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‘You Get Me’ To Be Gettable In June

you_get_me_poster_002Awesomeness Films, the production company behind the thriller teen drama You Get Me, has announced a movie deal with the subscription streaming service Netflix.

Not to blow our own trumpet too much but back in February here on KM UK we noted that the Bella Thorne-starrer was headed in that direction.

The only logical conclusion to draw from that piece of information was that it was likely to be released exclusively on the online only network.  Why else would Netflix put its name to it?

Now the deal has been confirmed we can finally put an actual date on when the film will be available to all subscribers:  16th June 2017.

What we still don’t know at this point is the part Kathryn plays in this Fatal Attraction-style drama based amongst high-school students.  Or, for that matter the other adult character played by recent NCIS addition Jennifer Esposito.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon as the mid-June release date approaches.

7 Year Itch

“What blonde in the kitchen?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know! Maybe it’s Marilyn Monroe!”

When Tom asks that question and Richard answers in The Seven Year Itch they are talking about Marilyn Monroe and not Marguerite Chapman’s character.  But it has been seven years since our Miss Morris was seen in the Philly P.D. squad room kitchen.

The 2nd of May is one of the days we note each year because in 2010 it was when Cold Case‘s final episodes were broadcast.  That Sunday night showing of two episodes closed off the seven-season long run the show had.

Throughout that time we saw hundreds of guest stars.  Some well known already.  Many yet to become household names.  Even now if I sort of recognise an actor I’ll check if they ever appeared in a episode, perhaps as a minor character in a flashback to the 1950s.

Of course, the main cast (Kathryn, Danny, John, Jeremy, Thom, and Tracie) have all gone on to do many things since.  We try to keep abreast of them here on KM UK in our Cold Case Cast Catch-up posts.  However, the way Cold Case wormed its way into the hearts of so many people means they will be very closely associated with it for many, many years to come.

Here’s to the much missed Cold Case.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – April 2017


Let us take a walk down ‘It’s not her, it’s them’ Road in the April 2017 Cold Case Cast Catch-up.  What have the other major cast members been up to since our stroll this way in March?

There is always the danger that the CCCC-up could just turn into the Tracie Thoms Show.  We make no apologies for that.  She’s a very hard working and talented lady.  This month is no exception, it is exceptional though.

Where to start?  How about Wednesday the 26th of April?  No objections, so I’ll begin.  That day saw Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) appear as a guest star in the long-running CBS (them again!) drama series Criminal Minds.  Tracie recently let it be known that she had been working in Vancouver (much talked about around these parts of late).  Presumably this is what it was about as Criminal Minds is mostly filmed there these days.  Tracie played the wife of new comer to the show Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton), giving more background to his character.  The show is nearing the end of its 12th season and has already been given a renewal for number thirteen.  Now Ms Thoms is in the CM universe as Mrs Walker you never know when she might be called upon to reprise the role.

Sticking with the Tracie and TV theme: she has also booked a recurring role on Lifetime network’s UnREAL.  Tracie is going with the theme-sticking too as her character, Fiona, is an executive within the entertainment industry (as she was on Love) and close friend of main character Quinn King (Constance Zimmer).  Fiona is said to be “fun-loving, gorgeous gay woman with swagger”.  Two out of three for Tracie there.  UnREAL was co-created by Marti Noxon (probably best know for her work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, now 20 years old!) and is set behind the scenes of a TV dating show.

From dating to The Drowing, but staying with Tracie and adding the month of May to the theme.  I’ve previously mentioned the movie based on a Pat Barker novel about a psychiatrist who saves a young man trying to kill himself.  Julia Stiles (Dexter) and Josh Charles (The Good Wife) star.  A trailer has been published for the oft-delayed film and you can watch it on YouTube here.  In other news a US release date has been given as the 10th of May.

Speaking of suicide but staying with Tracie (I don’t just throw this together, no matter how it looks :-) ).  No more talk of Canada, Tracie was back working very close to home last week.  Very, very close to home.  In her own home in fact.  I’m not sure of the nature of the project (possibly a short film) but Tracie filmed something apparently called Career Suicide.  She worked with a number of her friends, including a certain…

Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC), yes our old friend was back on camera with his squad-mate Tracie.  We get to see so little of Thom, he seems to take a very laid back approach in total contrast to Tracie, so it is good to see him working on a new project again.

