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Cold Case To Return As Event Series In 2017 – April Fool


Another KM UK Exclusive:  We could be seeing a new season of Cold Case next year!

There has been a move in recent years away from the 20+ episode-long seasons for TV series.  Increasingly new series are being done as short 6-13 episode ‘event’ runs.  Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon have driven this trend and traditional broadcasters are realising that attention spans are dropping.  Viewers don’t want to spend 9 months wading through 24 episodes, or episodes of 24, any more.

Another side to this has been using the format to bring back old favourites to our screens.  The key cast don’t want to commit to a full season worth of work and there is more fanfare with an ‘event series’ of a treasured oldie.  More bang for the buck.  Already this year we’ve seen a six episode-long 10th season of geek favourite The X-Files and later Prison Break will be back after going off air in 2009.  Both are on the Fox network

CBS has seen the success of these shows and wants a piece of the action for itself.  KM UK has just discovered that the network has made Cold Case a front runner to be restarted for a special season.

Unlike traditional ‘crime of the week’ Cold Case the thinking is that a new 10 episode season would be based around a longer story arc.  Effectively one case throughout, with smaller side cases filling in each episode.  Of course, Cold Case has tried longer stories spread across multiple episodes before but this time they intend on seeing it out to the bitter end.  It won’t disappear after just a few episodes, never to be mentioned again.

Currently Cold Case: Reheated, as it might be called, has the working title of Hunt The Gowk.  Bizarre, but it apparently relates to the story being told.  It will set in 2017 so things will have moved on from when Cold Case came to an end in 2010.  What are Rush and Valens up to now?  Are Stillman, Vera and Jeffries still around?  Is Miller running the precinct?

New series producer Sizdah Bedar has said they want to have as many of the original main characters as they can and if possible bring back some fan favourite criminals.  They have been in jail for quite a long time now.  New, younger homicide detectives could also be drafted in to bolster the ageing squad.  Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies) is being courted to revive her Amish girl character from Running Around (Cold Case s05e03) as a junior police officer who becomes heavily involved in the story.  There could be a Cold Case: TNG spin-off for her if it goes well.

All the original main cast members are said to be up for this.  Danny Pino’s return to the CBS fold for BrainDead was key to making a revival possible.  He will be free after that show ends production this spring.

Even more importantly Kathryn will also be free this autumn once the second season of Colony has finished filming over the summer.

Pre-production has only just started but expect to see Cold Case: Reheated around this time next year, very early in April.

Update:  I’m sure you’ve all worked out that this was my annual attempt to surprise and slightly amuse for April Fool’s day.

Cold Case Virtual Season 8 Première

Last year, after the cancellation of Cold Case, a group of fans on the Look Again forum decided to write their own season 8.  That work has come to fruition and the results are now being made available with the season première yesterday.

I’ll let participant nomnivore take it from here:

Our first episode in Cold Case’s virtual season eight is now available!

Visit for the first episode in our virtual season “The Wall”, written by Todd Smitts.

Lilly and the squad reopen the case of a CIA agent who retired at the end of the Cold War, only to be murdered in a park in 1993, when new evidence comes to light that robbery may not have been the motive. As they delve deeper into the case, they soon learn that even retired spies have secrets, and that the man’s co-workers and even his own family may know more than their letting on. Meanwhile, as Lilly gets ready for a new chapter, working for the FBI, she begins to have second thoughts as she she realizes she’ll be leaving behind more than just her job. The music of REM is played throughout the episode. Part 1 of 2.

In the coming weeks we’ll publish further episodes featuring Cold Cases from all eras (including a case from 1926). Highlights include:

  • Lilly must choose between working in the FBI and staying with Stillman’s team
  • Scotty deals with fallout from his involvement in Jimmy Mota’s murder
  • The return of former Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty
  • We learn more about the extended Rush- Cooper family

Congratulations to all involved for making this happen.  It’s a shame that I can’t make screencaps from it :-)  I’ve added a link in the menu on the right to the CC VS8 site.

Any chance there’ll be a story line about a suave Englishman sweeping Lilly off her feet? :-)

No Cold Case Season 8

It seems that this site is one of the top ones people are reaching when searching for information about Cold Case Season 8.  A large percentage of the recent traffic has shown that the autumn/fall schedules, with its mix of returning favourites and new shows, has got viewers wondering why new Cold Case episodes are not being broadcast.  So, I just wanted to add help clarify the situation with this quick post for those searching for information.

Sadly, there will not be a Cold Case season 8.

Viewers in the UK are still out of luck as there is no sign of Sky, or any other channel, showing Cold Case series 7, let alone series 8.

Cold Case Season 8? – Update


It has finally been announced, though not quite officially by CBS, that Cold Case will not be renewed for another season.  Unfortunately it comes as no great shock, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing to hear.

Jonathan Littman, an executive producer on many Bruckheimer shows, sent this Tweet earlier:

Rainy day brings gloomy news with COLD CASE and MIAMI MEDICAL not being renewed. A great run on one and a way too short run on the other. – Link

With CBS picking up 4 new drama series yesterday (Hawaii 5-0, Defenders, Blue Bloods and a Criminal Minds spin-off) something had to go to make room.

Let me reiterate what I said in my earlier piece about Cold Case past, present and future:  Thank you to all involved in making 7 seasons of a great show.  Best wishes for the future to everyone.

Update: Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera on Cold Case) has posted a comment on IMDb thanking all the fans for watching these past 7 seasons.  You can read it here.

Update 2: CBS have announced their fall schedule.  Cold Case is not on it.  See here and here.

Fan Campaign For CC Season 8

The folks over at Cold Case discussion board Look Again are initiating a campaign to get Cold Case an 8th season.  Under threat of non-renewal for season 7, though Kathryn herself has said it wasn’t as bad as many think, the tide seems to be against the chances of another reprieve.

Can a clear sign of support by as many fans as possible convince CBS to continue with the show?  It certainly does no harm to try.

You can find all the details here in Byrdman‘s thread on Look Again.

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