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Paycheck – Saturday/Sunday, BBC1

Paycheck_1080p_046What better way to get over those winter blues than a nice Paycheck?  😉

A regular one is nice too.  The BBC seem to have dropped into an 8 month cycle with the John Woo sci-fi action drama Paycheck as it was back in May 2016 when they last broadcast it.  Before that is was September 2015.  At this rate we can book in for another viewing next September.  By then we’ll definitely need the memory wiping technology the film uses.  With luck it’ll be in mass production by then…

It’s a late one this time, or may be very early.  Hence the ‘Saturday/Sunday’ subject.  00:25/12:25am may be technically very early on Sunday morning but to all right thinking people it’s still just quite late on Saturday night.  Unless, on this occasion you are in Scotland.  Sorry to our north of the border friends.  No Paycheck for you.  The BBC’s website has details of the broadcast.

As you’ll no doubt know by now Kathryn’s role is quite short in this film.  She’s an important part of setting up the premise in those opening 10 minutes though.  The unforgettable performance by her Rita Dunne proves the memory wiping device works.  It would take a significant medical procedure to remove what is etched onto our brains  :-)

KM UK being as comprehensive as it is will mean it is no surprise that the KM UK Gallery already cover the film is some detail already.

Time (pun very much intended) for a classic KM UK countdown timer to the start of the Paycheck broadcast on BBC1 this weekend.


The Perfect Guy – Not Just Blue Sky Thinking

poster_005I fear I may have missed the boat by a couple of weeks again.

It has come to my attention that the relationship-gone-wrong thriller The Perfect Guy is being broadcast in the UK on the Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller channel.  Normally I focus on Freeview, but thems the breaks.

For reasons unknown ‘Sky Cinema’ replaced ‘Sky Movies’ as the general name for the satellite network’s film channels.  Personally I thought movies covers the world of films far better.  ‘Cinema’ implies you are attempting to replicate the cinema experience.  Which they won’t do.  Hardly a forward thinking approach in this multi-screen, multi-platform digital age.

I digress.

Earlier today (15th September 2016) the Crime & Thriller channels showed The Perfect Guy.  It will be on again next Tuesday (20th Sept) at the rather tame time of 1:30pm.  Perhaps the scheduler doesn’t understand the irony embedded in the title  :-)

The film will never go down as a classic of the genre but you can’t say it wasn’t a success.  The lead actress (Sanaa Lathan) won a couple of award for her work.  In it’s opening weekend in America it made more than double the production budget.  A little bit more is required for a film to be considered a real financial winner.  However, by the end of November 2015 it had reached more than 4 times those initial costs, and that’s before the international markets and DVD sales are factored in.  That is why there have been several other, very similar films made already.  The studio behind The Perfect Guy, Screen Gems (a division of Sony Pictures), just last week released When The Bough Breaks.  It also stars Morris Chestnut, this time with a very Sanaa Lathan-looking Regina Hall.  The poster’s not a world away either.

I digress, again

Kathryn has a small role in The Perfect Guy as a close friend of Sanaa’s Leah.  Her motherhood get Leah’s biological clock striking the hour gong loudly.  Later they meet for drinks a couple of times. I’ve covered it several times on this site, notably in our review (including HD images) of the film HERE focusing on Kathryn.  The red dress is worth the price of admission alone 😀

Catch Kathryn in The Perfect Guy on the Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller.  Set your Sky+.

Colony On UK Sky 1 From Thursday

colony_banner_2880x1260A couple of weeks ago the news broke that Colony would be coming to UK television screens on Sky 1 in early April.

That time has arrived and Colony is now on the schedules.

The series will be shown on the satellite channel from Thursday (7th of April) at 9pm, in between DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and the beginning of the new season of the comedy panel show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo.  That’s a prime time slot on a major channel.

Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) lead the sci-fi drama series about a set in current day earth that has been invaded by aliens.  They have taken control and split the remaining human population into walled in ‘blocks’.  Colony follows the lives of the Bowman family (Josh and Sarah as parents to three children) and others in a section of Los Angeles.  Kathryn stars in three episodes as someone allowed to live in a more privileged area in return for collaborating with the ‘hosts’, in her case she is collecting works of art for them.

Hold On To Your Easter Eggs They Might Melt

poster_001Let’s face it: nobody likes melted chocolate Easter eggs.

The natural disaster Inferno is being shown again the the Horror Channel here in the UK on Wednesday (23rd of March).  The station is on channel 70 on the Freeview system and in tripple digits on the Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media platforms.  Check your EPG for details.

You can catch a broadcast at 4pm, a nice early for the students then :-) , or if you miss that there is a repeat the following morning at 10am.

The channel has existed for nearly 12 years now but has only just passed its first anniversary on Freeview.  Coincidently, or maybe not, it started on the Friday the 13th of March 2015.  Dun, dun, dun!

Inferno involves a fireball heading towards the Earth that is causing temperatures to rise and problems for its inhabitants.  Kathryn’s role will also cause temperatures to rise (I’ll leave the ‘balls’ joke to you).  James Remar (Dexter) and Stephanie Niznik (Everwood) are the leads.  Jonathan LaPaglia (ADA Bell in later episodes of Cold Case) is Kathryn’s partner in crime/grime.

As citizen reviewer Jack from Minnesota says on IMDb:

Kathryn Morris steals the show as the sleazy tow truck driver, the only likable character and the only one who rises above being a compilation of clichés. Everyone else is a cardboard cutout in comparison to her character.

What would Lilly Rush make of her?

Early Morning Providence

Providence_S02E01_076The year has started well for Kathryn fans in the UK.

In the first couple of days we had showings of the film Inferno.

Cold Case is getting daily screenings available to everyone with a TV, and not just those with a satellite dish attached to it.

This run of luck is set to continue but you’ll need to stay up very late or be up very, very early (or set the PVR) to see it.

The TV series Providence is currently being broadcast in back-to-back pairs starting at 1am on the Movie Mix channel.  Friday (22nd of Jan) morning (or Thursday night if you prefer) the final episode of season one is up first.  That can only mean one thing.  The second of the double dose is the first episode of season two.  2am OK with you?

Going under the title of The Third Thing Kathryn guest stars Molly, a disturbed young woman struggling to deal with the loss of a child.  The staff at the Rhode Island clinic run by Dr Sydney Hansen (Melina Kanakaredes of CSI: NY) find themselves in a hostage situation when Molly pulls a gun.

Providence ran for five seasons from 1999 to 2002 on the NBC network in the USA.

I’ve looked at this episode of Providence almost 6 years ago on KM UK here.  Screencaps can be found in the Gallery.

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