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Ante Up For Autism 2019

ante_up_for_autism_2019_001.jpgA few weeks ago we posted a few images of Kathryn and kids at a recent Ante Up For Autism funding raising event.

They came as something as a pleasant surprise as they’d got passed us at the time.

Stumbling across those photos did send me down something of a rabbit hole. though

Be vewy, vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits! :-)

Didn’t find any rabbits.  Got something much, much better….  A couple of really great photos of Kathryn at the previous Ante Up For Autism event in 2019.  She looks knock-out in red on the red carpet.

Check out the second of the two photos in the KM UK the Gallery.  Kathryn looks a little more wind swept in that one.

Savants – Kathryn’s Autism Initiative

poster_001.jpgAfter such a long period of silence today has suddenly got quite noisy.

However, we need to make sure that that noise is appropriate for all those around us though.

Today (20th Oct 2021) Kathryn launched her own initiative called The Savants aimed at helping parents of children with autism.

Kathryn’s twin boys, Rocco and Jameson, both have autism.  When Kathryn discovered her children were autistic she found herself initially lost as to what to do.  People did reach out with advice and information which helped, but you always can also use more.  Wanting to raise awareness and make sure that all parents have the help and the resources they need, Kathryn has set up the website The Savants.

Kathryn appeared on the Today morning TV show in the US to discuss her project.  She has also written an article explaining further which you can on the shows website HERE.  The page also has a video of the interview.

One of the sources of help Kathryn mentions is The Autism Community In Action (TACA) group.  Their website is HERE.

A copy of Kathryn’s artcle can be found on HERE on KM UK.

Celebrity Kart Racing Toy Drive – Dec 2007 – Lap 2

toy_drive_017I[t] coulda been a contender!

toy_drive_007KM UK’s 2015 Advent Calendar is themed around the Where’s Wally/Waldo? book idea.  Each daily image is of Kathryn in one of her minor film roles and (sort of) obscured in the picture.  If public appearance photos had been included I could have used the one above.  OK, she’s not exactly hidden but she’s not the only one with long blonde hair in it either :-)

toy_drive_002Every so often I like to revisit an old public appearance with an update of new or improved photos.  If possible I make them date appropriate.  This celebrity karting event in aid of the Marine Toys For Tots Foundation took place on December the 2nd in 2007.  Eight years and two days ago!

You can read more about the event in the last post about it in 2012 here.  In the meantime enjoy the three large images you can see around this article that have now been added to the Gallery.

Be At The Perfect Guy Première

poster_005The new thriller movie The Perfect Guy is less than a month away now.

US cinema goers can see it from the 11th of September general release date.

However, the official film première is due to take place a few days before that on the 8th of the month.  It will, not surprisingly, be happening in L.A. but at the time of writing the exact location has not been published.

I’m sure that members of the public will be able to catch a glimpse of the movie’s stars on the red carpet but, if you want to be a bit more certain there is something you can do about it.  And be charitable at the same time.

The film’s promoters are taking the opportunity to raise money for three different charities.  In return for their generosity donors can get special gifts.  The Omaze website is hosting the sale of the rewards.  They range from $10 donation to the charities, $100 for a t-shirt, all the way to $5000 for a Skype chat with one of the them.  Only the three main stars (Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut) are mentioned.

Each entry is added to a prize draw.  The winner of that will get the VIP treatment including a flight to L.A. and a 4-star hotel stay.  There are no specific details but I’m assuming that will only be available to US residents.

The three charities are the The Lustgarten Foundation (funds research into pancreatic cancer), HerShe USA (supports girls in foster care as they become adults) and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (supports children’s hospitals across north America).

You can read all the details and make pledges at the Omaze website HERE.

We don’t know if Kathryn will be present at the event.  Fingers crossed for an appearance.

Again Time For Time For Heroes Picnic 2010

a_time_for_heroes_picnic_023Soooo, where is KM UK’s ‘way-back machine’ going to take us today?

What do you mean “the A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic in 2010”?  Where did you get that idea from?  Oh, the title  😉  Kinda gave the game away there didn’t I? :-)

As part of the on-going goal to make the KM UK Gallery the best it can be I have an update to our album of photos from the aforementioned event in early June 2010.  Previously I covered it the day after it happened, and in a couple of updates since.

Kathryn attended the event support the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) held at Wadsworth Great Lawn in Los Angeles.

Kathryn also lent the EGPAF her support back in 2005 at the A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival, though no doubt charities supporting causes involving children have taken on an added importance since the birth of her own twin boys.

More details the EGPAF can be found on the organisation’s website HERE.

We have updates to two of the earlier photos (12 & 13) and 6 extra one in the Gallery.

a_time_for_heroes_picnic_012 a_time_for_heroes_picnic_025 a_time_for_heroes_picnic_026

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