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Early Cougars, Inc. Euro Blu-ray Release? – Update

What’s the German for “take this with a pinch of salt”?

A bit of a bolt out of the Blu (see what I did there? sorry :-) ) this one. Amazon in Germany has Cougars, Inc. down as a DVD and Blu-ray release on  21 April 2011.  The film is listed under its previous name with an additional prefix giving the longer title of Loverboys – Mother’s Little Helpers., a site covering HD disc releases all over the world, also has a German version of Cougars, Inc. (with Loverboys – Mother’s Little Helpers as an alternative title) marked as available from the slightly earlier date of March 24th same date.

The Blu-ray/DVD prices are the same on both sites (€14.99/€10, which is £13/£8.50 and US$20/US$13).  Quite low prices for a new release.  Also, Amazon attributing the movie a 12 certificate is curious, which maybe a reflection on differing attitudes in German.  Or it may all be completely wrong.

Both sites roughly agreeing does suggest that the basics could well be right.  This means that outside of the USA Cougars, Inc. may not be getting a theatrical release at all.  But in compensation we might be receiving full HD copy for the home.  Can’t wait :-)

Update: has updated it’s release date to 21 April 2011 to match Amazon Germany.

9 comments to Early Cougars, Inc. Euro Blu-ray Release? – Update

  • Katrin

    Wow great news! can’t wait. Thank you! :O)

  • Icywinter2

    That doesn’t make any real sense to me, if Europe gets an early DVD release ,but the US gets to see it in theaters somethings isn’t quite right with this.

    You can’t just have one movie that’s not being released in the states until summer and one that’s being released in Europe onto DVD soon. It just sounds out of place to me that is.

    To me tells me that it’s probably not going to go to theaters here the states but onto dvd instead. That’s my theory since there’s no new release date other than summer 2011. I could be wrong..

  • Icywinter2

    Why is IMDB still stating the old release date? There is no mention on that site of a DVD release as of yet.

  • A movie being released at different times and in different formats in different regions is quite common. Admittedly it is a little strange that an American movie might (this is still unconfirmed info) be available outside the US before it is released there. It all comes down to the when and how the distributors (which can be different in each region) think it is best to do release the film.

    IMDb’s content is largely based on user submissions. Unless someone tells them otherwise data will stay the same. I’ve tried to issue an update for the date but something as vague as “summer” is not an option.

  • Icywinter2

    I have a feeling that this movie will go straight to DVD like what happened with Assassination of the highschool president. Something just tells me that this is the most likely scenario for both the US and Europe.

    Just seems more plausible to me. I could be wrong, but I’m keeping an eye out for any news relating to this.

  • has changed it’s release date, see above.

    • Icywinter2

      I’m confused is that for the United States as well or just Europe.

      • Still just Germany, though European releases often have multiple languages (one reason why European DVDs sometimes have fewer extra features because the languages take up space) so English, for instance, may be included.

        • Icywinter2

          I still wonder why Germany got the early release, and not the US. That’s just puzzling me, I’ll keep a look for anything related to this.

          I’ve been searching around under the US and found no such listings for this movie on DVD or under coming soon for upcoming movies in theaters.

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