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Cold Case Season 8? – Update


It has finally been announced, though not quite officially by CBS, that Cold Case will not be renewed for another season.  Unfortunately it comes as no great shock, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing to hear.

Jonathan Littman, an executive producer on many Bruckheimer shows, sent this Tweet earlier:

Rainy day brings gloomy news with COLD CASE and MIAMI MEDICAL not being renewed. A great run on one and a way too short run on the other. – Link

With CBS picking up 4 new drama series yesterday (Hawaii 5-0, Defenders, Blue Bloods and a Criminal Minds spin-off) something had to go to make room.

Let me reiterate what I said in my earlier piece about Cold Case past, present and future:  Thank you to all involved in making 7 seasons of a great show.  Best wishes for the future to everyone.

Update: Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera on Cold Case) has posted a comment on IMDb thanking all the fans for watching these past 7 seasons.  You can read it here.

Update 2: CBS have announced their fall schedule.  Cold Case is not on it.  See here and here.

78 comments to Cold Case Season 8? – Update

  • Niiny

    OMG i’mm so disgusted and SAD ! aweeeee …..CBS made a HUGE mistake ! =(

    • IcyWinter

      Why CBS thinks that Hawaiian 5-0 will be successful, they are wrong. It will be the first show that will be cancelled.

      I’m trying not to be offending or anything but I hate CBS. They don’t care about the fans, It’s a good thing that I don’t watch a lot of TV anyhows, since there really isn’t a good show on anymore to me

      Why don’t we protest, and sent millions of Cold Case boxes to the network like the Jericho fans did with sending in peanuts? It’s not fair because none of the characters had any closure whatsoever. Terrible move CBS, you won’t have anything good on sunday nights anymore.

      • bryan

        i agree with you altho i do like hawaii 5 O, but in reality no tv network cares about their fans. NBC cancels Friday Night Lights and Numb3rs, 2 great shows’s in their linup just stupid. And now 2 hear that CBS is cxl Cold Case is just plain STUPID! but what do they care? they prove they dont, when the cxl all the show’s that everybody loves.

  • IcyWinter

    I don’t believe this is true, until CBS says something ” OFFICALLY,” it’s still rumors and not real. I don’t know your posting this, since CBS hasn’t offically said anything about this shows fate.

    • If I wanted to post purely based on rumour I would have done days, if not weeks, ago. This is based on a message posted by one of the executive producers on the show and several other posts by people more in the know than us. I also did say it wasn’t quite official yet.

      Will CBS actually say that a show hasn’t been renewed tomorrow? Or will they just announce the new shows and everything that has been renewed and just let everyone infer what has not?

      • IcyWinter

        According to the futon critic the upfronts for CBS is tommorrow, that means both the shows that are cancelled and new once will be announced them.

        If Cold Case was cancelled we would have already known offically by now, like other shows such as Law+Order, just to name one.

        I’m not blaming you RichE, I’m just angry nothing against you at all, I do hope we get a season 8. All these rumors floating around the internet don’t help either, by various sources that aren’t always telling the truth.

        • Ashley

          I dont think it will come back because on the cbs official website, there is no cold case. Cold case was an awesome show and it shouldn’t have been taken away. Change the night or something. The new shows aren’t the same anymore. Thankfully tnt does have re runs..but it’s still not the same. Cold case will sadly be missed = (

          • Icywinter2

            @Ashley- Cold Case was cancelled last May, it wasn’t due to it being on Sunday. CBS wanted something knew. You are right the new shows aren’t the same, I do miss watching CC on Sunday nights still :-(

            TNT isn’t the only station that has CC reruns, The CW network does as well.

  • IcyWinter

    CBS is going to announce what’s in and what’s cancelled tommorrow, so I don’t think Ausiello or anyone else really does know anything.

  • azerty

    I am without voice

  • azerty

    J hopes that you are right ICYWINTER

  • mini_estrelas

    This is so sad!

  • Carrie

    Is this another April Fool?
    I just wanna cry but don’t really believe it, yet. Will wait until tomorrow for CBS news.

    • IcyWinter

      There’s so many rumors floating around,I’d wait until tommorrow, and watch for some offical. The network is what I’ll believe not these ” Sources.”

      Half of the time they are wrong anyways

      • Is this the same network, CBS, that you’ve called liars on more than one occasion?

        I think there are enough people reporting this and now Jeremy Ratchford himself has posted on IMDb HERE, to make it safe to say the show is gone.

        • IcyWinter

          I already sent two complaint letters to CBS, do they really think by cancelling this show that they will have more viewers; certainly not.

