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Cold Case S03E04 – Colors HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E04_lilly_008Ooops.  I made a mistake last week in posting the winner from a poll that hadn’t actually closed at the time.  I meant to post this one last week.  The end result wasn’t effected, just the order of posting.  Sorry.

So, where was I?  Or, where should I have been?  Ah yes, Colors.

American dramas such as Cold Case really like their baseball themed episodes don’t they?  I can see they are a rich vein for stories as it is an American national sport and is played by everyone from young children to highly paid professional athletes.  There is lots of scope for tales of improving ones circumstances (aka ‘The American Dream’™) and over-coming adversity.  They also allow for exploring the darker elements of jealous, hate and greed as well.

Colors presents the case of a murdered young black baseball player from 1945.  Clyde Taylor had been very successful in the segregated Negro leagues and was on the verge of moving to the majors, a big issue in those days.  60 years on can the squad track down his killer?

If only they’d ended the episode (number of four of Cold Case season three) with a montage of the police team playing baseball… Oh well, maybe later :-)

We didn’t quite crack the century with this set of 99 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps for the KM UK Summer Of HD 2014 now in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E04_lilly_012 Cold_Case_S03E04_lilly_027 Cold_Case_S03E04_lilly_095

Cold Case S03E11 – 8 Years HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E11_lilly_109Early in 8 Years, episode 11 of Cold Case‘s third season, Lt. John Stillman makes a bit of a joke about Olivia, Lilly’s one eyed cat (see above).  Karmic retribution comes swiftly as John’s ex-wife Rita makes a surprise visit to the station.  Did anyone notice a certain similarity?

Speaking of the boss, 8 Years was one of the handful of CC episodes to contain music by a single artist.  In this instance the plot was worked around the songs by Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen.  I’m not au fait with this young person music but I gather it is popular.  Quite how it fits in with a crime that occurred way back in 1988 I can’t imagine :-)

This must also be one of the few episodes of CC to include the title in the opening sequence when it shows time has passed with the caption “8 Years Later”.  The gap shows how the lives of four close friends have changed and culminated in the death of one of them.

After revisting the past to solve the case the show ends with various squad members revisiting the past in the own lives.  John meet his ex, Nick (Jeremy Ratchford) succumbs to temptation, and as for Lilly…  Her reminiscing with a witness about a wild/romantic interlude in her past gets her thumbing through the photo album.  Who could the shy be-helmeted gentleman be?

This latest post as part of the KM UK Summer Of HD 2014 brings us 127 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps in the Gallery.

Update:  Ooops.  I jumped the gun.  I was supposed to post the most recent poll winner, which was Colors, here.  That will be posted next week now.

Cold_Case_S03E11_lilly_009 Cold_Case_S03E11_lilly_053 Cold_Case_S03E11_lilly_117

Cold Case S03E01 – Family Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E01_lilly_176Ten weeks into this thing and we finally reach the beginning.

Yes, we’re covering the Cold Case season 3 opener ‘Family’ this time.

A teenager has a possible new lead on the murder of her own father, a teenager himself, who died the day she was born in 1988.  After being abandoned by her mother that night the girl has been in the foster system her whole life.  Questions are raised about whether the victim was her father.  Meanwhile Lilly’s back to work after the funeral of George Marks, the serial killer from the latter half of season 2.  Could this case bring up Lilly’s own parent-related issues.

Speaking of family, the squad find a change to theirs as new detective Josie Sutton (Sarah Brown) joins them.  There are rumours about the reasons she left her previous assignment and Vera (Jeremy Ratchford) is spreading them.  Scotty, however, is the one that wants to ‘spread ’em’ 😉  Sarah only lasted 4 more episodes before her character was written out.  Since Cold Case Sarah has appeared in various films and TV shows including Castle and CSI, with periods on soaps The Bold And The Beautiful and Days Of Our Lives, as well as a return stint on General Hospital.  Appropriately, given the weekend’s Wimbledon finals, Nick wants “new balls please” as a tennis-playing witness gets a little flirty.

Who is the father?  Who’s the killer?  Will mum and daughter reconcile?  And what about the creepy nurse?

KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2014 goes full  HD with a new set of 176 1080p Lilly screencaps now to be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E01_lilly_046 Cold_Case_S03E01_lilly_119 Cold_Case_S03E01_lilly_132

Cold Case S03E03 – Bad Night HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E03_lilly_004Mimi Kennedy is one of those actresses you almost certainly recognise (from the image above if nowhere else), even if you don’t know her name.  In a career that has so far spanned nearly 4 decades, and is still going strong, Mimi has been in just about everything but is probably best known for her role in the long-running sitcom Dharma & Greg.  Mimi played Abby, the ageing hippy mother to Jenna Elfman’s Dharma.  Apparently she was originally up for the other mother job in D&G, the uptight Kitty.  Instead that went to the equally wonderful Susan Sullivan, who you will know as Martha in the TV show Castle.

Elena (Mimi) goes to the CC squad about the murder of her son Angus back in 1978.  At the time it was thought to be a copycat killing, mirroring the newly released movie Halloween.  The tensions within a group of friends caused crippling injuries suffered by Angus’s girlfriend in a car crash when he was driving surface.  Who was responsible for the crash?  Who killed Angus?

In a plot-line lay-by for Will Jeffries (Thom Barry) the case brings up the death of his wife.

An on-set photo and a still accompany 132 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E03_lilly_125 on_set_001 still_001

Cold Case S03E15 – Sanctuary HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E15_lilly_016How many people have started watching this episode and had to look at the calendar to see day it is and check the TV is on the right channel?

The subject of KM UK’s Summer Of HD for 2014 week 8 is episode 15 from Cold Case season 3: Sanctuary.  It’s the first posted in actual summer now we’ve past the summer solstice.  The show’s pre-title sequence starts with musical accompaniment of Teardrop by Massive Attack.  The song is best known to many as the theme from the TV show House (the 2nd mention of that in as many days).  Though for rights reasons in the UK it was replaced by something that sounded very similar.  I’ve been told that the UK-release DVDs of House can have either tune.

The episode is a Scotty (Danny Pino) focused one as the case relates to an undercover job he was doing 6 years early, way before he joined the Philly PD.  There’s still plenty of Lilly though.  Scotty got too personally involved with the victim than is good for a cop working like that.

Along with a couple of promo photos there are now 107 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E15_lilly_030 Cold_Case_S03E15_lilly_059 still_001

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