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WonderCon Reverie Round-ups

artwork_002Just over a week ago now (Friday, 23rd March) attendees of the WonderCon event in Anaheim, California, were given the opportunity to watch a special screening of the first/pilot episode of Reverie.

Since then there have been several articles posted online by bloggers and journalists that were there.  I thought it worth taking a little time to highlight a couple of them with slightly different takes on things.

Warning:  These articles do include descriptions of plot elements which could be considered spoilers by those wanting to go into show fresh when it finally airs.

First up is a piece by Derek Vigeant at the TVweb site.  Derek is enthusiastic about what he saw.  He singles out lead Sarah Shahi in particular for praise:

Shahi is absolutely fantastic as the lead and it continues to baffle me that this woman hasn’t been the lead on more shows. She demonstrates the intelligence and determination of someone that could quickly acclimate to being inside the Reverie.

Dennis Haysbert, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Jessica Lu are noted as not playing major parts in this episode but sees hints as to their future developments.  Kathryn is not named in the article but mention of “big brother sticking their nose in things” is almost certainly a nod towards her DoD official’s involvement.  Derek has concerns about the weekly procedural aspect getting “stuck in a rut” but that things like the DoD should help prevent that.

The overall fairly positive TVweb piece ends on a hopeful note:

As long as Reverie continues to grow and develop like the [VR] program itself they should have plenty to offer as this series debuts this summer on NBC.

You can read Derek Vigeant’s piece in full on the TVweb site HERE.

Over at the 4 Your Excitement site, Stephanie Coats has a slightly less upbeat take on the show.  It kicks off with the title ‘Doesn’t Live Up To Its Dreams’ and continues in the first paragraph:

Picture Inception but less gritty and less stylized, sprinkle in some of the elements of Black Mirror’s “San Junipero”, and add more commentary on cell phone addiction, then you’ll have a fairly good idea what Reverie is like.

Stephanie’s piece is more of a description of the story elements than a detailed critique and continues in the final summing up:

As it stands after episode one, there is little that is new, clever, or intriguing to get you hooked. Almost every idea feels lifted from another show or movie. Reverie is lighter, both in tone and look, than its sources of inspiration.

Stephanie Coats’ article can be read HERE on the 4YE site.

Thank you to both Derek and Stephanie for writing up their thoughts on Reverie.  We look forward to forming our own opinions later this year.

Boston Herald’s Cold Case Revival

still_001Reacting to the news that the NBC network in America is considering reviving The Office (the US version of course), Mark Perigard of the Boston Herald newspaper has put forward his own thoughts on shows that should be brought back.

Mark, the TV critic for the Boston Herald, has his misgivings about The Office but can understand the wish to return to past glories after the success of the recent new Will & Grace season, and the soon returning, already resurrected, The X-Files.

Continuing his article, Mark puts forward five other shows he thinks are worth considering.  Obviously based on the existence of this post and its title, Cold Case is one of them.  We’ll come to that in moment, because visitors to this site may be interested to note two other choices Mark makes.

Cop drama The Shield is first up.  Our connection to that show is Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC) had a guest starring role in four episodes just before joining Cold Case.

Secondly we have Xena: Warrior Princess.  As Mark says, there have been talk of a revival of Xena in recent years but the plans came to nought.  Kathryn, of course, had a major role in two episodes of Xena as Najara.  It may only have been that double appearance but the character had a wider effect on the relationship between Xena and her side-kick Gabrielle.

Lastly Mark talks about Cold Case.  This is what he wrote:

A series that was a cut above crime procedurals, “Cold Case” (2003-2010) featured a group of Philadelphia detectives investigating murders unsolved sometimes for decades and featured moving flashbacks and the original music of the day, including Ray Charles, the Doors and Bruce Springsteen. “Cold Case” is also one of the few TV series that has never been released to DVD, allegedly because of the onerous issue of music rights involved. I think we would all feel safer knowing Detective Lilly Rush — and star Kathryn Morris — was back on the job.

Here, here.

KM UK did its own pitch for a new Cold Case season back in July.

You can read Mark Perigard’s piece in full on the Boston Herald website HERE.

Bone Tomahawk Is ‘Cool News’ For 2015

misc_001The year has hardly started and the predictions are coming in for big movies in 2015.

Quint (Eric Vespe) on the long-running Ain’t It Cool News website has written up a list of films he is looking forward to in the coming year.

The list is comprehensive to say the least, there are the best part of 100 films on it, but Bone Tomahawk is right up there in the first 10.  When you’ve piqued the interest just after the likes of the new Star Wars, Mad Max, Jurassic World and Bond films, you are in good company.

