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Acht no! Has It Been That Long?

These anniversaries seem to come around so quickly these days.

Yet they are still a surprise and the ever increasing number is still a bit of a shock.  Was it really that long ago?

Here on KM UK we always try and post a quick reminder on key dates and the 2nd of May is one of those dates.

That fateful Sunday in 2010 was day the final ever two episodes of Cold Case aired.  It has now been gone for longer than it ran for.  The show ended on something of a hopeful note for Lilly and co. but there was ending as such.  No doubt the squad continued in some form after we stopped watching.  Gone but not forgotten.

We are still watching the actors continue their careers and you can read about them in our regular monthly catch-ups.

7 Year Itch

“What blonde in the kitchen?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know! Maybe it’s Marilyn Monroe!”

When Tom asks that question and Richard answers in The Seven Year Itch they are talking about Marilyn Monroe and not Marguerite Chapman’s character.  But it has been seven years since our Miss Morris was seen in the Philly P.D. squad room kitchen.

The 2nd of May is one of the days we note each year because in 2010 it was when Cold Case‘s final episodes were broadcast.  That Sunday night showing of two episodes closed off the seven-season long run the show had.

Throughout that time we saw hundreds of guest stars.  Some well known already.  Many yet to become household names.  Even now if I sort of recognise an actor I’ll check if they ever appeared in a episode, perhaps as a minor character in a flashback to the 1950s.

Of course, the main cast (Kathryn, Danny, John, Jeremy, Thom, and Tracie) have all gone on to do many things since.  We try to keep abreast of them here on KM UK in our Cold Case Cast Catch-up posts.  However, the way Cold Case wormed its way into the hearts of so many people means they will be very closely associated with it for many, many years to come.

Here’s to the much missed Cold Case.

6 Years And Counting

“2009, 2010 wanna make a record how I felt then”

To quote part of Arcade Fire’s aptly titled song Month Of May.

Here on KM UK we mark a few anniversaries each year.  Most are happy occasions, but some are inevitably less so.  This is one of those.

On the 2nd of May 2010 the CBS television network in the US of A broadcast the very last episodes of Cold Case.  The back-to-back broadcast of two episodes (Paradise Lost and Shattered) closing out season seven that Sunday night six years ago brought the show to a close.

It’s legacy lives on as we saw just a few weeks ago when it was announced that a Japanese version has been put into production.  Perhaps the recent rise of the ‘Scandi drama’ series with more story and less chasing and shooting could also be put down to the character focus of Cold Case.  Producer Veena Sud went on to make the American version of The Killing don’t forget.  Plus, all over the world the original is still being repeated regularly.

Another legacy of Cold Case is the wonderful cast and they’re burgeoning careers.  We regularly remind ourselves of them in the monthly Cold Case Cast Catch-up posts.

Pin A Label On The Dress

Cold_Case_S07E15_lilly_266An original element of Cold Case‘s USP was that Lilly Rush (Kathryn, obviously) was always dressed quite simply and her hair style was very matter-of-fact.  Unlike in many similar shows Lilly was a cop first and foremost and not a catwalk model with a completely different outfit in every scene.  She didn’t want to spend hours in front of a mirror every day only to be stuck in the interrogation room (which ironically had a massive two-way mirror in it) or chasing down suspects all over Philly.  However, the hairdo became the focus of much discussion despite being designed not to be.

This trait of Lilly’s was carried over into her personal life as we saw in the episode Revolution (S02E14) when the two Rush sisters met for dinner and Lilly was wearing what could well have been her prom dress.  It was not a good look: a red thing with boxy shoulders.  We were left to imagine Lilly getting ready for that meal and realising that she had nothing to wear other than her regular work suits.

But, much like many a possible on-going story line this thread was dropped when it came to the Two Weddings (S07E15) episode of the show.  It opened with the shot of a stocking, high-heel-wearing pair of legs stepping across a threshold.  Two everyone’s surprise, as the camera panned up we saw it was the dressed-to-the-nines, looking like a million dollars Lilly!  Yowza!  (Eyes out on stalks emoji!)

Lilly and co. were attending the wedding of their colleague Louie and our leading lady had clearly spent her years of unused wardrobe budget in one hit on the shoes, dress and coat.

still_002Why I am telling you all this?  Well, because visitor to this site Susana recently asked about the dress.  The question reminded me that despite much discussion at the time we never found out if it could be attributed to a particular designer or brand.  Plus, it was nice to revisit this episode again.

still_003A few months after Two Weddings aired in the US Kathryn attended a charity event in which she modelled a ‘Tresor de Vintage’ dress which had some similarities.  It was green and knee length.  That’s always had me wondering if the Two Weddings dress was from the same stable.  As an aside Kathryn’s Colony co-star Sarah Wayne Callies was also there that day.

So, my question is can you put a name to the dress?

As a sweetener I’ve added a couple more stills from the episode to The Gallery.

Half A Decade Ago

It’s May already!?!

Seriously?  Wasn’t it Xmas just last month?  Where does the time go?

One thing that is beginning to feel like it was quite a long time ago, and yet at the same time just yesterday, is the end of Cold Case.

On this day five years ago (2nd May 2010) the long running CBS network crime drama series came to an end.  On that Sunday night in the US of A two episodes were broadcast back-to-back, bring to a close the seven season-long run.

Since then we’ve seen all of Kathryn’s main co-stars return to the small screen in various roles.  Danny Pino (Scotty Valens on CC) didn’t stray far from the genre with a leading role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit being the most obvious one.  All the rest have made guest appearances galore.  Just last week Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera) was in Bones.  Thom Barry (Will Jeffries) was a prison doctor on House.  Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller) met the Veep.  And, John Finn (John Stillman) showed up in a couple of episodes of NCIS.  Those were just one example for each.  Tracie, as usual, ups the average by being on multiple shows, some pilots for new shows, and movies.  Check out KM UK’s monthly Cold Case Cast Catch-up posts for the latest news on them and others.

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