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You Get Me. But When?

you_get_me_poster_001There has not been much to say about the upcoming thriller teen drama You Get Me for months.

Considering the likes of stars du jour Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!) and Nash Grier, as well as TV series stalwart and new NCIS team member Jennifer Esposito (Spin City), are in it you would think it worthy of more hype.  The film was announced back in March and Kathryn’s involvement in April.  Since then there’s been almost nothing.  We don’t know details of Kathryn’s role or if she really is starring at all.  Some confirmation would be nice.

A couple of weeks ago a poster and some photos from the film appeared on IMDb.  Since then they have been removed.  The poster, as it was, took a couple of images from the film and gave it the ‘Coming Soon’ treatment.  An exact release date had not been specified but 2016 appears now to have slipped into 2017.  Kathryn was not in any of the pictures nor is she amongst the cast listed on the poster.

A copy of the poster (right) can found in the KM UK Gallery here.

I guess we’ll be waiting a little longer then.  You get me?

Cold Case Japan Débuts

Cold_Case_Japan_Promo_photo_1600x1190They’re all there:  Will, John, Lilly, Nick, Scotty, file boxes.  But some how they look different.

The locally created Japanese version of Cold Case premièred today (22nd October 2016).  Or was it yesterday?  At the time of writing it is very late in the day in Tokyo.  Is it now?  It all makes my head ow.  Speaking of which the show is being broadcast on the WOWOW TV network in Japan, the home of the American version there too.

The news of this local version being in the works broke back in April, at the time it was said that 10 episodes had been commissioned.  From looking at the WOWOW website (even though I cannot read Japanese) it looks like that is still the case.

Cold Case Japan is set in the Kanagawa Prefecture.  This is south of Tokyo and has a mix of topography from major cities like the capital Yokohama, to more mountainous regions, and ancient areas.  The large bay and the fact that Yokohama is such a major port for the country makes it a good replacement for Philadelphia.  The Prefecture gives a lot of scope for vary varied stories across all aspects of Japanese life now and, as is so important to the show, the past.  The theme music is based on “Nara” by E.S. Posthumus too.

Cold_Case_Japan_Promo_smallYō Yoshida leads the cast as ‘Yuri Ishikawa’.  In a lovely nod to the original ‘Yuri’ translates as Lily.  ‘Ishikawa’ apparently is a combination of the words ‘stone’ and ‘river’ or ‘stream’.  That sounds like Lilly Rush:  a stone, with hidden undercurrents.

I hope the Japanese viewers enjoyed their new TV show as much as they enjoyed the American original.  If you have seen the programme and want to tell us what you thought then please contact me or post a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you.

I’ve a new ‘Global versions’ sub-section to the Cold Case area of the KM UK Gallery, kicked things off with a Japan album and put the above photo and a short promo video to it.  You can see it here.

Dennis Byrd 1966 – 2016

004Late last night (15th October 2016) it was announced that the former American football player Dennis Byrd had died in a car accident.  Dennis had recently celebrated his 50th birthday.

Dennis was a successful player for the New York Jets in the late 1980s/early 1990s.  He had a long career still ahead of him when a collision with a team-mate on the field left him with a broken neck and temporary paralysis.  His prognosis was bleak, with doctors unsure if he would ever regain the use of his legs.  This was November of 1992.  However, at the start of the following football season he took to the field unaided as an honorary captain for the coin toss. He was never able to again play the sport he loved but his determination to overcome odds and learn to walk once more was a source of great inspiration to many.

Each year the Jets’ team players nominate a team-mate to receive a Most Inspirational Player award created and named in honour of Dennis.  I’m sure the next presentation will take on particular significance now.  The team retired Byrd’s shirt number 90 after his injury.

Dennis wrote a book, Rise And Walk: The Trial And Triumph Of Dennis Byrd, about his experiences.  It was published in 1993.  Dennis continued to work, coaching and giving talks about his recovery.

