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Death Of A Cheerleader

doac_27This is another post that falls into the occasionally used category of “been in the Gallery for ages but never been written about here.”

The original title of this 1994, based on true events, TV movie was A Friend Die For but at some point it was changed to Death Of A Cheerleader, primarily for foreign markets.  In the Gallery it is listed under the latter.

In brief, the story is about new girl to school, Angela, who is desperate to fit in with the clique of “popular” girls.  You know the sort: bitches.  Angela is not one of the cool kids.  Monica (Kathryn) isn’t either.  Chief bitch Stacey (Tori Spelling of 90210 fame) has it in for Monica.  This comes to a head when Angela steps in to defend Monica and ends up stabbing Stacey.

Kathryn is definitely playing against type here as a raven haired, black leather-wearing goth.  Making Kathryn so pale didn’t exactly stretch the make-up budget though :-)  Frankly, she’s just a couple of long, sharp teeth short of being “sparkly” (what ever that means).  Although Kathryn’s role is quite small it is crucial to the story, acting very much the yang to Stacey’s yin, with Angela stuck in the middle not knowing which way to turn.

Kathryn is in 7 scenes.  Is angry in 5 of them.  The subject of bullying/abuse in 5.  And actively chased in one.

33 screencaps are can be found in the Gallery.

doac_05 doac_09 doac_32

Gallery Opening

What could be better than looking at photos of the beautiful Kathryn Morris?  The answer is “almost nothing” of course, which is why I’ve put together a Gallery of Kathryn-related pictures I have collected over the years.  Screencaps, event photos, promo shots and photoshoots.  You can find a permanent link to it in the right-hand sidebar.  The collection is far from complete and I hope to add new material as I find it.

A big thanks to everyone that has provided images, all credit goes to them.

You will need to register to access the gallery.  Apologies that the process isn’t quite as user friendly as it could be. I’m still learning about all this.

To register follow the link to the Gallery, click the Register link, fill in your details and click submit. An email will be sent to the address you gave (so make sure it is valid!) containing a web link. Clicking the link in the email will bring you back to the Gallery page. This will validate your login (without any visual confirmation, unfortunately). You can then proceed to login in with the details you submitted.

Here a few thumbnail examples:

arrivals_05 Cold_Case_S05E17_lilly_096 Resurrecting_The_Champ_2007_Sundance_Portrait_Session_004