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Cold Case v2.0?

CC_Titles_16It’s the sort of story that crops up every so often, followed by a chorus of fans demanding something different.

This time the news seems to have a bit more credibility, but has already lead to the alternative demands.

Yes, it has been reported that the American TV network CBS is looking at bringing back Cold Case.  Any such return would be a reboot not a continuation, so a new show with a new cast but with the same basic premise and key features.  New cast means no Kathryn, Danny, Tracie, John, Thom, or Jeremy.  Although, if a new show is set in the same “universe” there is always a chance we may get to catch up with any the original team via guest starring roles.

The original Cold Case creator Meredith Stiehm is said to be heavily involved, as you would hope, writing the script for a show set 15 years later and in the opposite corner (south west) of the US from the original.  Setting it closer to Los Angeles is bound to make production easier.  The regular decamping of cast and crew to Philly to film some of the outdoor scenes for Cold Case must have hit the budget amongst other things.

Keep in mind that even if this new show ever happens, so many don’t make it, we are talking quite a long time away from now.

Read Nellie Andreeva’s article about the development over on the Deadline entertainment news site HERE.

2 comments to Cold Case v2.0?

  • Diane

    I mean It won’t ever be the same without the original cast, but it could be good! And say, maybe Lilly Rush could visit the new team once in a while…..?

  • Anthony Munsey

    Frankly for me Cold Case without Kathryn as Lilly Rush isn’t Cold Case. She was my primary reason for watching the series and I still feel in some mainstream quarters what she created in Lilly – such an iconic and important character – is still not recognised or appreciated enough especially in this modern age. I did hear Danny Pino was definitely sounded out for some involvement but no mention of offering Kathryn anything as yet. With no disrespect to Danny, going to him but not offering Kathryn any possibility of a role is a little disrespectful to her to say the least. Personally I would want a solid role offered to Kathryn or just none at all. She deserves more than a glorified ‘cameo’ appearance. Anyway who’s to know whether it will actually happen as its still very much in the development stage. Me and my fellow co-writer are already penning our own sequel series called ‘Rush’ and are already drafting its second season. We’ve completed a first season of 13 stories and feel its better than what CBS will probably offer in a reboot.

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