The new Quentin Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight, also a Western and starring Kurt Russell, may have brought it to Quint’s mind earlier than it might otherwise have but still…

Kurt’s on a run at the moment as he’ll first be seen in the new Fast & Furious 7 movie.  The car-based action franchise has got a certain Western vibe to it.  More steel carts than steel horses though.

There is still no word on a release date for Bone Tomahawk but something is bound to break soon.

Read the article in full on the Ain’t It Cool News website here.

Bone Tomahawk, written and directed by S. Craig Zahler, is a horror Western film starring Kurt (The Thing), Patrick Wilson (Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife), Matthew Fox (Lost), Lili Simmons (Banshee) and Sean Young (Blade Runner).  Kurt is the sheriff who sets out to rescue a group taken hostage by ‘cannibalistic troglodytes’.  Kathryn plays Mrs sheriff, Lorna Hunt.

The Coin’s Future Firms Up

LA_Firm_Inc_UK_Issue_29On Thursday Fabien Martorell, the director of the film The Coin, reminded us via Twitter that the short will be featuring in the Underexposed Film Festival in a couple of weeks.  KM UK covered the initial announcement previously.  Exact details of the screening will be posted here nearer the time.

I understand that The Coin will be shown at even more festivals in the coming months, both in the US and abroad.  KM UK will be reporting on those as soon as the news breaks.

In the meantime this is a good opportunity to bring to you a review by Darcell Carraway of LA Firm Inc Magazine of the 8 minute feature starring Kathryn, Christopher Lloyd (Piranha 3DD) and young Jack Ryan Shepherd.

“Kathryn Morris was electrifying…”

Los Angeles Firm Inc Magazine is an online and print publication that “cover[s]… all facets of [the] commercial entertainment industry” including fashion and movies.  Darcell is the CEO of Los Angeles Firm Inc, Editor In Chief of the magazine, and Creative Director of sister company Victoria Marie Fashion.  Darcell has very kindly allowed KM UK to host a high quality copy of the double page spread from the UK version of the magazine (see top right) for you all to see.  You can find it in the Gallery.  The article is primarily a profile of Fabien but ends with this glowing review of The Coin:

Not every critic has the same view and not every person doing films is cut out for it.  When I first sat down to watch The Coin, I was very anxious to see it.  I was very impressed by the quality of the presentation.  However, more importantly the acting was amazing.  I felt center stage at the theatre the whole way through.  Our recommendations are based solely on our appreciation for effortless brilliance and art.  The crazed mother played by Kathryn Morris was electrifying for lack of better words while Christopher Llyod [sic] was stellar in his role as the guardian angel.  We rank this short film with some of the elite blockbusters from the 80’s and 90’s like 48 hrs. or even Misery.  I find a very alluring and passion filled director in Fabien Martorell.  Classic in plain english [sic].

Darcell Carraway

Many thanks to Darcell for his generosity.  You can find out more about LA Firm Inc Magazine via their Facebook page HERE.

Be Aware Of Greeks Following Protocol

on_set_012Not entirely sure what the protocol is here…  :-)

Actress Xen Sia (above right with Kathryn) is the October cover star of the monthly New York-based NEO Magazine, which focuses on American Greeks.  Xen appeared on KM UK’s  radar earlier this year when she starred in, what we believed at the time, was a short film called The Protocol by Johnny Messner’s “Johnny Be Goode” production company.

The exact nature of the film (plot etc.) is not known to us but we are aware that Kathryn had a role, along with Max Ryan (Death Race),  Joel Cavness, Will Crown and, of course, Xen Sia (Casino Jack).  Filming took place over a few days in the middle of July.  Since then we’ve not heard anything on the project.  Until now.

Xen Sia has been interviewed for NEO Magazine and it gives us a very different take on the production, and a nice comment about Kathryn:

Her savvy, go-getter attitude is what landed Sia a starring role as Agent Amanda Chase in “The Protocol”, a cutting edge television series/episodic produced by Brad Feinstein. Also featuring Kathryn Morris (“Cold Case” and “Minority Report”), Max Ryan (“Death Race”) and Johnny Messner (“Tears of the Sun”), the series is currently in the midst of a bidding war between several networks. One highlight from the production experience for Sia, was getting to know and learn from her colleague, Morris.

“She really took me under her wing, and was so nurturing and motherly,” Sia said of the well-respected actress.

So, The Protocol could become much more than we thought.  If it were to become a TV series it does not necessarily mean that Kathryn would be starring in it.

You can read the full article by Eleni Kostopoulos HERE on the NEO Magazine website.

We will update you with further news on The Protocol when we can.  Doing so before then would be difficult :-)

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