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A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Friday BBC1

ai_10After the excitement of the weekend’s new photos of Kathryn in the forthcoming movie Bone Tomahawk, we return to the more prosaic.

The latest of our Media Alerts, which primarily cover showings of Kathryn’s work on national television in the UK, is for another showing of A.I. Artificial Intelligence on the BBC.

The film makes a return to the main One channel, this time at 11:15pm on Friday (31st July).

February’s showing seemed to be timed to coincide with the cinema release of the movie Ex Machina, which also dealt with the issue of humans relating to highly sophisticated robots that mimic humans emotions.   The UK DVD was launched a few months ago so this TV showing of A.I. is not linked to that.  Perhaps its a reference to the show Humans on Channel 4, which is a UK/US co-production re-make of the Swedish drama Real Humans (aka Äkta människor).  More life-like robots and their impact on real people.  That series comes to an end next weekend.

The BBC website’s page about A.I. Artificial Intelligence is here.

Screencaps and a video clip of Kathryn’s performance in A.I. can be found in the Gallery.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Tonight BBC1

ai_10And when I say tonight I mean the night of Thursday, the 19th of February 2015.

It’s nearly 14 years since A.I. Artificial Intelligence was released.  Difficult to believe it has been that long but we still don’t have intelligent, talking teddy bears or life-like robots.  Hoverboards haven’t quite made it either, despite Back To The Future II predicting that we would all be riding them by 2015.  Come on geeks!  Where’s our hoverboards?!?!

Speaking of intelligent ideas and things coming back from the past… Neat segue hey?

The British Broadcasting Corporation is honouring its audience with a viewing of A.I. Artificial Intelligence tonight at 11:45pm.  It’s been granted an upgrade to BBC1 too, having been shown on BBCs 2 and 3 the last few times.

The recent release, in parts of Europe at least, of the Alex Garland (28 Days Later…) movie Ex Machina has seen A.I. mentioned quite a lot.  Like Ex Machina, it too asks questions about our possible relationship with artificial intelligence technology in the future.  For those not familiar with Ex Machina I was surprised to just find out that it will not be out in the USA for several more months.

For those not aware Kathryn makes an all too brief appearance as a performer at a sort of circus in the middle of the film.

Details can be found on the BBC’s website here.

Screencaps and a video clip of Kathryn’s performance in A.I. can be found in the Gallery.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Friday BBC2

ai_10The BBC are currently running a sci-fi season on BBC Two.  This is chiefly being done with a series of programmes exploring the history of the genre with the benefit of interviews with some of those involved in genre classics like Star Trek and Blade Runner.  Along side those shows some films are being broadcast.

Last Saturday night the first episode of the 4 part documentary was followed by Minority Report, as… errr… reported… last week.  This Friday BBC2 at 11:35pm is showing A.I. Artificial Intelligence.  Details can be found on the BBC’s website here.

I’m beginning to think the scheduler is trying to sneak in a short Kathryn Morris season! :-)

Now all we need is Paycheck to be shown again and we’ll have the full set of KM blockbuster sci-fi films.  Paycheck was last shown in August so I’m thinking it is unlikely.

Paycheck, like Minority Report, is based on a Philip K Dick short story giving them great sci-fi pedigree as he also wrote the stories what became Blade Runner and Total Recall.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is the story of a small robot boy (Haley Joel Osment, Pay It Forward) created to help a grieving mother  (Frances O’Connor, Mr Selfridge) deal with the loss of her son.  English actress Frances recently guest starred in an episode of the US fantasy drama Once Upon A Time and can currently be seen in the BBC drama The Missing, along side James Nesbitt (Babylon).

Kathryn makes and all too brief appearance as a performer at a sort of destruction derby circus where robots are destroyed for the amusement of a baying crowd.  She looks startling (and great) in her red hair and Stars and Stripes outfit.  That get up may be why the film is being shown, what with it being Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Happy holiday to our American friends.

Screencaps and a video clip from A.I. can be found in the Gallery.

AI: Artificial Intelligence – Saturday BBC2

ai_10It has been a while since I posted a KM UK Media Alert, making other people in the UK aware of an impending Kathryn related TV broadcast or such like.  It has been even longer since one of them was about AI: Artificial Intelligence.  Four years have passed since the British Broadcasting Corporation has sent the film over the airwaves to our telly boxes.

Assuming the live snooker coverage doesn’t massively over run AI should be hitting the screen at 10:45pm on Saturday, that’s the 7th of December 2013.  Details can be found on the BBC’s website here.

AI: Artificial Intelligence was written (with others) and directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 2001.  Haley Joel Osment plays a highly advanced robot boy who wants to become real so his mother will love him.  He goes on a journey meeting various of strange characters.

Kathryn, unfortunately, only makes a very brief appearance in AI.  Shoes and socks off you can pretty much count the seconds on all your available digits.  There was, apparently, more that got left on the cutting room floor.  Teenage Honey, as the character is called, is a presenter at the Flesh Fair, a sort of circus where humans watch robots being destroyed in a gladiatorial-style show.

Screencaps and a video clip from the movie can be found in the Gallery.  At a later date I’ll cover the film more comprehensively.

AI: Artificial Intelligence – Sunday, Again

ai_10With a certain sense of deja vu:

Sunday 6th of September 2009, BBC1, 11.20pm.  Details on the BBC’s website here.

Kathryn in a very brief appearance, totalling less than 20 seconds of screen time in the middle of the film, as the interestingly named Teenage Honey.  Well quite!  Not exactly a teenager, but definitely a honey.  Nothing artificial and plenty of intelligence too 😉

Screencaps and a video clip from the movie can be found in the Gallery.

Previously I wished our American cousins a happy 4th of July.  This showing of AI appears to coincide with the Labor Day Weekend in the US of A.  So, happy Labor Day, though it doesn’t sound like fun :-)

If you spot a film or TV show in the UK TV schedules that involves Kathryn let me know so I can report it here for everyone else to see.  I’m trying to stick to the terrestrial, Freeview or Freesat systems to cover the most widely available stations.

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