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Cold Case S03E15 – Sanctuary HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E15_lilly_016How many people have started watching this episode and had to look at the calendar to see day it is and check the TV is on the right channel?

The subject of KM UK’s Summer Of HD for 2014 week 8 is episode 15 from Cold Case season 3: Sanctuary.  It’s the first posted in actual summer now we’ve past the summer solstice.  The show’s pre-title sequence starts with musical accompaniment of Teardrop by Massive Attack.  The song is best known to many as the theme from the TV show House (the 2nd mention of that in as many days).  Though for rights reasons in the UK it was replaced by something that sounded very similar.  I’ve been told that the UK-release DVDs of House can have either tune.

The episode is a Scotty (Danny Pino) focused one as the case relates to an undercover job he was doing 6 years early, way before he joined the Philly PD.  There’s still plenty of Lilly though.  Scotty got too personally involved with the victim than is good for a cop working like that.

Along with a couple of promo photos there are now 107 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E15_lilly_030 Cold_Case_S03E15_lilly_059 still_001

Cold Case S03E23 – Joseph HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E23_lilly_061Two weeks.  Two guys.  Lilly! 😮

In defence of her reputation I should stress that the random order of KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2014 means that last week’s Dog Day Afternoons was, in ‘reality’ 9 episodes before this one, what ever that equated to in the Cold Case universe.  Plus, motorbike man Ray had his ulterior motive for turning up and was not seen again until early in season 4, where he complicates things further.  In the ‘cons column’ of marks against Lil’s new distraction is the fact that he’s a dead guy!

Credit to the editors over at the very useful Cold Case Wiki (link always in the list on right) for spotting not only the similarities between Joseph and the 1944 film Laura, but some of the nods to the film within the episode such as the name of one of the cats.

The recent death of Joseph Shaw, a councillor working with teenage drug addicts, is re-evaluated when his credit card is used. Going through the evidence our Lilly is quite taken with the photo of the victim.  We know she always takes cases to heart but this case took her heart.  After discovering the surprising truth Lilly went a bit rogue.  And when found out she went a bit rouge (I’ve wait years to make that joke!).  Scotty tried to offer his support.  Lt. John Stillman was less happy.  Many episodes end with Lilly seeing the ‘ghost’ of the victim.  In this one she starting ‘seeing’ the victim.  She really ‘knocked on his door’ nudge-nudge, wink-wink 😉

We now have 388 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and 5 high quality still photos from Joseph in the Gallery, cats included.

Cold_Case_S03E23_lilly_063 Cold_Case_S03E23_lilly_077 still_002

Cold Case S03E14 – Dog Day Afternoons HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E14_lilly_21223 years before his 2009 big blue creature feature Avatar, James Cameron co-wrote and directed Aliens, pluralised sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Not following that pattern at all Cold Case season 3, episode 14 Dog Day Afternoons is not a sequel to the 1975 film crime drama Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino.  The film was based on true events and tells the story of a gay man robbing a bank to raise money to fund an operation for his lover.  It must have have been quiet a progressive film for the time as it covered a same-sex relationship and transgender issues.  As much as wider society has become more accepting of such things, I think a film telling the same story today would still be seen as shocking.  Cold Case was often at the forefront of tackling difficult subjects, using historical events as a back drop.  Dog Day Afternoons is not really one of those, based as it is around a more ‘traditional’ relationship.

Loosely based on the film CC’s Dog Day Afternoons is about the death of a bank teller during a robbery by masked men.  A near-identical repeat crime at the same bank causes the team to review the unsolved 2000 case.

Lilly’s season and a half of apparent abstinence comes to a leather and denim-clad, motorbike-riding surprise end in the shape of Ray.  The lucky beggar got to park his bike at her place, which looks like a nice neighbourhood.  Well, as they don’t say ‘every dog has his way’ 😮  It wasn’t a ‘dog day afternoon’ for him.

As part of KM UK Summer Of HD 2014 we bring you a new set of 218 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps which are now available in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E14_lilly_055 Cold_Case_S03E14_lilly_099 Cold_Case_S03E14_lilly_147

Cold Case S03E19 – Beautiful Little Fool Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E19_lilly_233Lilly has some mommy issues.  They didn’t start in this episode but it is when mom first appears.

Meredith Baxter make her début as Ellen Rush, Lilly and Christina’s mother.  She wants to talk to Lilly about her (Ellen’s) upcoming wedding.  It won’t be her first either.  Or her second.  Try fourth.  It’s almost enough to drive Lilly to drink.  Well, I say ‘almost’…

Beautiful Little Fool takes the squad back to a case from 1929, there was only one older than that in the whole of Cold Case.  Aspiring singer/songwriter Violet Polley was killed after returning to see the father of her child, the heir to wealthy family hit by the economic depression of the time.

240 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps and a promo photo from Beautiful Little Fool are now added to the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E19_lilly_139 Cold_Case_S03E19_lilly_179 still_001

Cold Case S03E08 – Honor HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E08_lilly_083Somewhat appropriately given today’s date (26th May 2014) today we re-visit the Cold Case episode called Honor.

In the US today is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for members of the American Armed Forces who have died in the service of their country.  In the UK we have a similar day, it is on the 2nd Sunday of November so is not a national holiday, called Remembrance Sunday which is primarily about those lost in the two World Wars.  We have a national holiday today in the UK as well but it is not for any specific reason.

Honor revolves around the death of a Vietnam vet who is killed shortly after returning from the war in early 1973.

We may be marking loss but we can also celebrate a gain with this episode.  Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) started on the show in this episode and did sterling work through to the end.

This, the latest entry in the KM UK Summer Of HD 2014 brings 132 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and 6 great promo photos to the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E08_lilly_034 Cold_Case_S03E08_lilly_070 promo_001

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