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Cold Case – Past, Present & Future

Now the dust has settled on the season 7 finalé I thought I would put a few thoughts down on the more general subject of Cold Case, seeing as we’ve possibly just witnessed its ending.  I don’t normally comment much on each episode but these two latest episodes were so significant it warranted something extra.  As you can see it got me in a contemplative and slightly rambling mood.  Sorry about that :-)

Feel free to comment.


Cold Case first aired here in the UK in February 2004, about 6 months behind the US (fairly normal even now, though the big shows like 24 and Lost we get just a few days behind).  I saw it advertised and decided to have a look.  Things didn’t quite go to plan as I forgot all about the first episode and only remembered the 2nd one half way through.  It was years before I got around to seeing Look Again and first part of Gleen.  I can’t remember what I thought other than it was interesting variation on the American procedural.  Less science- and more character-based than CSI, and not action-focused like 24.  I think the pretty blonde lead actress caught my eye though 😉

Since then I’ve watched every episode of the seven seasons.  Wanting to find out more about Kathryn led me forums like Look Again where I met like minded fans from around the world.  Ultimately I created this site to celebrate and share that my admiration for Kathryn with others.

I will admit to never being particularly emotionally attached to Cold Case in the way that many are.  I don’t “ship” various character pairings.  The music, a significant part for many viewers, tends to pass me by.  But it always struck me as a better than average show, though my primary reason for watching was Kathryn.

Present – Almost Paradise & Shattered

I know many fans wanted to see Lilly and Scotty together as a couple at the end.  This always felt unlikely, and bringing Christina back was hardly going to help as it would bring up past issues.  There has been no build up to this either, though they are clearly close friends and colleagues.  The lack of a real “ending” will have disappointed many too, which I can understand.  Is it realistic to expect a nice neat tying up of the loose ends and giving everyone a “happy ever after” or signs of at least a sort of peace?  We are just eavesdroppers on the lives of these characters.  We only get to see them for a few minutes each week for less than half the year.  With the flashbacks we only get around 25 minutes of “cop” time, and that is split across more than 6 significant characters.  Closing off too many story arcs could have been seen as throwing in the towel on a chance to get another season, giving less reason for campaigns to see it continue.

The last two episodes certainly did tie up a few loose ends though (Christina, Scotty’s mother’s attacker, Doherty), and re-introduced elements that could have gone long forgotten (Christina, the gun Eddie gave Lilly).  Cold Case has not really been one for such continuity in the past.  They really pulled out all the stops for this season.

For me one thing the final episode was missing was the squad working all together on a big case.  The last 5 episodes of the season have been missing that to one degree or another.  The disappearance, explained or not, of key characters at various points throughout the season did not help either, breaking up the squad dynamic.

I started the Shattered screencap post with “Shattered? I know I am!” And I am.  Emotionally shattered that is.  Despite me not being so attached to the show this finalé certainly had an impact, but it was not entirely to do with what was shown on screen.  Yes, seeing Lilly reconciled with Christina was heart-warming.  Seeing Doherty brought down a peg or two was satisfying.  Will cleared his long standing case.  Scotty showed once again he can cross the line, but he used the experience to save Lilly from doing the same.  Lilly’s an auntie!  But what I think affected me more, even in the run up to watching the finalé, was the knowledge that it was likely to be the last ever episode.  Cold Case has been a big part of my life for the past 7 years and it might now be gone.  Perhaps a big “ending” would have helped me with “closure”.

Future – Cold Case

That’s the million dollar question right now.  No doubt CBS are running the numbers and will be asking tough questions.  Is it financially viable to keep Cold Case going for another year?  Have the audience numbers for the late timeslot justified continuing?  Has the return on the investment been worth it this season?  If so will it continue to be for another year?

