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Cold Case S02E04 – The House Promo Updates


Bones!  Castle!  House!  All great shows, but what links those words?  This episode of Cold Case of course!  Keep up, this post is about Cold Case season 2, episode 4, ‘The House’.  It says so in the title.

Bones are discovered in the ground outside an old prison.  They are not, it turns out, the remains of the victim in a 1968 murder case.  So what happened to him then?

‘The House’ had a twist and quite a happy ending as I remember it.

We’ve covered ‘bones’ and ‘house’, but what about ‘castle’?  I’m sure many of you are way ahead of me.  In that instance it was a reference to the TV show.  The lead actor in the 1968-set flashback scenes was one Seamus Dever, who went on to star as Detective Kevin Ryan in the hit show Castle.

Just three new promo photos this time but they are all in the KM UK Gallery now.

s02e04_still_002 s02e04_still_003

Cold Case S02E03 – Daniela Promo Updates


We continue with our other Cold Case catch-up.  Starting the look back 15 years to Cold Case season 2 rather later than planned means we are only up to the 17th of October 2004.  That is when episode 3, titled Daniela, first aired.

A woman approaches Lilly and Scotty as they get coffee from a cart outside the PD offices.  She claims her (soon to be ex) husband murdered a prostitute and has the film to prove it.  The squad find an unsolved ‘Jane Doe’ case from 1979.  When they track down Daniela they get a surprise.  One that possibly got ‘her’ killed.

In the KM UK Gallery are now 8 new promos/still from Daniela.

s02e03_still_004 s02e03_still_007 s02e03_still_008

The Protocol ‘Trailer’

clip_001_010Kathryn’s The Protocol co-star Xen Sams has been doing some promotional work following the screening of the piece at the recent New York Short Film Festival.

It has consisted mostly of interviews on various small YouTube channels and Facebook groups.  Xen’s main focus has been to talk about mental health issues the film was created to highlight.  The specific details of The Protocol; the plot, the cast, etc.; were largely glossed over during the chats.  However, one of them did start with a clip from the film.  Xen also started to say the project was being developed as a “network…” but was cut off before she could finish.  There has been talk from the beginning of looking at The Protocol as a possible TV series.  That must still be being tried.

clip_002The clip also emerged on Xen’s on YouTube channel and has been described separately as a trailer and a teaser.  To me a teaser is very brief and just gives a hint of the project in question.  A trailer should be a longer video containing more information about the story, with a few of the highlights shown.  Ideally it should be spoiler free but all to often these days major film trailers show too much.  This is more of a clip.  As it happens it dovetails into the clip KM UK previously found over 2 years ago.  It fits into the middle of it.

Kathryn only features in the background on a screen, sat in the interrogation room, as we’ve seen previously.

Watch the new clip of The Protocol courtesy of Xen Sams on HERE on YouTube. A small copy has been added to the KM UK Gallery as well.

The video description from YouTube gives a lot more information about the film:

In a dystopian future, after decades of war, the leadership of a new government, called The Federation, was formed to provide a safe haven for those that wanted to rid themselves of the raw human emotions that devastated an entire generation. On the verge of collapse, the government directed the nation’s scientists to develop a drug therapy that inhibits all emotional imbalance. No longer would race, religion, crime, or violence impact these citizens. In the few remaining city-states, the drug therapy is mandated for all citizens… because of the Protocol, a modern-day Utopia was born. But just outside of the gates in the Exclusion Zone… a new enemy was born. One that resisted the drugs. Their sole purpose of destroying everything that the Federation had built. Welcome to Paradise.

Cold Case S02E02 – Factory Girls Promo Updates


You might think look back 15 years is a stretch.  For ‘Factory Girls’ (season 2, episode 2 of Cold Case) Lilly and the squad had to re-investigate a 61 year old death!  Not the death of a 61 year old person.  A death that happened 61 years previously!

To help with the war effort a lot of women were saying #MeToo over 60 years ago.  With so many men away fighting the women had to work in the factories.  It was the start of a revolution really.  At some point soon true equality will follow.

A year before hitting the really big time in the American version of The Office, Jenna Fischer guest starred in this episode of Cold Case.

9 new, good-sized promotional still photos from ‘Factory Girls’ have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

s02e02_promo_002 s02e02_promo_003 s02e02_promo_009

Cold Case S02E01 – The Badlands Promo Updates


We (finally) start this set of promo photo updates with the first episode of Cold Case season 2.  Which seems fitting. ‘The Badlands’ first aired in the US on the 3rd of October 2004.  (Now) over 15 years ago.

‘The Badlands’ is a look back for several of the squad members too.  Lilly and Nick were on this case the first time around, and it was Lilly’s last before joining the CC squad.  Will also has a lot of connections with the area of the triple murder took place in, so it hits close to home for him too.

Getting this run of posts off the ground (apologies for the late departure!) are 10 newly added promotional photos in the KM UK Gallery.

s02e01_still_002 s02e01_still_003 s02e01_still_010

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