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Xmas Advent Calendar 2017

advent_calendar_430x90One of the more difficult issues this site has to deal with each year is deciding on a theme for the Advent Calendar.  It’s the double complication of coming up with the idea and then finding images from Kathryn’s body of work that fit.  No images, or not enough to fill the 25 ‘windows’, and it’s backs to the drawing board.

This year the theme part was relatively easy.  It has been staring me in the face for a few months and will continue to be with us into next year.  Plus, and this is key, it gives us some scope for nice images of Kathryn.

The theme for the KM UK Advent Calendar for the run-up to Xmas Day 2017 is reverie.  Obviously this relates to the new TV show due to start in March but we need to go to the meaning of the word.  The dictionary definition is this:

a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

So, we are looking for pictures of Kathryn from her roles in TV and movies where she is looking happy and deep in thought or distracted.  Not sure I’ve nailed it in each case, some may require some latitude to be given, but there are 25 images now waiting to revealed in the coming weeks, starting on the 1st of December.  Can you think what might be included?

The Advent Calendar album in the KM UK Gallery is now available (see the handy link on the right) and a new picture on the reverie theme will be unveiled daily.

Cold Case: Where Are They Now?

CC_Titles_16Regular readers might be questioning the need for a ‘where are they now?’ post as I already have the monthly Cold Case Cast Catch-up.  And you’d be right.  This is not about the cast.

There has been a lot of coverage recently of the San Diego Comic-Con event, even working its way over from more nerdy end of the blogosphere into the mainstream media.  No longer are the ‘Cons’ just about the niche entertainment genres.  As the Marvel and DC universes take over TV and movies and everyone plays computer games (yes you do!).

Seeing news about the various discussion panels, where cast members introduce new productions, got me thinking about the fact that Cold Case and its fans missed out on all that during its seven years.

So, if Cold Case did come back for an event series (as I made up in last year’s April Fool post) seven years on what would the characters be doing now?  How would they bring them together for another case?  What would that case be?

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Happy 4th Of July 2017

wallpaper_111_2484x2000_smallbarbieHappy 4th of July to Kathryn, her family and all of KM UK’s friends in the US.

I think I missed this last year.  Celebrating what is good in America is probably more important than ever,  though I shouldn’t need an excuse to use friend of the site smallbarbie‘s image above.  It’s become one of our iconic pics.

Lots more fan are can be found in the KM UK Fan Art Gallery. New contributions are always welcome, please contact me if you to add something Kathryn-related.

KM UK Awards 2017


*cough*  Hello.

Had enough of all those fake awards?  The Oscars?  So fake.  The BAFTAs?  Made up by the media who are too scared to tell you the truth.

To counter all that we bring you the Alternative Awards, or Alt-Awards.  And these are in no way influenced by ‘foreign actors’.  Only good ol’ home grown actors here.  Any results that you see leaked are being done so by bad hombres.  Sad.

Great news is we have a new sponsor for the event.  It’s V0dka.  ‘Don’t be bad. Drink like Vlad-imir.’  The classic American drink enjoyed by millions of hard working folk just like you.  Never has the potato tasted so good.  Apart from as ‘Freedom Fries’.

Despite appearances we know that this year will have the biggest audience ever.  Billions will witness this event.  8 to 10 billion in fact.

Due to the unprecedented success of last year’s new be-quiffed mascot we’ve brought it back.  If you ignore all the millions of votes against it (mostly illegal no doubt) it was the most popular statue since the last really popular one.

Welcome to the 2017 KM UK Awards.

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Xmas Advent Calendar 2016

advent_calendar_430x90As we approach the end of the year it is common to look back on the past year.

This seems to be happening especially early this year.  Perhaps this is because it has been a tumultuous one for many people around the world.  There have been losses this year that could have significant on-going implications for all us, possibly for generations.  In the world of entertainment alone we’ve lost many revered people.  Two long considered living legends became eternal legends: David Bowie and Prince.

Cold Case did a lot of looking back.  Most episodes opened with a flashback scene from years gone-by, followed by frequent returns to that period as the story unfolded.  Kathryn, as Lilly Rush, ended many an episode staring into space as she saw/thought about the victim and how they would feel about their last chapter finally being written.  Some times we all just need to gaze at the horizon whilst we contemplate the bigger picture.

In this spirit the theme for the 2016 KM UK Advent Calendar is made up of shots from episodes of Cold Case where Lilly does that distant, mixed emotions (glad things are resolved but with some sadness) stare.  There are so many that I’ve focused on just seasons one to three.

Each day of December running up to and including Xmas day a new image will be revealed in the Advent Calendar album in the KM UK Gallery.  See if you can work out which of the nearly 70 episodes each image comes from.

A link has now been added to the right-hand menu to save you searching for this post as the month progresses.

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