I do not subscribe to the idea that CBS were effectively killing Cold Case this season by moving it to 10pm.  Yes, they did it no favours giving it a later hour but it was a calculated move by the network.  If they really wanted it dead why renew for season 7?  I doubt they were under any obligation to do so.  As recent numbers prove CC got good audiences at such a late time.  But would it regain viewers if it were moved earlier.  Would viewers return to a show they hadn’t watched for a few years?  Perhaps its time has passed.  Seven seasons totalling 156 episodes is a good run for any show, especially these days where a show has to be an instant hit or it is removed from the schedules within weeks.

It is clear that after the first few seasons Cold Case became the forgotten child on CBS.  Publicity was thin on the ground even the official website seemed to be given only perfunctory updates.  The season 7 finalé barely worth a mention.  The Twitter and Facebook links at the bottom of the page link to pages for 60 Minutes for crying out loud!  Few publicity shots were released in comparison to other shows.  It is a credit to fans all over the world, and probably a few insiders on the show, that we got to hear what little we did.  Why didn’t Kathryn go on one of the many CBS talk shows last week to talk up of the season finalé.  The closest we got was an appearance, not really an proper interview, on a small daytime talk show at the beginning of the week.  Great as it was it was not really enough.  Was this a sign of CBS or the cast giving up on it?

So what of the future?  We could still get season 8 of Cold Case.  I doubt it though.  We could get a Lilly-based spin-off.  But would they really base a new show on the lead character from an old show that was seen as losing popularity?  Doesn’t make a lot of sense.  As I said in a previous post I will be assuming no more Cold Case.  It’s going to be easier that way when we hear the final decision.  No, and it was as expected so not a disappointment.  Yes, makes it nice surprise.

Future – Not Cold Case

So what’s next for all involved?  By leaving a decision on season 8 so late in the year (the September-May TV season year that is) with new shows entering production in just a couple of months it seems unlikely that any of the major cast could pick up significant roles in other shows for the autumn/fall season.  Guest roles are always possible.  Perhaps a return to the stage.  Tracie Thoms is doing her own cabaret show for instance.

No more Cold Case would give Kathryn a chance to spread her wings, taking on new challenges in other TV shows,  stage plays and movies.  For such a talented actress that has to be a good thing.  As much as she loves playing, and we love seeing Lilly it must feel a bit restricting to do so for so long.  Of course Kathryn has a new movie coming out towards the end of the year: Mother’s Little Helpers.  No Cold Case would mean more time to publicise that.  In an interview given to the LA Times last November Kathryn said she was “in talks for a couple of great independent films”.  One of those could have been Mother’s Little Helpers.  Maybe another film could be in production this year.  Starting a new TV show is always possible, or joining an existing one, but that may have to wait until next year now.  And there could be more behind the scenes work with her production company.  Kathryn has mentioned projects they are working on.  The status of the company is rather unknown at the moment.  Not much has been heard of it and we recently learnt that her business partner appears to have become her ex-boyfriend so that may impact the business.

Back To The Present

Whatever the outcome of the decision over Cold Case season 8 the cast and crew can be very proud of what they have produced this past 7 years.  My congratulations to all involved in making 156 episodes of a high quality, thought provoking drama that not scared to tackle some difficult issues head-on.  I’m sure we’ve all learnt things from it.

Best wishes to everyone connected to Cold Case for the future from everyone here at KM UK.


33 comments to Cold Case – Past, Present & Future

  • IcyWinter

    Are you still keeping this site up regardless of Cold Case’s status?

    • I did nearly add a thing about the future of this site but didn’t feel it was relevant to this post.

      Yes, of course KM UK will continue. It is KM UK, not CC UK :-) The loss of Cold Case will certainly have an impact on this site though. Hopefully there will be lots of new things from Kathryn to talk about instead.

      • Carrie

        I’m glad you do. Because I don’t wanna miss this site ever again. Just like I/we don’t wanna miss Kathryn. It’s always fun viewing this site pretty much every day to be up to date and laugh about some post, too …like the April Fool thing. That was pretty funny 😉
        You surely put a lot of work and time in your “little” site.
        Thank you for this and keep up the excellent work.

