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Danny Pino Signed For New Pilot – Update x2

I’ve been informed by regular reader IcyWinter that news has broken regarding Danny Pino, Cold Case’s Scotty Valens, starring in a possible new TV show.

The NBC show is called S.I.L.A. (Special Investigations Los Angeles) and is a drama involving the police and politicians.  Danny is down as playing the partner of a “Special Investigations Unit” detective.  This is just a pilot at the moment, and Danny is apparently the first actor to be cast, so everything could change.  I’m sure I speak for all of us at KM UK in wishing Danny the best of luck in his future career.

You can read Nellie Andreeva’s news article at

Although this sort of news falls outside the normal scope of this site I am more than happy to report news on Kathryn’s Cold Case castmates as I know many of you are big fans of them.  If you find any such news that you would like to share then please contact me.

Update: have posted a follow-up piece about further casting news for this show.  Daniella Alonso and Matthew Levy have signed for the pilot.  Still no word on the actor for the lead character.  Read the article in full HERE.

Update 2: And now Mädchen Amick has signed for the pilot as well.  She’ll play a lawyer.  Details on HERE.

2 comments to Danny Pino Signed For New Pilot – Update x2

  • icywinter2

    There was today in a list of pilots that are scheduled to air this fall. Danny’s show is in it, but the show that Kathryn was supposed to be producing and not starring in it isn’t even on the list.

    It’s probably safe to say that the network decided not to go through with it and instead chose out other shows instead. I might be wrong.

    • The previous news about Sendera was, I believe, when ABC requested a script. I had noticed the lack of follow-up items amongst the news about other pilots. I am on the lookout for news on this and will of course let you all know if I find anything.

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