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Cold Case S03E18 – Willkommen Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E18_lilly_008Here we go, kicking off the 2014 edition of KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2014, where we bring you new, bigger screencaps from a specially selected season of Cold Case.

So, where to start?  Rather than being all conventional and beginning at the beginning, we’re taking a more random approach this year, with you the reader able to vote for episodes you want to see next as we go along.  Our first winner was Willkommen, episode 18 of this year’s chosen season: number 3.

And what most comes to mind when we think of Cold Case?  That’s right: amateur actors…  Only joking :-)

Willkommen brings up the 2002 murder (the episode aired in May 2006) of an amateur actor who was taking part in a production of Cabaret.  The cast list for the episode shows that the actors involved were anything but amateur.  Several had previously done Cabaret on Broadway.  The lead actor (aka, the victim) Adam Pascal was in Rent with our very own Tracie Thoms.

The episode ends with a funny scene as the squad meet up at a bar and Vera, inspired by the case, breaks into song.

173 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps are now in the the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E18_lilly_005 Cold_Case_S03E18_lilly_030 Cold_Case_S03E18_lilly_070

4 Years Ago Today It Was Case Closed

Over the course of the years this website has been going I like to think that we’ve established a few traditions, albeit mostly based around other traditions such as birthdays.  The hope is that they are fun things to look forward to.

One of the events we mark is tinged with a little sadness: the end of Cold Case.

May the 2nd in 2010, a Sunday of course, saw the final two episodes of Cold Case season 7 aired in the US.  Shattered, the second of the pair, was the last ever episode in the 156 show run.

As I try to cover in the now monthly CCCC-up posts the cast have gone on to a variety of other things.  This time last year we were waiting for news on Kathryn’s new show The Surgeon General and Tracie’s Gothica.  Sadly, neither of those projects made it beyond the pilot stage.  However, we know that they have all gone on to do plenty of other things.  Just last year Kathryn produced two little projects of her own, and maybe we’ll see her in a movie or TV show soon too.

It Was 10 Of Our British Years Ago Today

CC_Titles_16Today (12 Feb 2014) marks the 10th anniversary of Cold Case‘s first broadcast in the UK.

According to my calendar that date was a Thursday, which surprises me because I have it in mind the show went out on a Monday or Tuesday.  That probably explains why I missed the first episode despite knowing it was on and having planned to watch it.  I even managed to miss the first half of the second episode, Gleen, too.  I was better organised from then on but it was quite a long time before I finally got to see Look Again.

Back then (2004) starting the broadcast of new US TV shows in January or February was common.  It was bad from the point of view of having to wait months from the US première of a new season, but it did mean that we had a continuous run through with none of the breaks you get in America.  No gaps for Thanksgiving (we don’t do that), Xmas, New Year, and whatever random reason the networks have for taking a show off-air for weeks at a time in the early months of the year.

Since then the gap has reduced between the US and UK showings, in some cases to as little as a day.  The rise of the Internet and the free flow of information (and more) about the latest episodes has forced the UK channels to follow the US timing more closely.   The finale of Lost was actually simultaneously shown in the UK at some unholy hour during the night, and repeated for normal people at the normal time later that day.  Now we get the gaps.

The UK satellite channel Sky One, part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire (think Fox), broadcast all but the last of Cold Case‘s 7 seasons.  The Universal Channel took it over and premièred the final season, and has been showing multiple repeat episodes from across all 156 episodes almost daily ever since.

Cold Case – Book Him… Danno?

bruckheimer_page_00_coverSpeaking of Hawaii Five-O…  No, actually that (including in its 2010 revived form) is one of the few recent cop-shows that Jerry Bruckheimer has not had anything to do with.

In late October of last year we saw one of the few public appearances in 2013 by Kathryn.  The event was the launch of Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes – Four Decades Of Filmmaking, a book chronicling the life of film and TV producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer.  Jerry and his company JBTV are behind such TV shows as the CSI triumvirate and, of course, Cold Case.  The book was on sale from mid-December.

In that previous post I used the word ‘tome’ just as another word for book.  However, the more correct usage in referring to large, heavy books was more accurate than I could have thought.  The phrase ‘weighty tome’ would be more appropriate.  It’s not so much a coffee table book, more of a coffee table.  Stick four legs on it and you’ve got a significant piece of furniture.  At 41.5 x 28.2 x 3cm (16.3 x 11.1 x 1.2″) it’s a whole lot of book.  Roughly A3-sized for those outside the US.  And it weighs a fair bit too so you get a lot of book for your money.

I won’t bore you with too much detail but When Lightning Strikes covers Jerry’s whole life as well as his career in film and TV through words as well as hundreds of photos from behind the scenes as well as stills from dozens of projects.  Fans of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films (how many of been released?  four? with at least two more on the way! that’s films not fans 😉 ) will be particularly interested in a foreword by Johnny Depp and whole section dedicated to the monster franchise.

So what about Cold Case and our Kathryn?

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Ghost Of Xmas Past

on_set_001_ridge_perkettThe lucky young gentleman you see here (larger version in the Gallery) getting a hug from Kathryn is Ridge Perkett.  You may recognise him from the episode of Cold Case called Ghost Of My Child, the finale (episode 18) of season 5.  That was the season that had fewer episodes than the normal 22-24 due to a writers strike that hit much of Hollywood during the 2007-2008 production runs.

Spoiler Alert:  In a memorable scene at the very end of Ghost Of My Child, Lilly and Scotty take Max (Ridge) back to his biological parents, letting him out of her car and pointing across to them.

Ridge featured many episodes of the very long running soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful as Ridge “RJ” Forrester Jr., the son of Brooke Logan Forrester (played by Katherine Kelly Lang).  There can’t be many Ridges in the world and but this boy becomes an actor and managed to land a role with the same name.  As is often the case with child actors there have been several RJs over the years.  Perkett had the job from 2006 to 2009.

The website Star Kidz is all about kidz kids that… star in daytime and primetime television shows.  The last few days they’ve run a series of short interviews with some of their subjects, including Ridge, as a countdown to Xmas 2013.  On Friday it was Ridge’s turn and in the piece (“5 Days Til’ Christmas!“*) he was asked:

8. What was it like working with Kathryn Morris on Cold Case?

Kathryn Morris was super nice, she showed me around the set before we started filming and helped me not be afraid and nervous.


Happy Xmas Ridge.

* There are no direct links to the article so I’ve used an archive link to reduce it to ones about the character of RJ.  You need to scroll down to find the piece.  Search the page for ‘ridge’ .

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