  • I began to see caseexactamente cold for the same reason that you: Kathryn
    I’m not such a fan of Cold Case and others, but if I declare myself a big fan of Cold Case
    Personally I was disappointed with the fianal Cold Case, but has also been moving in other directions.
    Like you, I have missed a case in which all work together side by side, more like a family.
    I sincerely hope another season.
    If this does not happen, I can only wish to see new films Kathryn, and pray that these films arrive in Spain
    Yesterday I cried when it ended Cold Case, but that by the disappointment of the chapter, you might think that chapter was the last, that never see a new chapter with the whole team, with new cases, new relationships …
    (I take comfort in the idea that even I have to see it in Spanish)
    Cold Case has been part of me for five years (since I began to follow him in the third season, and then I saw for myself the first two seasons)
    Will be greatly missed Cold Case
    I hope that this is only one up early and not a goodbye.

  • IcyWinter

    @sonia- Could you explain why you didn’t like the finale? I’m sorry that you didn’t, I actually liked part II I hated part I myself.

    I do hope Cold Case gets renewed but also perhaps Kathryn could get herself into another tv show. I think she’s more succesful in tv than in movies personally. Whatever happens she will always be my favorite actress.

  • IcyWinter

    I don’t think that by David now being Kathryn’s ex-boyfriend will impact the production company. Many people work together in a business relationship whom are no longer in a romantic one.

    Besides that Kathryn might have more than just one business partner, in Hot Plate Productions. We never really know, good thing she keeps her private life; private.

    Then again this is what I think personally, I could be wrong..

  • Felipe

    In my opinion this is the best website about Kathryn Morris of the world. I’m a fan of Kathryn with or without Cold Case, but I hope there is a season 8. Now, the fact is that Kathryn just emerged to international success through CC, previous work it was smaller and it will always be remembered as Lilly Rush.

  • zoé

    I love your “contemplative and slightly rambling mood” 😉
    It sums up how I feel too. It’s going to be weird not expecting new episodes and updating my site…
    My obsession with CC began because of (thanks to?) KM and even if now it’s not as strong as before, I am sad (but prepared) to let it go.
    I totally agree about missing the whole squad working together in the finale. I enjoyed it but my personal favorite ending for the series would have been that they all gather like for First Thursdays to celebrate Will’s retirement after a meaningful case for him.
    And I hate CBS for not promoting the finale decently. The show is disappearing without the buzz it deserves, it makes me very very sad :-(
    Anyhow, I wish you lots of new posts on KM UK, CC or not, related…

    • IcyWinter

      @Zoe- I think Vera was just joking about Will’s retirement party. I don’t personally think he was.

      Tne ending of this finale was or wasn’t what people had expected yet at the sametime it left the door open for many possiblities, which now know that Lilly won’t be going into the FBI due to what had happened.

      Yet, I did want to see them all at Jones tavern drinking. Perhaps CBS would take this into consideration and renew it, even for a half season, if they actually care; which I feel that they don’t.

      In reguards to CBS not promoting Cold Case, well that’s nothing knew. The network is getting more pathetic every year, by not promting all of it’s show, but just it’s top highest shows.

  • Felipe

    “though my primary reason for watching was Kathryn”, me too.

  • Sonia

    @IcyWinter- I did not like because I was expecting a final close, as I said, drinking together at the tavern, or just doing something more family type.
    I was left with the feeling that Scotty was very disappointed with Lilly, I was left with the feeling of a very cold.
    However I was very pleased that Lilly did not join the FBI.
    And of course there was that anxious feeling that maybe I was watching the last chapter of Cold Case.
    Do you know that is the end of Cold Case for me?
    Kathryn is hardly known in Spain, I was lucky that Cold Case was issued here after years (since the beginning of issue, but canceled and a year later bought another chain)
    I want to continue because I fear that things are not issues here about it, I’ve never had the luck to see an interview in my language or be able to see her live on a show.
    It’s hard to keep up with Kathryn in Spain, and supposed ease Cold Case

    • IcyWinter

      @Sonia- I didn’t feel that Scotty was disappointed with Lilly, but just very tired from being out all day and night searching for Christina. That’s how he appeared to me, but that’s just what I think

      Perhaps we’ll have another season, and have the ending with everyone at Jones Tavern having drinks. That would be nice.

