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It Was 9 Years Ago Today

CC_Titles_16Picture the scene:  It’s 8pm on a cool fall evening in the United States of America.  Actually, I’ve no idea what the weather was like and the US is a big place.  Let’s face it, conditions will not be the same in Florida as they are in Alaska.  But I digress…

The day was 28th September 2003 and a new TV show was about to début on the CBS network.  I think you know which one  😉

Did you watch it that night?

Cold Case S01E18 – Resolutions HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E18_lilly_072As the world marked the arrival of a new millennium, Greg Cardiff was getting hit by a car.  The millennium bug on the windshield?  Sorry 😕

Detective Gil Sherman (he’s cropped up a couple of times already in this first season of Cold Case) introduces Lilly to a fellow Alcoholic Anonymous member who believes she was the one doing the driving.  Do we have an accident caused by drink-driving, a black-widow, a neighbourhood bully, or a jealous best friend?

Also, Scotty opens up to Lilly about Elisa and her problems.

Resolutions is another of Cold Case’s clever double meaning titles, referring to both the New Year’s promises that so many people make (and break :-) by January 3rd) and the settling of long-standing issues.

KM UK introduces a 3rd meaning as we increase the pixel resolution of the screencaps for this episode as part of our Summer Of HD 2012.

414 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E18_lilly_017 Cold_Case_S01E18_lilly_112 Cold_Case_S01E18_lilly_376

Cold Case S01E17 – The Lost Soul Of Herman Lester HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E17_lilly_240Nepotism is alive and well in the world of basketball.  The son of a similarly talented player murdered in 1987 gets a death threat days before a major game.  Stillman leaps into action, giving the case to Lilly and the crew.  That’s management for you.

The Lost Soul Of Herman Lester gets the KM UK Summer of HD 2012 upgrade treatment.

286 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E17_lilly_096 Cold_Case_S01E17_lilly_151 Cold_Case_S01E17_lilly_229

Cold Case S01E16 – Volunteers HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E16_lilly_036Finally!  Someone gives Lilly a complement.  I’ve wanted to give her one for ages 😉  She’s a little flustered by it.  So cute.

Valens manages to ruin it later though.  Pillock  😡

Like last week’s Disco Inferno we’re back in ‘remains found under a building’ territory in Volunteers, the latest post in KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2012.

Volunteers has quite an array of female guest stars.  Marisol Nichols makes her first appearance as Scotty’s long-term girlfriend Elisa.  Amber Benson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Maggie Grace (Lost) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) all feature in the flashbacks to the 1969 murder of two young people.  Working in an illegal abortion clinic makes our two volunteers a target for attacks.  But is that why they were killed?  Probably not, that would be too obvious.

And to top it all Louie’s back!

355 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and a new promo photo from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E16_lilly_136 Cold_Case_S01E16_lilly_257 promo_002

Cold Case S01E15 – Disco Inferno HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E15_lilly_001Yes, it’s the episode that ends with Rush and Kite at the disco.  Will also has a quick boogie back at the office.  It’s Disco Inferno.

The 1978 fire at a disco in which 22 people died might not be the straight forward arson case it first seemed when the skull of a 23rd body is found.  The bullet hole suggests he didn’t die in the fire.  The squad boogie on down to business to crack it :-)

Kite persuades Rush to go dancing with him in return for helping to… not so much ‘pop a cap’ in a suspects ass as pop one out 😯

Lots of great Lilly smiles in this, the latest edition of the KM UK Summer of HD 2012.

268 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps and a small still photo from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E15_lilly_162 Cold_Case_S01E15_lilly_244 promo_001

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