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The Coin At Shorts Festival On Sunday

hang_onto_your_shorts_film_festival_logo_640x640A quick reminder about an upcoming Kathryn-related event.

As reported a month ago, Fabien Martorell’s short film The Coin is getting an airing at the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival this coming Sunday (24th April 2016).

The event is held in the Asbury Park area of New Jersey, aka the Jersey Shore.

The Coin finds itself in a group of films which starts at 4:40pm at the Showroom Cinema on Cookman Avenue, NJ.  Presumably as there is no obvious theme and it is the final set of the day the group has been titled ‘Last Set’.

Kathryn stars in the piece as the mother of a young boy who encounters a homeless man (Christopher Lloyd of Back To The Future fame).  Life is not easy for the boy, thanks largely to his stressed-out mother, and the stranger gives him words of encouragement.

See my previous post here for more and the official website here for all the details.

ATAS Presents Women In Prime Event 2006

011When I looked at posting a photo update for an old event I realised that I had never actually posted about this particular one before.

Way back in the very, very early days of KM UK there was a large image update to mark the opening of the Gallery which included a huge amount of event photos.  Basically my whole collection as it stood at the time.  Since then I’ve done updates to those where I can.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presents ‘Women in Prime’ event from the end of March 2006 was one that was included in that initial drop and has not been posted about since.

As you can see from the photos Kathryn was not only part of the usual red carpet line-up but also was a participant in a discussion panel which included ladies such as Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote, which Kathryn worked on twice), CCH Pounder (NCIS: New Orleans) and Jeanne Tripplehorn (Sliding Doors).  Not sure having the event moderated by a man (Jim Longworth) was the best move from an image point of view though.

There are a few short videos of Angela and CCH from this on YouTube but none that I’ve found include Kathryn.

I have now added 5 new photos to the 24 existing ones from this event to the KM UK Gallery.  If you haven’t seen them before then do check them out.  Kathryn looks very sweet in her cropped tartan trousers.

002 008 redcarpet_001

Fan Art Update – April 2016

It’s been quite a long time since I did a dedicated fan art update.  There have been a few event specific posts (Kathryn’s birthday for instance) which included the work of our readers since the last one.

The lack of recent posts does not mean KM UK is closed to fan art submissions.  Oh no.  Perish the thought.

By way of an update and a reminder that the door is always open here is a small collection of new Kathryn-themed avatars courtesy of long standing friend of the KM UK site Gina.  Thank you Gina for your continued support.

avatar_267_100x100_gina avatar_268_100x100_gina avatar_269_100x100_gina

Check out the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery to see the many hundreds of existing avatars, banners, drawings and videos created by fans of Kathryn and offered for hosting right here.  It’s a great source inspiration and raw materials for whatever you choose to make. And there is always the option to expand the types as requested.

If you have made some Kathryn-related Fan Art and want to share it with other fans here on KM UK please contact me.

Pin A Label On The Dress

Cold_Case_S07E15_lilly_266An original element of Cold Case‘s USP was that Lilly Rush (Kathryn, obviously) was always dressed quite simply and her hair style was very matter-of-fact.  Unlike in many similar shows Lilly was a cop first and foremost and not a catwalk model with a completely different outfit in every scene.  She didn’t want to spend hours in front of a mirror every day only to be stuck in the interrogation room (which ironically had a massive two-way mirror in it) or chasing down suspects all over Philly.  However, the hairdo became the focus of much discussion despite being designed not to be.

This trait of Lilly’s was carried over into her personal life as we saw in the episode Revolution (S02E14) when the two Rush sisters met for dinner and Lilly was wearing what could well have been her prom dress.  It was not a good look: a red thing with boxy shoulders.  We were left to imagine Lilly getting ready for that meal and realising that she had nothing to wear other than her regular work suits.

But, much like many a possible on-going story line this thread was dropped when it came to the Two Weddings (S07E15) episode of the show.  It opened with the shot of a stocking, high-heel-wearing pair of legs stepping across a threshold.  Two everyone’s surprise, as the camera panned up we saw it was the dressed-to-the-nines, looking like a million dollars Lilly!  Yowza!  (Eyes out on stalks emoji!)

Lilly and co. were attending the wedding of their colleague Louie and our leading lady had clearly spent her years of unused wardrobe budget in one hit on the shoes, dress and coat.

still_002Why I am telling you all this?  Well, because visitor to this site Susana recently asked about the dress.  The question reminded me that despite much discussion at the time we never found out if it could be attributed to a particular designer or brand.  Plus, it was nice to revisit this episode again.

still_003A few months after Two Weddings aired in the US Kathryn attended a charity event in which she modelled a ‘Tresor de Vintage’ dress which had some similarities.  It was green and knee length.  That’s always had me wondering if the Two Weddings dress was from the same stable.  As an aside Kathryn’s Colony co-star Sarah Wayne Callies was also there that day.

So, my question is can you put a name to the dress?

As a sweetener I’ve added a couple more stills from the episode to The Gallery.

Colony On UK Sky 1 From Thursday

colony_banner_2880x1260A couple of weeks ago the news broke that Colony would be coming to UK television screens on Sky 1 in early April.

That time has arrived and Colony is now on the schedules.

The series will be shown on the satellite channel from Thursday (7th of April) at 9pm, in between DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and the beginning of the new season of the comedy panel show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo.  That’s a prime time slot on a major channel.

Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) lead the sci-fi drama series about a set in current day earth that has been invaded by aliens.  They have taken control and split the remaining human population into walled in ‘blocks’.  Colony follows the lives of the Bowman family (Josh and Sarah as parents to three children) and others in a section of Los Angeles.  Kathryn stars in three episodes as someone allowed to live in a more privileged area in return for collaborating with the ‘hosts’, in her case she is collecting works of art for them.

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