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98th? That’s Just Not Cricket!

57539_kmorris2Over at the Bleacher Report website ‘Featured Columnist’ Thomas Delatte has put a little list together. You know the sort of thing: a top 10 or 100 of the best/worst/favourite/most hated things in a particular category.

Such lists are, of course, very subjective and prone to some odd entries based purely on the preferences of the writer.  This particular list stretches the whole idea to near breaking point though.

Thomas’s list is titled The 100 Hottest Sports Babes from Movies and TV.  Skipping past the rather un-PC “babes” we find a list of 100 actress that have starred in… you’ll never guess… movies and TV with sports-related themes.

I can’t really quibble with the ladies chosen or the order they’ve been placed in as it is down to the writer’s own tastes, though obviously I do have something of an issue with Kathryn’s lowly 98th place 😕

Kathryn earns her spot on the list based on having a role in Resurrecting The Champ, a film with some boxing in it.  Her female co-stars Teri Hatcher and Rachel Nichols also make the list, though somewhat higher up.  Teri at 72 (26 higher, really?) and Rachel makes the top 5.

My beef with the list relates to its title and the incredibly loose interpretation of movies and TV shows in the sports genre going far beyond the odd rogue entry.  The title “Sports Babes…” implies that the women are playing sports stars themselves, which in most cases they are not.  Few would argue that Invictus and Days Of Thunder are sports movies but The Love Guru?  OK, there’s a hockey player but it strikes me as just an excuse to shoe-horn Jessica Alba in.  Thomas must feel that he is on shaky ground with Fight Club as he has to stress that it is a sports movie.  It’s not.  And I’d put Jerry Maguire (which doesn’t star Kathryn, despite what some biogs say) on a similar level to Resurrecting The Champ (which does) in regard to the sporting content.  Yes, sports are the background to them but they are not really sports films.  If Kathryn’s scenes had made into Moneyball then things could have been different.  Her beach volleyball scenes in Pensacola: Wings Of Gold might have been more appropriate.  Quite why I’m arguing for Kathryn to be struck from the list I’m not sure 😕

Anyway, the whole thing is very tenuous.  Much like this post :-)

And there are no cricket themed movies in the list either.

There’s Nothing Trivial About Kathryn

imdb_logo_100x100A few days ago the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) posted a trivia question about the film Moneyball on their Facebook page.  See it HERE.

As with so many good questions the answer they were after was “Kathryn Morris” :-)

The question in question was: This actress was cast as Billy Beane’s second wife in Moneyball, but her scenes were cut from the film. Can you guess the actress?

Many of the commenters got the correct answer but I’m not sure that all of them were taking it seriously.  Betty White?

Of course, I could be wrong 😕  What do you think the correct answer is?

Which actress was cast as Billy Beane's 2nd wife in Moneyball?

  • Kathyrn Morris (89%, 17 Votes)
  • Betty White (5%, 1 Votes)
  • Other (5%, 1 Votes)
  • Jennifer Aniston (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Angelina Jolie (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 19

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Moneyball Out On DVD Today In UK

blu-ray_001Moneyball finally makes the conversion from Dollars to Sterling  :-)

Short of a “directors cut” release, or Kathryn’s other scenes that hit the cutting room floor finding their way out into the open via some other means, this is likely to be our last post about Moneyball.

Today sees the UK home release of the movie, based on the book by Michael Lewis, that tells the story of the Oakland Athletics (the “Oakland As”) baseball team and their attempts to break the mould.  In a sport dominated by money and those with lots of it, how can a small team with very little (in comparison at least, they had still had millions after all) compete.  By thinking outside of the box.

Hitting American cinemas in September 2011, the UK got it’s first showings in November.  The DVD and Blu-ray versions were shelved (as in put on the shelves :-) ) in American stores in January this year.  As the US Blu-ray was region free it is very likely that the official UK version will be identical to it.  The descriptions of the extras certainly looks the same so UK shoppers should get to see one of Kathryn’s scenes with Brad amongst the deleted set.  The DVD may vary though, despite the film to PAL video conversion being done more simply than from film to NTSC.  In the past extras such as interviews have often been done on video, which complicates the conversion (NTSC to PAL) so they drop them.  In these days of every thing being digital that may no longer be the case.

Moneyball received many award nominations, mainly for Brad’s acting and Aaron Sorkin/Steve Zaillian screenplay, and won several but missed out on a coveted Oscar.  However, congratulations to all involved.  I doubt anyone expected a movie, especially a sports movie about a small team, that went through a lot before it even got made, would go on to become such a success.  They should make a movie about it…  Oh, hang on!  :-)

Thank you to Moneyball for giving us so much to talk about this past couple of years, it is just a shame that we ultimately had so little to show for it.

Moneyball Deleted Scene Full HD Screencaps

screenshot_001You want the good news or the bad news?

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that so I’ll assume you said “bad”.  The bad news is that I’m able to confirm that Kathryn does not feature at all in the extras on the US Moneyball Blu-ray, except for the deleted scene we already know about.  Get the Blu-ray as it is still worth watching in HD.  Robin Wright goes unmentioned as well, but at least she got a scene in the flick 😕

And the good news… no peaking at the subject above… what do you mean you’ve already read it?  We’ll if that’s your attitude I’m not going to tell you  😡

Oh, OK, I can’t stay mad at you :-)  The good news is that we now have 30 full HD (1080p) screencaps of the lovely oh-so Kathryn from the Billy/Tara restaurant scene.  You can find them in the Gallery.  They are a little grainy, which is probably down to the darkness of the restaurant setting.

deleted_scene_003 deleted_scene_009 deleted_scene_012

Moneyball Out On DVD/Blu-ray In US – 500th Post!

deleted_scene_001_006Moneyball is out on DVD and Blu-ray in the USA today, the 10th of Jan 2012.

I know there isn’t much for us Kathryn fans to see but the discs will have at least one, almost certainly only one in fact, deleted scene that features her in the role of Tara, Billy Beane’s second wife.  Previously KM UK brought you an exclusive preview of the included deleted scene with Tara and Billy sharing a meal at a restaurant.  Billy is, of course, played by Brad Pitt.  Kathryn certainly filmed other scenes that were also cut from the film, it does not look like these will be released.  A great shame indeed.

If you are in the US and pick up a copy of the home entertainment version of Moneyball please let us know what you think.  What did you think of Kathryn’s performance?

Moneyball has certainly proved popular with the viewers and critics alike, and it has been nominated for multiple awards.  The UK release of the DVD and Blu-ray is set for the 19th of March.

Update:  This is the 500th article posted on KM UK.

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