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Sarah Shahi Toes The TVLine

poster_003As the lead of the show, and a significant reason for the show being broadcast, Sarah Shahi is understandably shouldering much of the burden of promoting Reverie.

One of the many interviews Sarah’s done in the past few weeks was with TVLine website’s Matt Webb Mitovich.  This one is of note to us because further mention was made of Kathryn’s role as Department Of Defence official Monica Shaw and the military’s interest in the VR technology.

You can read the complete interview on the TVLine website HERE but is the relevant excerpt:

TVLine: Talk about the larger mythology that the show might explore regarding the tech, its uses and abuses, the recruitment of Mara….

Sarah: Absolutely, there are some conspiracies regarding the technology. The character that Kathryn Morris plays, she constantly straddles the line between using this technology for good and then abusing it for government purposes. We have an episode, actually, where the military gets involved. They are holding a kid hostage for information in the reverie, so I have to go in…. I mean, look, it’s [produced by Steven Spielberg’s] Amblin, right? Ready Player One made a big splash and similar to how that movie was just such a ride, that’s exactly what this show is. It’s a ride.

Just a few days to go now.

Shhh… Kathryn Is… Talking

promo_kathryn_morris_047Suddenly the word ‘reverie’ is all to apt.  We should all bask in the wonderfulness that is Kathryn smiling on camera.

Ladies and Gentlemen Kathryn is back.  Another set of Reverie-related videos have been released.  This time they are a key part of the Electronic Press Kit (EPK): the cast interviews.

trailer_007The TV networks put together videos made up of cast members answering various questions about the show, their character, and that character’s role in the show.  When you watch the video you’ll see it is quite crudely edited, with the sound dropping out on occasions.  Normally you’d just see one or two segments extracted from the cast interviews and broadcast as part of a promotional piece, and not the whole 4 minutes like this.

But watch it you must.  Kathryn talks about what drew her to the show and her Monica Shaw character, and the wider relevance of the show.  She also gives a few hints as to Monica’s motives for getting involved.

You just know that I’ve made some great screencaps of the video, and you won’t be disappointed.  The image above is particularly fine example.  Seem the all in their HD (720p) glory in the KM UK Gallery along with the video.

Kathryn Is… The Puppet Master

trailer_007_006When I say ‘Kathryn’ I of course mean Monica Shaw in the new TV show Reverie.  It is only a one week away now.

Another promo video has been released.  This one actually includes Kathryn!  Yay!

The caption calls Monica ‘The Puppet Master’ and we get see to her and Dennis Haysbert’s Charlie Ventana talking in a restaurant, as we’ve seen in photos released previously.  Monica works for the Department Of Defense and from the briefest of brief video clips is living up to that moniker (see what I did there? 😉 ).  She certainly pulls my heart strings 😉

trailer_007Charlie, an ex-cop brought in to deal with matters surrounding this magical VR company’s technology is ‘The Enforcer’.  Sarah Shahi’s Mara Kint, the ex-hostage negotiator sent in the ‘dreams’ to help those trapped, is ‘The Healer’.  Jessica Lu’s tech genius VR creator Alexis is ‘The Boss’. Which just leaves Sendhil Ramamurthy as Paul the dream designer or ‘The Gatekeeper’.

Check out this latest video, number 7 titled ‘Meet The Team’, in the KM UK Gallery.  I’ve even thrown in a few HD (720p) screencaps of Kathryn from it.  Lucky you!

Yet Still Another Reverie Promo Video: Sneak Peek v2

trailer_006With just over a week to go until Reverie‘s much anticipated (in these parts anyhow) premiere we have another promotional video.

It is a second ‘sneak peek’ of the series, rather than the first episode.  Much of the content is clips from the show you’ve seen before but this one does include short snippets from interviews with a few of the main cast.  This time it is just Sarah Shahi, Dennis Haysbert and Sendhil Ramamurthy giving us the soundbites.  Still no sign of Kathryn.

However, I can make up for a that with some updated promo photos.  Whereas some sites will just give you the first thing they find (often from this site) KM UK always strives to bring you the biggest and best quality images, even if that involves going back and updating things.

The first image below is a tighter shot of one of the season promos we saw recently.  It is bigger and better quality, and not just a crop of what we had before.  The other three are new super-sized, updated versions of the episode 1 promos.  What a great way to start the week!

This latest video and updated images are now in the KM UK the Gallery.

promo_003 promo_001 promo_002 promo_003

New York Comic Con 2017 New Video + Updates


An important aspect of KM UK which I hope all our readers appreciate is the fact that no story is truly closed off.  We could return at any time to an item covered before.  KM UK is constantly on the look out for new and updated content to bring you.

And so we go back to the New York Comic Con event from early October last year for something new and a couple of updates.  Kathryn was at the event to promote the upcoming TV show Reverie.

First up is a video of the Reverie panel, where the key cast and crew discuss their project in front of an audience, by Mynda Bullock which has recently become available.  You can watch the full video recorded by Mynda on YouTube HERE.  Kathryn’s part starts about 10 minutes in.  A small copy of just Kathryn’s segment, as video 8, is in the KM UK Gallery HERE (there are some screencaps from it too).

In the complete piece each of the cast (Sarah Shahi, Dennis Haysbert, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jessica Lu, and Kathryn) and writer/producer Mickey Fisher and writer Tom Szentgyorgyi get to talk about Reverie.  They describe their role and share some feelings about the show and its meanings.

The audio is not great quality so I’ll try and describe what Kathryn says.  She is asked by the interviewer (sorry I don’t know who it is) about her character being, essentially, the villain of the show.  Kathryn’s response is to say that her Department Of Defence employee has a lot of mystery and that the writers have created a show with a lot of emotion as well as being futuristic.  She adds that despite her work Monica Shaw is human and even the bad guys have light and dark aspects, and that was very important to her attraction to the role.

To further gild this lily (see what I did there?) we have a couple of photos from the same NYCC event updated to new and improved super size.  Catch them (numbers 6 and 38) in the Gallery HERE.

Reverie is due to start on May 30th.

nycc_video_007 nycc_006 nycc_038

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