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Cold Case S02E14 – Revolution Promo Updates


The snowy conditions have thawed to rain for the Cold Case squad, but Lilly’s sister’s presence continues to keep things frosty between her and Scotty.  And then there’s ‘that dinner date’.

1969.  A young woman’s body is found in an apartment.  Her boyfriend is on his way to Canada to avoid the draft for Vietnam.  One man’s conscientious objector is another’s deserter.  Either way he’s the prime suspect.  On the 20th February 2005, Cold Case episode 14 from season two was first shown.  It was a Revolution.

Meanwhile, Christina and Lilly meet for dinner to discuss things.  It does not go well.  The less said about it the better.  And not just the dress!

The four new photos you see around this post have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

s02e14_still_002 s02e14_still_003 s02e14_still_004

Be My Valentine


To Kathryn, with endless adoration

Happy Valentine’s Day

Kathryn, I know I’ve said this on a few occasions before but may be now is the right time.  Neither of us are getting any younger, except you of course (don’t tell me, 21?), and all though things would be complicated, life is complicated.

So, how about it?  Be my Valentine in 2020.

Thanks again to Kareen T for the banner you see above, done by her especially for KM UK a few years ago.  Lots more fan-created art works can be found in the KM UK Gallery.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – January 2020

john_finn_001_430x180A slow start news-wise to 2020 for our Cold Case cast members that aren’t Kathryn.  The KM UK January 2020 CCCC-up is looking like slim pickings.  I have every faith that will change once Tracie recovers from the holidays :-)

For the past couple of season of The Walking Dead John Finn (John Stillman in CC) has featured as a guest star in a recurring role.  John’s Earl Sutton is expected to return when TWD returns from hiatus next month.  But as we know with shows like that, things can change very quickly and no-one is safe.

In the UK the big sci-fi movie Ad Astra, starring Brad Pitt, became available on the home DVD and Blu-ray formats in the last few days.  The US saw the release a month ago.  We’ve mentioned the film and John’s role in it many times over the past year.

Towards the end of last year Apple launched their new streaming service TV+.  One of the big shows on it was one called Truth Be Told.  It has an all star cast of Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield), Mekhi Phifer (ER), Elizabeth Perkins (Big), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), amongst others.  Our Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) was one of those others.  The show was released on a weekly basis, rather than one big ‘drop’, and the final of 8 episodes saw the light of day in mid-January.  Apple has announced several of their shows as being renewed.  So far there is no news on Truth Be Told.

Several times in recent CCCC-ups we’ve mentioned that Cold Case producer/writer Veena Sud (The Killing) has made a 10 episode drama series for a new streaming service for mobile devices called Quibi.  As we go to press (when I post this) the Sundance Film Festival has been going for a week and still has a few days to go.  Quibi has been featuring at the event, they seems almost designed to be together, with previews and Q&As going on.  Veena certainly took part promoting the 10-minute ‘long’ episodes of  The Stranger.  Quibi is expected to launch in April.

Cold Case S02E13 – Time To Crime Promo Updates


Things are a little chilly in Philly.  And, that’s not just because of the snow on the ground!

After a week off, Cold Case season two continued on this day 15 years ago as ‘Time To Crime’, episode 13, first aired on US television.  The story involved the squad tracing the history of a gun turned into the police as part of an amnesty programme.  It was found to have been used in the drive-by shooting of a young girl back in 1987.

Alongside this Lilly and Scotty continue their somewhat frosty relationship due to Lilly’s sister Christina’s continued presence.

It’s all about Lilly and Scotty on the water front in ‘Time To Crime’ promo photos.  The 1st and 4th of the set are particularly high resolution.  Four new images are now available for viewing in the KM UK Gallery.

s02e13_still_001 s02e13_still_003 s02e13_still_004


banner_178_765x361_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

From all your fans at KM UK

It is only a month since the winter solstice so the days are still quite short but we get this little bright spot in late January.

Yes, it is Kathryn’s birthday today.  We all wish her the very best on her special day.

Recent birthday girl herself, and Kathryn superfan, Diane has again very kindly provided a new banner image for this post.  Thank you to her.

The KM UK fan art gallery contains over 700 works of art provided you the fans.  We have banners, avatars, drawings, wallpaper and a video.  If you would like to add this archive please contact me.

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