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Hostage Released – October 2002 Photo Update

004008The news last month of a return by car maker BMW to its The Hire short film series gave me an excuse to look back at one episode.

That episode was, of course, Hostage which, of course, starred Kathryn.

The shorts were high production value publicity material and as part of that BMW Films screened them at a star-studded première event.  Vanity Fair magazine were even roped in to host the screening and launch party at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood.  Velvet rope was almost certain used.

One such star, a little studded in places, was, of course, Kathryn.  It’s pre-Cold Case Kathryn looking in many ways very different from how we became so familiar with her but also so very much the same as we came to love her.  The styles may change, the smiles never do  :-)

I have added 5 more smallish photos of Kathryn attending the The Hire season two première event from October 2002 to the KM UK Gallery.  See them here.

005 006 007

Kathryn @ Scooby-Doo Première 2002

ScoobyDooPremiere03When I did one of these looks at a past public appearance by Kathryn back in early March it was from the première of Minority Report.  The Tom Cruise-led film is over 13 years old!

That gave me an opportunity to expand the piece by mentioning the planned Minority Report TV series.  The cast for a pilot was being assembled.  Since then the Fox network has taken up the option and commissioned a full season.  It starts on US television this autum/fall in a Monday at 9pm slot.

We’ve still got our fingers crossed for Kathryn reprising her role as Lara Clarke, the estranged wife of Tom’s John Anderton.  Not sure how they could shoehorn in a guest spot for such a character but you never know.

Which brings me to today’s post.  It may be about Kathryn at the June 2002 première of the live action (with lots of special effects of course) Scooby-Doo movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. (She’s All That) as Daphne and Fred of Mystery Inc.

“But why the waffle about Minority Report?” I hear you say.  The boy very sensibly making sure he keeps hold of Kathryn in the newly added photos is actor Dominic Scott Kay, 6.  Dominic appeared in the film as Sean, the young son of Lara and John who separated due to the emotional turmoil of his disappearance.  The film premièred just a couple of weeks after this event so this was their chance to get in some extra publicity by turning up together.  Or, Kathryn needed an excuse to go and watch the film and knew a boy that she could take as cover  😉

Dominic’s acting career continued with guest roles in things like NCIS and House and he even wrote and directed his own short film which starred Kevin Bacon.  More recently Dominic has concentrated on music and auditioned for The Voice

A small collection of small images have been added to the event album in the KM UK Gallery.

ScoobyDooPremiere06 ScoobyDooPremiere08 ScoobyDooPremiere10

Kathryn @ Minority Report Première 2002

minority_report_premiere_003Normally with these little visits to past public appearances I generally try and make them seasonally relevant.  The recent awards event photos posted within a few days of the most recent ceremonies.  That kind of thing.

This update, however, has been triggered by the unearthing of a video in which Kathryn features.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t also make it topical.

I’ll explain.

Moves are afoot to make a TV series based on the Tom Cruise-starring, Steven Spielberg-directed movie Minority Report.  Kathryn, of course, had a small but crucial role as the estranged ex-wife of Tom Cruise’s crime preventer Chief John Anderton.

In the past few weeks there has been news about the casting of the Fox-ordered pilot due to be set 10 years after the film.  Start Sands (Generation Kill), Meagan Good (Cold Case episode ‘Soul’) will play the leads as both twin male Pre-cogs (they can see the future) and a Precrime officer respectively.  Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s Show) has recently been added to the cast as another police officer.

Links to the film are kept with Laura Regan (Mad Men) taking the Pre-cogs Agatha role as portrayed by Samantha Morton originally, and Daniel London actually reprising his part as Wally the caretaker.

Wouldn’t it be great if Kathryn’s Lara Clarke could also appear at some point as a way of linking back to John’s time in the Precrime unit and the events of the hit movie?  Make it happen Hollywood!

Having not been included in the KM UK Gallery previously I have now added an album of various photos of Kathryn doing the red carpet walk in New York for the première of Minority Report.  And, the video that triggered this post has also been added alongside the snapshots.  Kathryn appears very briefly in middle of the clip answering a question about fate.

minority_report_premiere_002 minority_report_premiere_007 minority_report_premiere_001

Kathryn @ THR’s Next Gen Event – November 2002

hollywood_the_next_generation_001It has been only two weeks since our last visit to nostalgia corner.  As strange a place as it can be on this occasion it is following the normal rules of the passage of time.

Two weeks after the previously covered Nintendo Platinum GameCube launch party Kathryn was at the annual The Hollywood Reporter Honors Its “Hollywood: The Next Generation” event.

The 2013 edition of this event happened yesterday (6 November 2013).  In 2002 it was on the 5th of the month.

The “Next Generation” in question are mainly 35 under 35 executives working across the entertainment industry whether it be in legal or marketing departments, management, or production.  In the past they’ve also included separate sections for actors and actresses.  In 2012 it was 5 of each sex.  This year it appears to be just 5 in total across both genders.

What is not clear from my investigations is whether Kathryn was one of the chosen few in the class of 2002.  I suspect not.  If you know otherwise please let us know.  A few celebs are invited to the event, the always delightful Kristin Davis (Sex & The City) was there in 2002 as well for instance.

Anyway, we have updated the Gallery with 8 photos of Kathryn attending the do.

hollywood_the_next_generation_001 hollywood_the_next_generation_005 hollywood_the_next_generation_009

Kathryn @ Ninten-do – October 2002

nintendo_003Welcome back to KM UK’s nostalgia corner.

We’re on the verge a new era of computer game consoles as Sony and Microsoft lock controllers in the battle to be the best of the 8th generation machines.  The Xbox One (stupid name for the 3rd version) and PlayStation 4 (predictable name for the fourth) will be both hit the shelves in the coming month, varying slightly depending on manufacturer and region.  I’ve not forgotten the Wii U launched a year ago, but everyone else appears to have done so.

Here we look back to the re-launch of a much loved 6th generation machine: the Nintendo GameCube.  By this time the PS2 had been around a couple of years.  The actual Xbox 1 was approaching it’s first anniversary, and the increasingly forgotten Sega Dreamcast was already ageing badly at 3.  Being ahead of your time doesn’t always go well.

Nintendo chose to give their GameCube a glittery make-over just prior to the beginning of the all-important holiday period in the United States.  The limited edition Platinum GC received a star-studded send off at Nintendo’s Gone Platinum Party, which took place on October 23rd, 2002.  Eleven years ago!

If you want to launch something cute and shiny, invite someone that really shines and is very cute.  Ladies and gentleman: Kathryn Morris.

See how it all ties up?  I don’t just throw this stuff together you know!

5 photos have been added to the Gallery.

nintendo_001 nintendo_004 nintendo_005