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Kathryn Asks The Questions Now

Lilly will have to step aside as Kathryn gets her chance to ask the difficult questions.

Kathryn will one of the celebrities asking the Celebrity Question on the upcoming new season of the US version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  The new season starts on 9th November 2009.

Three to four Celebrity Questions will be featured each week on Millionaire and will be ‘mid-level’ in monetary value. Other celebrities who will be featured this season include Kathryn Morris (Cold Case), Rob Morrow (Numb3rs), Tim Gunn (Project Runway), Kathy Griffin, Regis Philbin (LIVE! with Regis and Kelly), Jo Frost (Supernanny), Mario Lopez (Extra), Larry King, Elizabeth Vargas (ABC News), Al Roker (Today Show), Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice), Emily Procter (CSI Miami), Joy Behar (The View and The Joy Behar Show), Pauley Perrette (NCIS) and Gilles Marini (Brothers & Sisters), among others.

Read the full press release here at Reuters.  It’s reproduced in full after the jump.
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Updated Cold Case Season 6 Promos

I’ve found some bigger and better versions of four of the Season 6 promo photos, previously posted about here, wrongly thought to be season 7 promos initially.  I nearly didn’t post an item about this update but I thought the improvement in the size and quality of the images warranted bringing them to everyone’s attention.  Plus the last 2 images are so great they are worth a repeat.

promo_004 promo_005
promo_009 promo_010

Cold Case Season 8?

TV gossip-monger Michael Ausiello has a couple of quotes from our favourite lady.  That’d be Kathryn, in case you hadn’t guessed.  As part of his regular Ask Ausiello section they are in response to a reader asking for any general Cold Case scoops.

The idea of an eight season is raised.

Ausiello: Like her character, Kathryn Morris is spending a lot of time thinking about the past, even if she’s glad to still be around in the present. Cold Case’s close brush with network death (before eventually getting renewed for another season) has her feeling “a little more sentimental this year,” she says. “Everyone is waxing poetic about the good times. ‘Remember when you were sick with the flu in season two and I brought you chicken soup and we became best friends?’ ‘Remember that one time when I ripped a Dolce & Gabbana suit by walking by a rusty desk in homicide the first day they let me wear it? I’m sorry.’” Regarding the possibility of an eighth season, she says, “I think we are optimistic that we could go on as long as the audience wants us to. It isn’t like we will run out of crime in Philadelphia.”

We’ll just have to wait and see.

You can find the full article here.

Belle du Jour – Update x3

coverI know!

Apologies for the attempt at French.

So that is what Lilly looked like on one of her nights in with Ray!

Kathryn is due to appear in the French magazine Télé 7 Jours this week. And by the looks of it she is going to appear quite a lot, or should that be “quite a lot of her is due to appear” :-)

Hopefully we’ll get to see more than just the cover soon 😉

This seems like a perfect excuse to start a Magazine section in the Gallery.

Thanks to zoé @ ColdCasePedia and the French Cold Case fans at for the info.

Update: New, larger, images from the magazine have been added. The article image is the same as the cover. If someone wants to translate the text into English I’ll post it here.

Update 2: I’ve attempted a translation. Click below.

Update 3: In case some people haven’t realised the magazine isn’t called Belle du Jour. It was my attempt at “beautiful day” in French. Linking the magazine title (Télé 7 Jours), Kathryn being beautiful and a day with such a good Kathryn picture is a good one.  I’m sorry if some people have failed to understand this.

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Cold Case S07E04 – Soul Screencaps – HD Upgrade

Cold_Case_S07E04_lilly_132I realise that some our American friends were expecting to see this episode last night and it didn’t air.    If you didn’t see it and you don’t want to see any images from it I recommend that you don’t go any further.

260 HD (720p) screencaps from Soul can be found in the Gallery.  Preview for the next episode WASP has been added to the Gallery as well.

We got to meet one of Lilly’s father’s 2nd family in this one.  Step-out-of-line-brother Finn seems to have got himself in trouble just to so he can be dragged into Philly PD to meet Lilly.  Some of us might go to some extremes for a certain special lady, but he’d never even seen her before!

Cold_Case_S07E04_lilly_063 Cold_Case_S07E04_lilly_118 Cold_Case_S07E04_lilly_156

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