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Kathryn To Present Award At 2009 Creative Arts Emmys

arrivals_09And to present the next award…

Kathryn will be one of the stars presenting awards at the upcoming 2009 Creative Arts Emmys.  The event is to be held on the Saturday, 12 September 2009 at the Nokia Theater in LA and is due for broadcast on the E! channel in the US the following Friday afternoon.

More information can apparently be found at the Emmys website, but there is no information about the event at the time of writing.

Courtesy of The Futon Critic.

Fingers crossed for some great red carpet photos and interview footage.

The photo above is from the 2007 Primetime Emmy awards, more from that event can be found in the Gallery.

Cold Case Season 7 Premiere – Updated

For those lucky enough to have access the Cold Case season 7 première airs in a couple of weeks time on Sunday 27 September 2009 in America.  It’s very close now!

It will be broadcast at the later time of 10pm, having been shown at 9pm for the past few season.  For the early seasons it was 8pm.  Those of us hoping the later hour might allow a bit more… err… “racy content” are likely to be disappointed :-(  I guess the “rompage in rampage” will have to do :-(

No word yet on when Sky in the UK intend to start showing it.  I believe they’ve only just finished airing season 6.

This is not a Cold Case site as such, and I won’t be posting spoiler type news very often, but after the jump there are some general notes, gleaned from various sources, on some of the things we can expect to see in the early part of season 7.  They are spoilers so if you do not want to know anything don’t click the Continue Reading link below.

A short promo video for season 7 can be found in the Gallery, courtesy of SpoilerTV.

Update: 2 stills from episode 1, The Crossing, have been added to the Gallery.
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Cold Case Season 4 Screencaps

Poor Lilly, she just can’t catch a break can she?  Season 4 starts off with her happy, having found a real soulmate, and ends up with her in hospital fighting for her life.  Along the way she loses not one, but two boyfriends and her mother.  Looks like she needs a hug :-(  Hey, I saw her first!  😉

We do get some great smiles though, as showcased below, and that scene in Rampage 😉   The Gallery now contains a full set of Lilly-focused screencaps from season 4.

Cold_Case_S04E01_lilly_058 Cold_Case_S04E02_lilly_084 Cold_Case_S04E11_lilly_136

Don’t forget to comment on and rate images in the Gallery.  Feel free to use any of my screencaps in banners, sigs or avatars.  Please let me know what you make with them, I’d be very interested to see.

Update: keyword tagging complete.

AI: Artificial Intelligence – Sunday, Again

ai_10With a certain sense of deja vu:

Sunday 6th of September 2009, BBC1, 11.20pm.  Details on the BBC’s website here.

Kathryn in a very brief appearance, totalling less than 20 seconds of screen time in the middle of the film, as the interestingly named Teenage Honey.  Well quite!  Not exactly a teenager, but definitely a honey.  Nothing artificial and plenty of intelligence too 😉

Screencaps and a video clip from the movie can be found in the Gallery.

Previously I wished our American cousins a happy 4th of July.  This showing of AI appears to coincide with the Labor Day Weekend in the US of A.  So, happy Labor Day, though it doesn’t sound like fun :-)

If you spot a film or TV show in the UK TV schedules that involves Kathryn let me know so I can report it here for everyone else to see.  I’m trying to stick to the terrestrial, Freeview or Freesat systems to cover the most widely available stations.

Gallery Registration & Contact Form Issues

Late last night I realised that the Contact form on the main site and the Gallery registration process are not sending emails as they should be.  I think my webhost has made a change which means the emails are no longer being sent correctly.  Unfortunately I do not know when this problem started.

This means that if you have tried to contact me recently via the Contact form then I have not received the message.  I promise you that I was not ignoring any messages sent, I just haven’t received it.  I have managed to fix the Contact form problem.  If you have sent me a message via the Contact form recently and not received a response, please send it again.

The effect on the Gallery registration process is that you may not have been sent the verification email.  You need a link in that email to complete the process yourself.  There have been a number of accounts left unverified for a while now, to tidy things up I have deleted all those pending one.  If you have submitted a registration recently and not received the verification email, please re-register and send me a message via the Contact form, include the Name and User ID (not the password) you used, and I will enable your account ASAP.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Update: I’ve seen evidence that the Gallery registration verification emails may be being sent.

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