In 1994 that book was released as TV movie, with the slightly shorter title of Rise And Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story, starring Peter Berg as Dennis Byrd.  Kathryn, credited as Kathy Morris, played his wife Angela.  It was one of Kathryn earliest roles.

The film is something of a rarity, has never been released on DVD, and as such has never really been featured on KM UK.  Hopefully we can return to it in the future in more detail but, for now, I’ve opened an album in the Gallery for the film and got things rolling with some promos, stills, and the video box cover art.

promo_001 still_001 still_002

Hostage Released – October 2002 Photo Update

004008The news last month of a return by car maker BMW to its The Hire short film series gave me an excuse to look back at one episode.

That episode was, of course, Hostage which, of course, starred Kathryn.

The shorts were high production value publicity material and as part of that BMW Films screened them at a star-studded première event.  Vanity Fair magazine were even roped in to host the screening and launch party at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood.  Velvet rope was almost certain used.

One such star, a little studded in places, was, of course, Kathryn.  It’s pre-Cold Case Kathryn looking in many ways very different from how we became so familiar with her but also so very much the same as we came to love her.  The styles may change, the smiles never do  :-)

I have added 5 more smallish photos of Kathryn attending the The Hire season two première event from October 2002 to the KM UK Gallery.  See them here.

005 006 007

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – September 2016


These short months are a pain! :-)  I have to get this written in less time.  Let’s take a look at the continuing careers of the Cold Case cast for September.

Like the tense thrillers made there, Hollywood can take a long while to build up the tension before an explosive burst of energy with everything happening at once.  It’s been over five years since the film Finding Steve McQueen (albeit with a different name then) made some significant steps towards becoming a reality, but in the last couple of months it all kicked off.  As I type the film is being made in Atlanta, Georgia.  Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones), Forest Whitaker (The Last King Of Scotland), and William Fichtner (Prison Break) lead the cast in a based-on-true-events movie about the attempt to steal $30m from a secret fund held by President Richard Nixon.  Cold Case star John Finn (John Stillman in CC) will play W. Mark Felt.  Not a name I was familiar with but he is certainly a very famous man.  He was the Deputy Director of the FBI in the early 1970s and saw all the compiled information on the Watergate scandal.  In 2005 it was revealed that Felt was in fact the informant to the journalists Woodward and Bernstein, who referred to him as ‘Deep Throat’.  No release date has been set so far, presumably it will be next year at the earliest.  Kate Bosworth (Still Alice) was due to star but as I was compiling this piece it was announced that Rachael would be taking the ‘Molly Morphy’ (not a typo) role instead.

Slipping out a few months earlier than expected and with little fanfare the Eddie Murphy vehicle Mr Church was apparently released a couple of weeks ago.  Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC) has a small role as ‘Frankie Twiggs’.  Eddie is Mr Church, a cook taken on by a dying woman (Natascha McElhone, Californication) to look after her and her daughter (Britt Robertson, Under The Dome).  It was only supposed to be for a few months but continued a lot longer than that.  A schmaltz-fest no doubt.

This series of posts could be easily be renamed ‘What’s Tracie Been Up To This Month?’ due to the sheer volume of content she provides on a monthly basis.  The woman’s a one person entertainment industry.  Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) regularly makes guest star appearances on TV shows; takes roles in films, both long and short; and in amongst all that she finds time for singing engagements.  For the past few weeks Tracie has been in New York rehearsing for a production of the musical Falsettos.  It is a revival of a show that premièred on Broadway in 1992.  The opening night for previews of the new production was just last night (28th September) with the show due to open for general audiences towards the end of October at the Walter Kerr Theatre.  The run is planned to end in the new year.  Break a leg Tracie.

Which just leaves me to crowbar in another mention of the CBS TV series BrainDead.  The show came to an end, probably for good, a couple of weeks ago with a double helping.  The ending gave a possible opening for a second season with the character Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC) played taking a job on Wall Street.  No scope for skewering those in power there…  The season 1 (aka the complete series) DVD is expected to be released in early December in the US.

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