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Bone Tomahawk A Steel On Disc In UK

blu-ray_box_003The Bone Tomahawk story is not quite over in the UK.

On Monday-week (15th August 2016) a special edition of the movie Blu-ray is being released exclusively by the online retailer Zavvi.

The ‘special’ is the case the disc comes in.  Rather than the standard plastic box that Blu-ray’s normally come in (as Bone Tomahawk itself does, albeit with a black horizontal stripe across the top) this is a special metal box.  It is being called a ‘steelbook’ and has different art on it too compared with the previously available versions.  Check it out in the image above.  Very skull-y.

A larger version of the front cover image joins the one above in the KM UK Gallery.

At £18 it is around the same price as the initial Blu-ray release so if you are going to buy a copy why not go with this one.

You can find the details on the Zavvi website HERE.

As I am sure you are aware by now Bone Tomahawk harks back to the classic western, a genre largely ignored of late, but adds in the more on-trend twist of a sort of zombie-like creature and throws in a big dose of a horror.  It’s a horror western.  Kurt Russell (Death Proof) stars as the sheriff who takes it upon himself to rescue some kidnapped townsf0lk from the murderous savages.  Matthew Fox (Lost), Patrick Wilson (Insidious), and Richard Jenkins (Let Me In) join the ill-fate adventure.  Kathryn has a small role as the wife of Sheriff Hunt.  Lili Simmons (Banshee) is one of those taken.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – July 2016


July, July, July…  Where did you go?  It only seems like 4 weeks ago when we had our June Cold Case Cast Catch-up looking at the work of Kathryn’s fellow cast-mates from the long-running police procedural.

Errr… Things weren’t looking good for a bumper crop this month but as usual Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) rides in to the rescue, which is why she gets pride of place above again.

After a few months on the festival circuit Equity, the female lead drama about corruption in the world of finance, gets a more general US release this very day (29th July).  It may not be a wide release though.  Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn heads the cast alongside (co-creator) Sarah Megan Thomas and Carrie Preston (True Blood).  Tracie has a small role with the name Melanie.  Some blokes get a look in too with James Purefoy (Rome) and Nate Corddry (Mom) co-starring.

That could well have been it for the month but a scroll down Tracie’s filmography on IMDb brings up something I’ve never heard of before:  Living With Models.  It appears to be a sort spoof with elements of Lost and The Hunger Games.  Tracie is listed as “Hatch Girl” in three episodes of this, the third season.  From a brief glimpse of her in the trailer (here on YouTube) she’s definitely in more more of a Lost-based element.  All the episodes of season were released on the 20th of June and are available via the Living With Models website.

John Finn (John Stillman on CC) is one of our more irregular regulars on in the CCCC-up.  We last mentioned a new movie he is starring in called Gifted way back in October 2015.  At the time we had the plot line and cast members but no date for the release.  Now it is pencilled in for April of 2017.  Chris Evans (the Captain America one, not the ex-Top Gear presenter one), Jenny Slate (Married) and Octavia Spencer (The Help) lead the cast.

What is also down for 2017 but may not include John is the TV series Doubt.  It is almost certainly headed for a 2017 broadcast now and in the past couple of weeks the initial episodes titles have been made known.  It is still not clear if John’s “Don” has made it through the (pun slightly intended) trials of getting the show to the screen.

Which leaves us with Danny Pino (Scotty Valens on CC), which I’m sure would be more than OK with many of you.   The TV series BrainDead returned after a brief hiatus and did so in a new time slot of 10pm on Sunday, following a repeat of the Tea Leoni vehicle Madam Secretary.  It’s politics night on CBS!  The show continues with its mix of drama and sci-fi, with political manoeuvring and brain eating parasites taking control of people.  The ‘previously on…’ section continues to delight with its funny song especially written for each episode.

Which brings us back to where we started: Tracie Thoms.  In piece written exclusively by me exclusively for KM UK I passed on the news I found elsewhere that Tracie would be guest starring in BrainDead.  Well I’m doing it again.  Just a couple of days ago the press release for episode 9, which has one of the wickedly long titles the show has become known for, “Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. are Discovered and Patched” had evidence that it contain traces of Tracie.  It is due to air on the 21st of August.

Colony DVD In UK… When?!?

colony_season_1_dvd_artwork_003It’s been a bit of a Colony-fest here on KM UK the past few weeks.  Well, you know what us Brits are like with our colonies.  We can’t let them go.