  • Carrie

    You just read my mind.

    • Carrie

      oh, I ment you IcyWinter;-) I liked the part II much better and Kathryn will always be my favorite actress, too.

      • IcyWinter

        @Carrie- Thanks :-), I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way

        • Carrie

          It’s also that I feel like I remeber scenes and the crime of the second part better. And I think it was more dramaticlly.

          When that guy hit Lilly with the door I actually cringed a littel bit :-). Wasn’t expecting it.

  • Carrie

    I don’t wanna thinnk of the END of CC until it’s for sure. Always try to think positiv. It would have been weird to me watching it and knowing it’s over. I didn’t want to be sad …at least not yet. But I will be if CBS cancels it :-(

    • IcyWinter

      I wouldn’t be fine if CBS cancels it, in fact I will be very angry. Yet I hope we have another season.

      • Carrie

        Somehow I have that strong feeling it will be renewed. Especially after Kathryn has said that CC never dies.
        I don’t know but believing there will be season 8 just makes me feel better I think 😉

        • IcyWinter

          We just have to keep believing it, maybe it will come true :-)

        • I’ve just looked back at the Bonnie Hunt interview and it is interesting when you look at exactly what was said.

          Bonnie asks about whether they had finish filming for the season.

          KM: We just wrapped, there was a lot of emotions, it’s the end of the 7 years of…
          BH: Are you not going 8 years?
          KM: (talking over part of what BH just said, does air-quotes) the “official”…
          KM: (BH finishes what she was saying) No, we’re going… (KM cuts herself off) Cold Case just never dies you can not…
          BH: I’ll say!
          KM: It just continues and continues and we’re such a family now and we tried to fill the finalé, the last part, just chockful of everything you could do to really, you know, guarantee more work, more seasons.

          In the first part Kathryn appears to confirm that 7 seasons is all they were contracted to do, so far. I don’t know what the “official” thing meant. Perhaps that is to do with contracts again.

          Then when asked about season 8 Kathryn seems to start to say that there will be one, “no, we’re going…” Then she stops herself and uses that “never dies” line, which I think is more to do it being popular and the fans will still love it even when it’s gone.

          She was clearly having to think on her feet about how best to answer the questions being fired at her.

          • IcyWinter

            Or simply the fact that Kathryn herself doesn’t know the fate of the show. Which I think personally is what she had meant.

          • That’s probably true at that point but it was rather contradictory.

            After being asked about not going 8 years she says “no, we’re going…” The word “to” is the obvious ending to that line, suggesting there will be S8. After that it goes more towards there not being any more.

            It’s occurred to me that the “official” bit might have meant “we’ve finished making the show but it will continue in things like fan-fiction”. Very much unofficial stuff.

            And it ends with Kathryn saying they are trying hard to make the best show they can to get another season.

            As I said, contradictory.

  • IcyWinter

    I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see then.

  • When will we know if there is an eighth season?

    • On or before the 19th of May. That is when CBS have their “Upfront Meeting” where they announce the shows in the autumn schedule. See HERE.

      I would imagine we will hear about the non-renewals before then, the networks will probably want to keep those events for the good news about new shows.

      So, in the next two weeks.

  • I have a strange feeling about the cancelling/Renewing Cold Case. I think CBS will cancel it (they have many motives), but at the same time this feeling tells me it will be renewed. Just dunno how to explain. @_@

    • IcyWinter

      @Yurigon- CBS’s Motives are lies, to me that is. It’s not the most expensive show out there, and plus a lot of their pilots are going ot be doomed for failure anyways.

      I do have a feeling that they will renew it, after how many fans have signed this petition to keep it. Even if it’s a half season :-)

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