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Cold Case S07E03 – Jurisprudence Screencaps

Cold_Case_S07E03_lilly_105Nice 😉

So, Lilly’s mystery picture messages were from Eddie tricking her in to track him down.  Well she certainly let him have it!  Is there an obvious follow-up line to “one more step and I’d have blown your head off”?  Of course, I’d probably better not print it here though 😮

A good episode all round.  Shame to see Kat forced out, but I’m sure she’ll be back soon enough.  I’m sure the whole Stillman/Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty is far from over.  No Nick this week either.  The CC budget cuts, cleverly echoed within the show, are having an effect.

Over 200 HD (720p) screencaps from Jurisprudence can be found in the Gallery.  Don’t forget to comment and rate any images you want.  Comment and rate, comment and rate, comment and rate…

Feel free to comment on this episode here but for in depth discussion check out the thread over at Look Again.  Also see TVFan‘s review at Pass The Remote.

A promo for the next episode, Soul, has been added to the Gallery as well.

Cold_Case_S07E03_lilly_019 Cold_Case_S07E03_lilly_043 Cold_Case_S07E03_lilly_081

More Cold Case S07E03 Stills – Update

still_004Some new, or in the case of two of them just larger versions of ones previously posted, stills from the upcoming episode Jurisprudence have been added to the Gallery.

still_006 still_007 still_009

Courtesy of via SpoilerTV.

Update: A few more stills from The Crossing and Hoodrats have been added.

Update 2: More stills from season 6 have been added.

Xena Part 1 – Crusader

Xena_S04E08_110The Gallery

You’re reading this?  Why?  The image above wasn’t enough to make you go straight to the Gallery?  The image is a link to the Gallery (as is that).  I even put an extra link right under the image to make it very clear and to save you scrolling down through the text to find it!

Still reading?  Really?  So I have to write some more text?  Damn!

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CC Season 7 On Sky 1 – It’s Not Good News

Cold_Case_S05E07_lilly_057But it’s not quite bad news either.

Apparently, at present, Sky does not hold the rights to series/season 7 of Cold Case.  There is no news as to whether they will, or intend to, acquire them.

Sorry I can’t bring better news at the moment.  I will, of course, update this site with any further developments.

Season 6 will be broadcast in December though, which makes it a repeat because it only quite recently finished on Sky 1.

Thanks to Helen @ Sky for her assistance.

Cold Case S07E02 – Hoodrats Screencaps

Cold_Case_S07E02_lilly_162So, the stalker of the stalker becomes the stalkee of the stalkee!

A more interesting case this week than last.  Lilly got to use her “been there done that, got the emotionally traumatised t-shirt” bit on a mother with a drink problem again.

Over 200 HD (720p) screencaps of Lilly in this one can now be found in the Gallery.

For discussion on the episode check out the thread over at Look Again and look for TVFan’s review on Pass The Remote.

A promo video for the next episode, Jurisprudence, has been added to the Gallery as well.

Cold_Case_S07E02_lilly_006 Cold_Case_S07E02_lilly_220

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