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Cold Case S07E08 – Chinatown Screencaps

Cold_Case_S07E08_lilly_120I try to vary the start of these screencap posts based on the content of the episode.  However, after the excitement of the last few days I had this one planned in advance.  It was to start thus: “Oh well, back to the day job.”

After seeing the episode that had to change!  The boots.  The beach scene.  The smiles.  I used to gauge an episode based on the quotient of Lilly-smiles.  On that scale this episode was one of the best ever :-)  It was definitely not a run-of-the-mill episode.  Kathryn looked fantastic in the sun rise.  Surprised Eddie didn’t suggest a swim, knowing full well that Lilly would have been without costume…

206 HD (720p) screencaps are in the Gallery.

For in depth episode discussion head to Look Again.

Cold_Case_S07E08_lilly_001 Cold_Case_S07E08_lilly_071 Cold_Case_S07E08_lilly_126

FHM France December 2009 – Update

page_1Stop.  Right.  There.

Before you, yes I’m talking to you, go any further we need to get something out the way.

Everyone on the Internet repeat after me “thank you zoé”.  Got that.  All together now: “thank you zoé”.  Was that everyone?  I’m not convinced.  One more time to be sure: “thank you zoé”.  It’s people like zoé putting in the time and effort that make this site what it is.  OK.  On to the pictures.

For anyone concerned about the content, don’t be.  The cover image, seen previously, is as “much” as it gets.  I’d say they are actually missing an image: the obligatory looking over the shoulder shot.  As I suspected these are by the same photographer as the Télé 7 Jours photo.

6 new images are in the Gallery.

page_4 page_5 page_6

Now go out and buy a copy.  Immediately!  Heck, buy 2!

Update: The 6 images have been replaced by larger, slightly better quality versions.

FHM FTW? – Update x4

cover_smallHuge thanks to Lester for bring this to my attention.

This came as a bit of a shock.  We even questioned the authenticity of the image.  Thankfully it looks to be genuine.  Various places are reporting this.

It appears that Kathryn will be appearing an the upcoming edition of FHM, possibly just the French edition.  And from the look of the picture, appearing quite a lot 😉

You can find an article (in French) about it at, and a Google translation of it into English HERE.  The full text and the translation can be found after the jump.

I very, very, very, very much look forward to seeing errr… more.

I don’t think there is much more I can add to that without making you think a lot less of me 😉

Update:  Slightly larger image above.

Update 2:  Slightly larger again image added to the Gallery.

Update 3:  New large version of cover added to the Gallery.

Update 4:  I’ve very quickly edited most of the text off the cover image and added the result to the Gallery.

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Alliance For Children’s Rights Awards 2008

childrens_rights_awards_10A bit more catching up in the Gallery.  A few older items have not been added yet, this will be corrected over time.

This is Kathryn attending the 15th Annual Alliance for Children’s Rights Awards Gala in March of 2008.

Not my favourite set of Kathryn photos to be honest.  The dress is OK, if a little “busy”, though I’m not sure about the “Wonder Woman” bracelets.  You think she has the Stars & Stripes outfit and the Truth Lasso? 😉  The make-up is nice and subtle, apart from the lipstick.  It might match the shoes but it’s a bit too much.

Still very cute though 😉

Anyway, 38 images can be found in the Gallery.

childrens_rights_awards_01 childrens_rights_awards_15 childrens_rights_awards_29

Cold Case S07E07 – Read Between The Lines Screencaps

Cold_Case_S07E07_lilly_192197 HD (720p) screencaps of Lilly in Read Between The Lines are now in the Gallery.

We get Kat back at last, but Will is MIA without a mention.  Turns out Lilly has a thing for diamonds, she didn’t seem the type.  I may just be getting used to it but Lilly is looking more Kathryn-like recently, less over-made-up.  A definite improvement.

For discussion on the episode head over to the appropriate thread on Look Again.  And check out TVFan’s review on Pass The Remote.

Cold_Case_S07E07_lilly_055 Cold_Case_S07E07_lilly_102 Cold_Case_S07E07_lilly_174

A preview video for the next episode, Chinatown (S07E08), can also be found in the Gallery.

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