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Screenplay Still

still_001Three weeks ago we were lucky enough to see the first real evidence of Kathryn starring in the 1999 dark comedy film Screenplay when a couple of clips were posted on YouTube by the director.

Today we have a little more proof.  Very lovely proof it is too.

And ‘little’ is the operative word.  I’ve managed to find a small, but perfectly formed (much like the lady herself :-) ) photo of Kathryn’s Fanny in the movie as she wags her finger at person or persons unknown.  Probably me for that last sentence 😉

Initially the shot appears to match the scene as the writer barges into the agent’s office in opening seconds of the first clip we got last month.  However, the background is a little different with the video having a painting behind Kathryn, not a large letter as we in the photo.  The hair-do, outfit and necklace are certainly a match.  Which leaves it unclear as to how this fits in.

You can now find the photo in the Gallery.

Sadly the gentleman responsible for making the photo available, make-up artist on Screenplay Ray Lau, died 2 years ago after a battle with cancer.  The credit goes to him posthumously.

Screenplay Clips

screenplay_scene_001_019I never thought I’d see the day!

Screenplay, one of Kathryn’s earlier roles, looked like it would never surface in any form.  It had become of the one the “Holy Grails”.  Suddenly the director, Adam Winston, has posted a few clips, including two involving Kathryn, on YouTube.

The scenes give Kathryn a chance to cover the full range of emotions: from obedient secretary to very angry secretary.   Ninja girl indeed!

Screenplay, made in 1999, tells the story of a screenwriter desperate for work taking a Hollywood agent hostage.  Kathryn plays the agent’s secretary named, if the clip is anything to go by, Fanny.

The scenes and a small number screencaps from them can now be found in the Gallery. The originals can be found on YouTube here and here.  The quality is not great and there is some fruity language.  You have been warned.

Big thanks to Adam for posting them.

screenplay_scene_001_022 screenplay_scene_002_001 screenplay_scene_002_028