September 2017
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Kathryn @ 2017 Gersh Emmy Party

gersh_emmy_party_001YAY! SHE’S BACK AGAIN!  For only the second time for 2017.

It’s Primetime Emmy Awards season in that there U. S. of A.

Last weekend it was the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.  These are for the often unsung heroes of the TV industry.  Those behind the scenes folk that are often behind (as in responsible for) the actual scenery used in TV shows.  Other technical and production aspects are covered.  Highlights of the ceremony, which actually happened over two nights, is due to be broadcast tonight (Saturday, 16th September 2017) on the FXX channel.

Tomorrow the same Microsoft Theater in LA will play host to the Primetime Emmy Awards.  The CBS TV network (once home to Cold Case) will broadcast the show live, which is why a lot of American TV programs are taking the weekend off.  The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert will be master of ceremonies.

Yesterday (are you keeping up? there’s lots of days involved here :-) ) Kathryn graced a party held by the Gersh Agency with her ever-wonderful presence.  Lucky them.  Kathryn signed with Gersh back in August 2010.

As you can see from the photo we have Kathryn looked very lovely indeed in her black & white ensemble

That image can now be found in the KM UK Gallery.  Any more we find will be added as soon we can.

Kathryn @ Tyler Ellis 5th Anniversary & New Collection Launch

Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_008YAY!  SHE’S BACK!

Well… she was two weeks ago.  Who know’s where Kathryn’s been since then?

It is a very long time ago that I was last able to headline a post with “Kathryn @” and then post pictures from a just happened event.  That’s because it was a long time ago.  Almost exactly two whole years.

But let’s not dwell on lack of past and focus on the… err… past.  It’s just soooo good to see her again.

On the 31st of January Kathryn attended a launch party for the Tyler Ellis fashion brand’s latest range of handbags, the Petra Flannery Collection, and combined 5th anniversary celebration.

As you can see Kathryn, looking lovely of course, went in an interestingly patterned red and black dress with a leather jacket she clearly stole from a child as it is so small :-)  And we know Kathryn is petite.  As you can tell I  know nothing about fashion but I can do my research.  I believe the bag Kathryn is holding in several of the photos is, appropriately enough, a Aimee large clutch bag from Tyler Ellis’s Infinity Bar collection.  Not the cheap plastic bag I carry things around in.  Those Cold Case royalty cheques don’t spend themselves :-)

You can view Tyler Ellis’s website to look at nice things you can’t afford HERE.

But enough of me waffling.  There are now 20 new images in the Gallery.  Enjoy.

Thanks so much to Becca for going to the trouble of letting me know what I’d manage to miss so that I could pass it on to you all.

Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_016 Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_019 Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_020