          They are actually driving away viewers,so when half of their pilots tank which they will, they’ll understand; hopefully.

          So now we’re left with the disappointment of not having any closure, which is absurd.

  • IcyWinter

    I’m very upset and angry at the network. It’s a good thing that I’m not into TV, because there’s now nothing good on anymore.

    Just reality and boring tv shows. CBS really didn’t think about the fans, or even try to have another network pick it up.

    They just don’t care, their loss; a bad one indeed.

    • @IcyWinter — It’s really not a big deal. There are TONS of excellent shows out there. Most better than Cold Case.. I’m not gunna lie. Ahaha! Even if the new pilots do tank, it has nothing to do with Cold Case. And CC definitly wouldn’t be able to boost ratings high enough to save CBS if it were in that kind of situation. Cold Case never had many viewers in the first place. A good amount? Yes. But compared to other shows like 24, Criminal Minds and CSI, CC was always at the lower end.
      It was a good show, it’s had 7 great seasons, but it’s over. Let’s put it to rest people.

  • Lolly

    “Cold Case Season 8?

    Way to give it to us lightly, RichE. :p hahaha

    I am soo sad now. :(

    But I started watching it regularly in Season 5, so there’s a TON of episodes that I still haven’t seen yet. So I won’t be left in Cold Case withdrawal. 😉

  • IcyWinter

    They left us without any closure, bad way to end the series ;-(
    I guess the petition was useless, they probably just ignored us this time ;-(

  • Lolly

    Let’s pull a Veronica Mars on them and buy a blimp and float it around the headquarters. 😀

  • Carrie

    Now I AM crying :-(
    What am I gonna do without CC?
    Let’s hope there will be even more movies now with Kathryn OR maybe even a new series in a leading role 😉

    • IcyWinter

      I’d rather see Kathryn on TV, in my own opinion. She should do a show on HBO or something :-). Best of luck to all the cast members

      • Carrie

        Yeah, and it would mean we would get to see her every week 😉 not just twice a year or so

        • IcyWinter

          I know :-) Kathryn is better off doing another show, with other members of the cast included as well. It be nice to see her working with one of the former CC cast members in a new tv show

          • Carrie

            I’m pretty sure Kathryn is not someone who gets off TV or peoples mind. She’s a smart girl who takes the next chance. I think it’s easier now where she is more famous than she was 8 years ago.

  • Carrie

    I was really believing it will be renewed. I had that strong feeling :-(
    It’s a shock…

    • IcyWinter

      I think CBS knew that they were going to axe it, before the finale. They should have done was written a series finale not a season finale type episode.

      We were just left hanging.

  • Lolly

    I agree, can they at least make like a little Cold Case TV movie?
    I mean come on…

    • IcyWinter

      I don’t think that they can with the music and stuff.Could be quite costly, especially with the music companies wanting $$$ per song; which is the reason why this show isn’t on DVD.

      Perhaps it’s just left up to our own imaginations of what could or might not have happened. That’s the joy in writing fanfiction, keeping the show alive even though there’s no more new episodes

      • Lolly

        Oooh, I should continue my fanfics. Fun times, fun times. 😀 I wrote one that I haven’t gotten around to posting anywhere yet. I keep forgetting my password… :p

        • IcyWinter

          @Lolly- That’s it, that’s why I’ve been writing more :-), we fans need to keep the show alive even in the Fanfiction world :-)

          • Lolly

            Yeah, I’m really excited. 😀

            I’m better at the newer cases than the older ones, but I’m working on my writing skills so that I can cover both ends of the spectrum.

      • Yurichu

        I wait at last a especial episode concluding the series. ;(

        • IcyWinter

          @yurichu- There’s not going to be any, Season 7 finale was the series finale for this series :-( it’s sad but that’s what CBS wanted.

  • I thought Cold Case was good, but it wasn’t AMAZING.
    It was something I looked forward to on Sunday nights, but I’ll survive without it. It’s had more than its fair share of air time. 7 years is a big accomplishment!

    I can’t wait to see Kathryn in more upcoming movies, shows, etc. and see how she expands her career.
    Hope everyone from the cast does well too :)

  • Sonia

    god COLD CASE FINISHED….this can not be worse :(

  • Michelle

    I am upset as it is my favourite tv crime drama. It shows the real emotion behind both the victim and the assailant. I am from the UK and we don’t have any great crime drama’s, Cold Case was the best one. Bring back COLD CASE!! :)

  • louisa

    I,m also from the uk and I am getting a bit sick and tired of America dropping all the programmes that i start watching here are just a few
    Journey man
    Pushing Daisy,s
    Eli Stone
    Dead like me
    My Name Is Earl
    Tru calling
    Ugly Betty
    Ghost Whisperer
    Melrose place
    and now Cold Case the other problem is they seem to be taking all these brilliant programmes off the tv but they are not replacing them with anyting.It just seem,s a shame everytime i start to watch something it come,s to an end i,m just grateful i still have Bones,, Medium,Brothers and Sisters,Cougar town,Desperate Housewives,V,The Big Bang Theory,the Good Wife,Fringe,Lie To Me,and 6th season of Supernatural

    • icywinter2

      Actually they are replacing them with crappy pilots and one remakes which isn’t going to do well either..

