”

The Sweeter Side Of Life DVD Released Today

dvd_cover_004Just a quick reminder.

The Hallmark TV movie The Sweeter Side Of Life, starring Kathryn and James Best (Roscoe P Coltrane in The Dukes Of Hazzard) is out today (16 July 2013) on DVD in the United States.  The film first aired on TV in America back in mid-January.

Those that pre-ordered the disc it could very well have had it delivered this morning.

Details of US online retailers can be found in a previous post and KM UK’s review of the film can be found here.

As you can see on the right we now have a picture of the back of the DVD case.  The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the QR code in the lower-right corner of the image.  Scanning it will give a URL which eventually takes you to a promo video on YouTube.  It is the standard 30 second long trailer we are familiar with.

If you are getting to see the film for the first time remember to come back and let us know what you thought.

The Sweeter Side On This Side Of The Pond

promo_009Looks like The Sweeter Side Of Life will be getting its first airing here in the UK this weekend.

I’d always assumed it would be the terrestrial station Five (aka Channel 5) that showed the film, they seem to have Hallmark and Hallmark-style movies on often, it is the cable and satellite only Movies/24 instead.

3pm on Sunday (7 July 2013) is appears to be the first showing.  Repeats follow on Wednesday night at 9pm, 3am v.late Wednesday night/v.early Thursday morning, and Thursday night at 10pm.  There is also a Movies/24+ channel which on initial inspection is a +1 hour version but according to the listings it is not that straightforward.  Often it shows different output.  Odd.

Those that have access can find Movies/24 on Sky channel 327 and Virgin Media station 419.

For those in UK that have neither cable nor satellite the American DVD is due for release in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of “the pond” happy 4th of July to our American friends.

Get Sweeter Side… Later And For More Money

dvd_cover_003But with another film.

There is less than a month to go until US DVD release of The Sweeter Side Of Life as we’ve covered previously.

If you are willing to wait another month or so and spend less than US$1 more you will be able to get The Sweeter Side Of Life in a “double feature” DVD set with another Hallmark movie called Meddling Mom.  It stars Sonia Braga (Alias) and was first broadcast back in February.  The basic plot should be obvious from the title and the picture.  All very heart warming no doubt.

In a situation that doesn’t quite make sense to me Meddling Mom is a Hallmark Movie Channel movie whereas The Sweeter Side Of Life is a Hallmark Channel movie, note the lack of “Movie”.  The Hallmark Channel shows movies, TV series and other programmes.  The Hallmark Movie Channel shows movies, TV series and other programmes.  Go figure.  Anyway, the two disparate parts of the organisation have managed to find some common ground and put their films together on one DVD.

The lack of data space available for films in the single disc format would suggest a the discarding of any extras and a likely drop in picture quality.  Released on August 27th you can pre-order your copy now from the American branch of the Amazon store.  Details HERE.

A hi-res version of the “3D” box art image has now been added to the Gallery.

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