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KM UK Xmas Message 2019

It is not exactly Xmas-y but the above picture was certainly an early morning surprise, so seems appropriate for the KM UK Xmas message for 2019.

Here is KM UK’s quick look back at 2019.

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Cold Case S02E09 – Mind Hunters Promo Updates


But he’s such a good man, if a little grumpy, in that other show he did!

John Billingsley stars in the role he’s second best known for after Enterprise (the Star Trek prequel show), and True Blood, and 24…  He’s been in pretty much everything.

In Cold Case episode ‘Mind Hunters’, number 9 of season 2, which first aired in late November 2004, John plays George Marks.  George is a serial killer.  Or is he?  Yes he is.  He works for the police department.  Or does he?  Yes he does.  It’s been 15 years people.  I think we’re past spoiler warnings.

George is a special in Cold Case because he isn’t arrested at the end, unlike most of the guilty parties Lilly and co. encounter.  He basically confesses.  Everyone knows he did it.  But they don’t have enough to charge him.  Oh yeah, and Scotty is… erm… a new ‘special friend’ for Lilly’s sister Christina.  Lilly is cock-a-hoop about that.

I get the feeling George will be coming back though in around 14 episodes time.  Just a hunch.  We’ll be here posting more promo photos 15 years on from that date too.

6 new promo photos and 1 upgrade have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

still_002 still_005 still_007

Cold Case S02E08 – Red Glare Promo Updates


The ‘Reds’ were under the bed apparently.  Not a bad hiding place but very unhelpful if you are trying to convince people of your point of view.  Would you trust the word of a person who’d taken up residence in the space beneath a significant piece of furniture?

An unsolved 1953 murder is brought to the Cold Case squad’s attention in ‘Red Glare’, episode 8 of season 2.  November 21st 2004 is when it was originally broadcast.  So, we’re just past the 15th year anniversary.

Talking of dredging things up from the past: Lilly’s sister, Christina, turns up in Philly and we get glimpses of the lady behind the badge for the first time.

Can Lilly catch her man, whilst loosing her girl?

The KM UK Gallery has further expanded with 6 new promotional photographs from this episode of Cold Case.

s02e08_still_002 s02e08_still_003 s02e08_still_006

The Protocol Clip – Now With Added Kathryn

clip_003_09Finally, a clip from The Protocol with Kathryn really in it.

This follows on from the previously found video as Xen Sams (as Agent Chase) goes into the interrogation room to talk to Kathryn (brilliantly playing very pregnant woman).

clip_002No longer is she just a lady, sat alone in a room watched on a TV screen.  She’s actually a living, breathing, talking lady.

Kathryn’s character appears to be seeking asylum from an outer realm to this apparently wonderful place.  Wonderful if you like all your citizens drugged up to the eyeballs to prevent anything as horrible as feelings.  The snowflakes can’t handle, snowflakes.  It also prevents violence etc. too.  The drugs giveth, the drugs taketh away.

A copy of this new video has been added to the KM UK Gallery as well a small set of screencaps taken from it

clip_003_02 clip_003_05 clip_003_08

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – November 2019

The senility is really kicking in these days!  That and real life getting in the way.

Time to catch-up with a Cold Case Cast Catch-up as I managed to miss the traditional end of the month post in November.  We can all pretend that instead of being a day short, that November 2019 has 32 days, right?  Great!  Let’s look (a little further back) at the news of the other members of the Cold Case cast.

Waaaay back at the beginning of the (very long month of) November, just after the last episode of the run, it was confirmed that the FX network TV show Mayans M.C., which stars Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC) had been renewed for a third season.  Spin-offs don’t often do as well as their originating show; Mayans M.C. is related to the 92-episode, seven season-long hit Sons Of Anarchy; but is this one is going strong.  No news on whether Danny will be involved, but I don’t know of any reason why not at this stage.

John Finn (John Stillman in CC) got himself a guest starring role in one of the biggest TVs in the world at the moment that doesn’t involve dragons.  It does involve royalty though.  A mid-month episode of Netflix’s The Crown saw John as Arthur ‘Bull’ Hancock.  He was racehorse owner/breeder from America, who the Queen (now played by the amazing Olivia Colman) met whilst learning about horse training.

Fittingly enough in the middle of October (but not noticed by me until mid-November) a documentary called Somewhere In The Middle appeared on VOD platforms.  It is about those thousands of artists who don’t become big names (like those we talk about here), but also don’t leave the business known as show altogether.  They keep working at it as a day job, just as the rest of do.  The film focuses on 5 artists (actor, sculptor, painter and 2 musicians) and how they deal with is ‘in the middle existence’.  How Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) fits into this I’m not sure, but I think is likely to be in footage of her working with actress Jasika Nicole on the website Send Me: An Original Web Series.  As we know Tracie’s in everything so may it’s just that :-)  Tracie continues to guest star in the drama series 9-1-1.  The latest episode is this very night, November 32nd (aka December 2nd).  As noted previously, the Apple TV+ drama Truth Be Told is due to ‘drop’ on the 6th of December.  See the previous CCCC-up posts for more details on that.

The next CCCC-up will hopefully be on time and will be a round up of the year’s news.

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