      You’re not alone, here in America we feel the same. I’m sick of them always cancelling shows that are doing fine to. The networks need to start listening to the fans, perhaps the shows would stick on longer.

      For me, I don’t really watch TV; except for Cold Case. There’s nothing good on anymore, sad but true

  • LillyScotty

    I miss Cold Case :(

    • Awww. Cheer up LillyScotty. There are always repeats/re-runs and we have new Kathryn projects to look forward too.

      Welcome to KM UK by the way. I hope you can revisit often and post your thoughts.

  • Gloria Plante

    Please, Please, Please say it isn’t so. I don’t think I can survive if I can’t look forward to Cold Case every Sunday night. Please change your mind and at least put it back on in mid season.

    • Sorry Gloria, it is true that Cold Case has not been renewed for an 8th season. It will not return, not even mid-season. CBS is very unlikely to change its mind now.

  • josh

    this is crap, hope its a rumor, caz those new shows will be jokes

  • Linda

    This is really uncool…I keep checking the listings for what day it would resume. Thought I would check here, it is already October. Certainly could not be for lack of ratings, it is one of the best shows on TV. Really unfair, not cool.

    • Sadly Linda it was due to lack of ratings, it is the main reason for not renewing any TV show. If enough people are watching a show a network will not want to cancel it.

      It’s looks like CSI: Miami in the same Sunday @ 10pm is doing quite a lot better for audience numbers that Cold Case was. We’ll have to see if it can maintain them, as Cold Case did over the course of season 7.

  • becka

    This is NOT okey!!! Why CBS? There are not many great series on tv right now and they go and take away one of the best ones.. Not cool.. Not cool at all. And what a bad ending, cant they at least do a proper ending?
    Whises from Sweden!

    • Icywinter2

      @Becka- It won’t happen, believe me CBS isn’t even considering doing that since the cancellation of this show last may. It’s sad, and we’re all angry but there’s nothing left to do. What’s done is done :-(

  • Irene

    Nooooooo :(
    I love Cold Case <3 and all these years I've benn waiting for Lil and Scotty to hook up and now that'll never happen :O

    I think CBS is making a big mistake :(

  • Albert Heybyrne

    I am so disappointed and disgusted about this I was looking forward to a new season and now I have nothing to watch on Sunday nights

  • Richard Maissner

    It’s a real shame not to know more of Detective Lilly Rush and her research team hope that CBS can give us one more season and that the rumors going around on the web are just rumors.
    My most sincere greetings to all who are part of the cast of Cold Case, Kathryn Morris Special.

    • Icywinter2

      @Richard Maissner- Those were just rumors which aren’t true, sadly CBS isn’t planning on giving CC another season. It’s sad but there is nothing we can do about it at this point.

    • Hi Richard,

      Looks like Icywinter has beaten me to it.

      Unfortunately they are not rumours. As stated in the piece above CBS has not renewed Cold Case for an eighth season. There will be no more Cold Case.

      As a fan of Kathryn I hope you will visit KM UK often.

  • Andrea Allan

    I am totally gutted as I have been a big fan since finding Cold Case on Sky one and have watched every episode twice over sometimes more. When is series 7 being shown in the UK please.

  • Gloria Plante

    I think Cold Case suffered from Bad Ratings because it wasn’t on at the same time every week. I had to program my TIVO to record 1 hour before and 1-1/2 hours later that scheduled because sometimes it would come on at 8:30, sometimes 9 p.m. and other times 10 or 10:30 p.m. That’s why people couldn’t watch it all the time.

    • I’m sure the changes of time slot didn’t help. The initial shift from 8pm to 9pm was probably OK, perhaps even allowing for more flexibility in content.

      The disruption caused by the overrunning of sporting events, along with the 10pm move, probably hurt it a little but I think the audience had largely settled to the core regulars by then.

      CC had a good run of 7 seasons, more than many shows get.