Last month’s CCCC-up included news of Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera in CC) guest starring in a NCIS: New Orleans episode at the beginning of April.  I ended that piece not sure whether his character, Richard Marino, was a cop or a mobster.  It wasn’t obvious.  The opening scene of the show didn’t exactly clear that up.  Turned out to be a little from column A and a little from column B.  Marino was an old-school copper working under cover on a drug deal that goes pear-shaped.  Speaking of crimes, the movie Small Time Crime, in which Jeremy has a small role, had a premiere in the SXSW event back in March.  Since then the film which co-stars John Hawkes (The Sessions) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) has been purchased for North American distribution, which increases the chances of a general release in the near future.

Reverie Has ‘Some Buzz’

on_set_001It has been a few weeks since the TV pilot for the new NBC drama Reverie finished principle photography in the Vancouver, Canada.

Since then the episode will have been put together for presenting to the ‘powers that be’ at the network.

Now we are getting to the time that decisions are being made.

So many factors play into the choices the executives make but Reverie has an ace up its sleeve.  Lead actress Sarah Shahi is much sort after since the end of Person Of Interest.  She will have had a lot of offers and chose to go with Reverie.  If the show is not picked up to series it will be difficult to find another big show to join in time for the autumn season.

As well as Kathryn, if the producers could lock-in Sarah’s POI co-star Amy Acker in as a regular they’d make a lot of people very happy (me included) and be sure being assigned a timeslot in September.

Journalist Nellie Andreeva reported late on Friday (UK time) on the latest whispers regarding various pilots across the networks.   In her article on the Deadline website she describes hearing ‘some buzz’ about Reverie, placing a little behind other new shows Rise and For God And Country in the running.

Read Nellie’s article in full HERE.

We await further developments.

Colony Goes To Vancouver

colony_banner_2880x1260*** Spoiler alert ***

This post will contain some references to the Colony season two finale.  Stop now if you don’t want know anything.

As one show leaves the Canadian city of Vancouver another books its tickets for a visit in a few months.

Season two of the sci-fi-ish drama series Colony from the USA Network came to an end in America last week with the airing of the 13th episode of the 2017 run.  Days before then it was announced that the show had been renewed for a third season.  Part of the news was that filming would move from Los Angeles, California, to Vancouver.

As the show has been very firmly set in Los Angeles, with lots of on location and little studio-based work, it looked potentially have made things difficult for the production.  The decision was largely a financial one as the tax breaks California offers to TV shows and movies to film in the state are limited in number and was no longer available to Colony.  As it happens season 2 ended with the Bowman family (Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies and three kids) leaving the LA ‘block’ (the city walled in by the invading alien ‘hosts’) signalling a potential major shift in focus going forward.  Who knew that just outside LA was Vancouver :-)  Potentially damaging to a show that moves so far from LA is the possible loss of cast members.  Not all actors will want to spend several months away each year.  Colony being a relatively short run may not suffer as much as one of the big 20+ episodes series.

Colony season one ended with the first evidence of what awaited those sent to ‘the factory’ as punishment by the ‘hosts’ .  It was a base on the moon.  With Kathryn’s character being taken away by the authorities for hoarding works of art she was supposed to be collecting for the ‘hosts’ her chances of being seen again were slim.  That glimpse of her possible fate gave rise to hope we might see her again.  She might have been able to use her skill of manipulating others to improve her circumstances.

Sadly the only time we saw Kathryn’s Charlotte during the season 2 run was during a couple of ‘previously on…’ flashbacks highlighting the type of person her husband was, a political animal giving her up to the ‘hosts’ to save his own position.  With the move to outside the block it seems even more unlikely that Kathryn will be making any further appearances in Colony.  She is part of the show’s universe though so you never know.

All of which adds up to this probably being the last KM UK post on the subject.

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