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Cold Case S03E16 – Death Penalty: Final Appeal Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_001Lilly’s hot.  Damn hot!  And the Philly PD air-conditioning system’s inability to copy with the Pennsylvania heat is making her too warm as well :-p

Breaking with recent tradition, this series of new screencap posts from episodes first aired 15 years ago is going to include new screencaps.  They’re hot too.  Freshly made, especially for you.

This week’s case involves an old one of Jeffries, 10 years previous.  A man is on death-row and will soon be executed for a murder he maintains he didn’t commit.  He places one last call to asking for help.  The squad have a literal deadline to meet on this one.

With much appeal we bring you a final set of 188 (Full HD, 1080p) new screencaps from this episode.  They are now available in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_019 Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_105 Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_166

Cold Case S03E19 – Beautiful Little Fool Photos Update

still_002Beautiful Little Fool?  Beautiful Little Fool!?!  How dare you!  Beautiful? Very much so.  Little?  She is quite petite.  But, sir, I draw the line at fool!  :-)

Early in Cold Case history it was hinted that Lilly had her issues with alcohol.  Rush was, perhaps, a lush.  She’d managed to stay away from it for a while before we got to know her.  Few things could make her partake in the booze.  Her mother is one of those exceptions.  The irony, if that’s right, is that Ellen Rush has had even worse issues with drinking and has not dealt with them as well as her daughter.  The much loved Meredith Baxter (Family Ties) made her first of four Cold Case appearances as Lilly’s mother in this one.  Meredith herself had alcoholism earlier in life.

Alongside the Rush family dramas, the episode’s case involves one of its oldest.  The 1929 death of a woman on Xmas Day of that year.  ‘Beautiful Little Fool’ aired for the 1st time 15 years ago today.

Like last week, there are no new screencaps from this episode, as there are already a full suite of them in the Gallery.  Instead we have two new, large, and high quality promo photos to bring to you.  As you can see, they both involve the awkward meeting of Lilly and her impending new step-father.


Cold Case S03E18 – Willkommen Photos Update

s03e18_still_001Willkommen to a new post on KM UK.  I what is increasingly inaccurately called ‘a slightly different one this week’ we have a new set of high quality, large sized promo photos, rather than new HD screencaps.  Today marks the 15th birthday of this 18th episode of Cold Case season 3 first aired in 2006.

Will is absent from these images so I guess he is not so… kommen.  I’ll get my coat.

Actors often talk of dying on stage and the superstitions around the theatre (not saying the name of the ‘Scottish play’ etc.).  This episode is not going to help with either anxiety, when the squad open a then 4-year old case about the death of an amateur actor.

As you can see around this article there are 4 new photos from this episode now in the Gallery.  Can I just add one last thing: Perfectly Marvelous.

s03e18_still_002 s03e18_still_003 s03e18_still_004

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – March 2021

I know, I know.  But, let’s face it, February is such a short month that it hardly even counts as a month.  Nothing happens in February.  You missed nothing :-)

Welcome to the second (cough) Cold Case Catch-up post of 2021.  This is obviously about Kathryn and her career, but Cold Case was (almost) as much about the other characters as it was about Lilly Rush.  In this (normally) monthly posts we look at the on-going careers of her fellow actors of the show.

The continuing global situation is still being felt across the entertainment industry.  Even TV shows that are being made are having to reduce episode counts due to more complicated production schedules.  Hopefully the corner is being turned so that across the summer things can get closer to normal ahead of the autumn/fall season.

Let’s start with our banner image star for March: Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC).  A couple of weeks ago the FX network drama Mayans M.C. return to US televisions after a somewhat forced absence.  This is the third season of the spin-off from the often acclaimed Sons Of AnarchyMayans M.C. is not a show I watch, but from something I read somewhere a while ago, I was under the impression that Danny would not be returning, based on his character’s actions, not his.  How wrong I was.  The fourth episode aired last night (30th March) and the remain 6 will continue until mid-May.  In the UK, previous seasons of Mayans M.C. have been shown by the BBC, often in pairs late on Sunday nights.  I presume this will be repeated for the new one at some point in the future.  Both the first two seasons are available on the BBC iPlayer.

Regulars to these posts will know that we are never far from Tracie Thoms (Kat Millar on CC) news.  She pretty much single-handedly keeps this segment going.  If she ever takes a break from showbiz there’ll be nothing to watch.  In early March, Ms. Thoms, brought her character of Karen Wilson back to the cross-emergency service drama series 9-1-1, over on the Fox network.  Karen is the partner of one of the main characters, played by Aisha Hinds (Under The Dome), so is usually peripheral to the main stories lines but she regularly crops up.

Clearly Tracie is very much into saying yes at every opportunity that arises.  She did so for the Netflix movie Yes Day, starring Jennifer Garner (Alias), which was release a few weeks ago.  Jennifer took advantage of being stuck at home to be able to Zoom/Skype/Teams call into nearly every chat show in the world to promote this family friendly fare.  Apparently some people do this Yes Day thing, where they (within legal bounds) only say yes to their kids for the day.  Madness.  Tracie has a small role as ‘Billie’, a ‘concert co-ordinator’.

Not sure if I missed this previously but I see that Tracie is listed as being in a new film called Bolivar. It is described as currently being in post-production, meaning it has been filmed and is now being edited etc. prior to a release.  As we’ve seen, this can often be a lengthy period, with many films never seeing the light of day.  Nell Teare, who has done a lot of bit-part acting and a lot of writing/directing/producing work as well, stars as a woman dealing with the loss of her mother.  One to keep an eye on.

Cold Case S03E16 – One Night Photos Update

still_009A slightly different one this week.  For a start, no new HD screencaps.  For ‘One Night’ (episode 16 of Cold Case season 3) we brought you those a while back.  They’re still in the Gallery for your enjoyment.  Secondly, ‘One Night’ is one of those few episodes with a live victim.  An unidentified man presents himself to the police admitting to an earlier killing.  During interrogation our suspect begins to get into the heads of the detectives.  Creepy.

Last of the differences is that instead of new screencaps we have new and updated high quality promo/still photos.  Number 5 is bigger than before, the rest are new.  All are high resolution.  To mark the 15th anniversary of this episode airing for the first time on US TV those images can now be found in the the Gallery.

still_006 still_007 still_008

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