After the US season one release of the sci-fi-ish drama series Colony on DVD last week, and the recent UK broadcast of the show on Sky, it was only a matter of time before we got the discs over here.

The Amazon UK website has now got the home release listed for 16 January 2017.

Saywhatnow?  THE 16th of January, 2017?  As in next year?  Around the time the second season starts in America?  That’s taking the mickey isn’t it?

Presumably it is part of the deal done for the broadcasting of season one and two and hopes to maximise revenue for both Sky and the production company.  It will allow the promotion of the boxset on the back that for the new run soon afterwards on TV.

Or, it is a six months hence guestimate by Amazon that will be corrected nearer the correct time when it is know.

Either way HERE is link to the online retailer’s webpage for the Colony season one DVD so you can pre-order it if you wish.  At the time of writing the price is £24.99 (~$33 at the current rate).  That’s possibly another place-holder which will be changed later.  Submit your purchase before release and if the price drops, as it likely will, you’ll pay the lower amount.

I’ll let you know if anything changes substantially.

Putting Colony Back In The Con

colony_banner_2880x1260Thursday will be a busy day for the main cast and creators of the TV series Colony, as well as geeks in California.

Both the San Diego Comic-Con and Legendary Digital Networks (the production company behind Colony) own ‘Camp Conival’ events are happening this coming week.

The SDCC is a huge event covering all aspects of sci-fi and fantasy in TV, films, computer games and of course comic books.  There will be guests doing signings and interviews, and previews etc.  The event takes place primarily at the San Diego Convention Center starting on Wednesday (20th July) afternoon but things really get going from Thursday morning.  Sunday is the last day.

For an hour from 4:45pm the writers/producers Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Ryan Condal, and actors Josh Holloway (Lost), Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead), Adrian Pasdar (Agents Of SHIELD), Peter Jacobson (House) and Tory Kittles (True Detective) are all due to be taking part in a discussion panel.  They will be answering questions about the upcoming second season of the USA Networks sci-fi series.

Alongside the SDCC behemoth Legendary will be holding their own separate Camp Conival event at the Petco Park baseball stadium (presumably in the conference facilities rather than on the field) to showcase the large number of entertainment products they produce.  They are not some small company making the occasional series.  You will have heard of many of the pies they have their fingers in.   The aforementioned Agents Of SHIELD, other TV shows like Ash vs Evil Dead, computer game Call Of Duty, film Nerve, and a new Power Rangers movie due next year are all under their umbrella.  How often do you see a pie/umbrella mixed metaphor?

Yes, there is going to be another Power Rangers movie.  Who knew?  The young Rangers are largely unknown actors but heavyweights Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) are the big names starring in other roles.  The lovely Elizabeth will be Rita Repulsa.  Not sure how she’ll pull-off ‘respulsive’, but I’m willing to let her have a go 😮

The Camp Conival panel with the same people taking part is due at the earlier time of 1:15pm on the same Thursday.  That could be awkward for timing except for the fact that Petco Park (sponsors naming venues huh?) is right across the road from the San Diego Convention Center.  It’s almost like they planned it!

The fact that Kathryn is not involved in either of these panels should not be taken as a sign of her not being in Colony any more.  They are only likely to invite the core cast.  Of course we don’t know either way whether we’ll be seeing her again as Charlotte the art collector.  We last saw her being taken away for keeping the best stuff for herself.

If you are able to attend either event on Thursday then be sure to ask repeatedly if Kathryn will be making a return to the show and let us know the answer.

The Comic-Con event website is here.

Colony S01E09 – Zero Day Full HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E09_093Tomorrow is ‘zero day’ for Colony season 1 being released on DVD in America.  To celebrate this event KM UK has been running a short special Summer Of HD series of posts based around the show.  The first two parts are here and here.  This is the last of this set.

Episode nine of the ten was ‘zero day’ for Kathryn’s character Charlotte Burgess.  She’d enacted punishment on Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) for a perceived breaking of her rules regarding certain… things… involving Mr Burgess.  Maddie’s smart though and cleverly gets herself back on Charlotte’s good side, whilst simultaneously setting the scene for bringing her down a peg or twenty.

It did not end well for Charlotte, not that we know exactly what happened so the door is still open for her return come season 2 next year.  It was Kathryn’s last appearance in the season.

So, we need to make the most of the 129 new Full HD (1080p) screencaps now added to the Gallery.

Colony_S01E09_1080p_037 Colony_S01E09_1080p_039 Colony_S01E09_1080p_052

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