  • Linda Mouillet

    This is all so wrong ! What happens next to Lily, Scotty, Christina and her baby,and the entire team we’ll never know. At least give a proper ending to the story, I’m sure you are not short of ideas or imagination. It was a good show, we all enjoyed it. It’s really a pity that CBS has decided not to end CC decently. I hope the verdict is NOT final.

  • icywinter2

    @LindaMouillet- The Verdict is final, it’s almost a year since the show’s cancellation. All the actors and actresses have gone on to do other tv and movie projects. We were all disappointed, but the ending could have been worse. What’s done is done, CBS will never bring back Cold Case.

    There’s always reruns on both the CW and TNT networks in the states.

  • Maximus V.

    I really thought that they were writing towards an ending when Lilly Rush was looking at the “Special Agent Application” at the end of the 20th episode, “Free Love”. The next two episodes got me hoping that there would be an 8th season. I guess I was right at first… too bad.
    The networks had to cancel perfectly good shows to bring new remakes of 30-year old shows like hawaii 5-0… Come on you people… couldn’t you wait one or even two seasons to give the show a proper ending? You owe at least that much to the people watching it for all those years.

  • icywinter2

    @MaximusV- Actually the network wanted to cancel cold case before season 7. The signs that this show was going to be cancelled happened way before , “Free Love,”

    Most shows do end in the 7th season, they really shouldn’t have never adding in that storyline of the FBi trying to lure Lilly into the into FBI. We know that would ruin the storyline and be out of character as well for her . Plus the writers knew at the beginning of the season that it was going to be cancelled. I also knew it as well.

    CBS purposely move it to 10pm in order for it to get low ratings. What’s done is done, you need to also consider that cast was only contracted to do Seven Seasons. They wanted to move onto other things, it’s also expensive to make this type of show.

    What’s done is done,it’s now a year since it’s been cancelled. Don’t fret about the ending, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It was left up to us the viewers imaginations :)

  • Ive just introuduced this programme to my granddaughter and she loves it. She doesnt really think its fair that you are going to stop the programme when it is a really good show to watch.

    • icywinter2

      @Ann Davis- We all feel that way, CBS made that choice last year. There’s not no one can do to bring it back. It’s sad, but the actors were also contracted to season seven, they also wanted to move onto other things.

      How long can a show go, it was pretty expensive to produce a show like that. Could have been part of the reason for why it was cancelled. We’ll never know..

    • Hi Ann,

      This site is dedicated to the actress Kathryn Morris, who plays Lilly Rush in Cold Case, by her fans. It has no connection with the makers of the show.

      The UK has still not seen the first broadcasting of season 7 (the last one) yet so there are still episodes for your grand daughter to enjoy.

      The Universal Channel in the UK is due to show season 7 later this year.

  • Caroline

    I am so sad to find out that Cold Case has been cancelled. It is such a special show, and I’ll love it forever….

    I am in Norway, so I guess I am now at the mercy of nice television networks showing re-runs – as there will be no DVD and no more seasons! So so sad….

    • icywinter2

      @Caroline- No one’s said that there won’t be a DVD, it’s just very costly to do so; with the music rights any everything. I’m sure one day Cold Case will be on DVD.

      Here in the US, only one channel now is showing reruns. We used to have two channels showing this show, but that stopped :(

  • So none of us will know what happens to Lilly Rush after all… it kinda pisses me off =] I just like ends meet… i wish they would have finished it up not just cutting and end to such a well-built series.

    • Hi Aimie. Welcome to KM UK.

      Yes, the last episode of season 7 was the very last of the show. We were left knowing that Lilly had largely reconciled with her family and she is an aunt.

      I’m not sure what viewers expect from the ending of a show. We joined the cops when they were doing their job already and we left them knowing that they would continue to do that.

      I think they knew the show would probably end at season 7 but left it open enough just in case they got an 8th.

  • Brenda Wykel

    I am so gravely sad that Cold Case was not renewed for season 8. Cold Case was sad, funny, entertaining and downright intriguing with such a well written script and plots. THIS WAS A MISTAKE….yet you leave such ludicrous shows on that I just bypass them when trying to find something to watch. Lily is the coolest person and Scotty was such a good looker. Nick was a hoot and all the characters sort of pulled you into their lives.
    Such a loss for you and me.

    • Hi Brenda. Welcome to my little fansite about Kathryn.

      It was a great shame that Cold Case ended and we very much miss our weekly does of Kathryn and the gang.

      There are other good TVs around, you may just have to cast your net a little wider than the main networks.

  • Floyce

    Bring cold case back pleaseeeee

    • Hi Floyce.

      If only that was in the gift of myself and the other Kathryn fans at this site.

      Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever see the return of Cold Case crew to our screens in a new episode.

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