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Cold Case S02E02 – Factory Girls Promo Updates


You might think look back 15 years is a stretch.  For ‘Factory Girls’ (season 2, episode 2 of Cold Case) Lilly and the squad had to re-investigate a 61 year old death!  Not the death of a 61 year old person.  A death that happened 61 years previously!

To help with the war effort a lot of women were saying #MeToo over 60 years ago.  With so many men away fighting the women had to work in the factories.  It was the start of a revolution really.  At some point soon true equality will follow.

A year before hitting the really big time in the American version of The Office, Jenna Fischer guest starred in this episode of Cold Case.

9 new, good-sized promotional still photos from ‘Factory Girls’ have now been added to the KM UK Gallery.

s02e02_promo_002 s02e02_promo_003 s02e02_promo_009

Cold Case S02E01 – The Badlands Promo Updates


We (finally) start this set of promo photo updates with the first episode of Cold Case season 2.  Which seems fitting. ‘The Badlands’ first aired in the US on the 3rd of October 2004.  (Now) over 15 years ago.

‘The Badlands’ is a look back for several of the squad members too.  Lilly and Nick were on this case the first time around, and it was Lilly’s last before joining the CC squad.  Will also has a lot of connections with the area of the triple murder took place in, so it hits close to home for him too.

Getting this run of posts off the ground (apologies for the late departure!) are 10 newly added promotional photos in the KM UK Gallery.

s02e01_still_002 s02e01_still_003 s02e01_still_010

15 Years Old: Cold Case Season 2

CC_Titles_16They say you never forget your first.  Unfortunately in my case, the second is a very different matter.

Last year, to mark the 15th anniversary of the start of Cold Case, I started posting additional and upgraded promotional photographs and stills.  On the same date an episode aired an update was published for that one.  This was supposed to continue for season two.

An ageing brain, real-life, and poor planning has meant I just plain forgot to start the process again.  Sorry.  So, I have some catching up to do.  Over the next five weeks the aim is to get us back on track with multiple posts per week.  There are lots of images to post which will hopefully bring back some great memories for you all.

After changes made across season one, with Chris Lassing (Justin Chambers) replaced by Scotty Valens (Danny Pino) and the flashback elements having increased duration, the show was really into its stride by season two.

Look out for the first of our season 2 + 15 years posts in a couple of days.

Kathryn’s Kelly’s Hollywood

poster_001This one seems to have passed us all by, but it is worth a bit of digging to find the story behind it.

Brian Donovan was an actor (still is) looking to make it in Hollywood.  He had many small jobs across a wide range of TV (Wings, In Living Color, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, General Hospital, Beverly Hills 90210) and films (Gia, starring Angelina Jolie in an early role).  He met a lot of different people over this time.

Brian had a younger sister, Kelly, who was born with Down Syndrome.  The two of them were very close and as she grew up Kelly proved herself to be a real character and quite the performer, loving the spotlight.

Kelly’s health began to decline and Brian decided to try and make her Hollywood dreams come true.  To let her star shine.

The 2015 documentary, Kelly’s Hollywood, is the film Brian made of their journey through this process and the effects it had on both of them.

Kelly was embraced by Hollywood with all sorts of people contributing to this project.  A red carpet style première was created, where Kelly turned up in a limousine and faced the paparazzi.  Kathryn, Danny Pino and John Finn also welcomed Kelly onto the set of Cold Case to do an interrogation scene with them.  In it Kelly was questioned as a suspect in a case involving her favourite actor Colin Firth (A King’s Speech).  Detectives Rush and Valens grilled her on her involvement.  This whole thing was improvised by them all, not every one could keep a straight face throughout (Kathryn!), and it took some dark turns.  Kathryn was also at the première event.

The documentary premièred in October 2014 and had a Los Angeles screening in the January of 2015.  Kathryn attended that ocassion, and her and Danny were at a live event where Kelly was on stage with her brother.  Danny was one of Kelly’s favourite men and he was great with her.

Sadly, Kelly passed away in 2009 but Brian continues to show the film at festivals around the world as part of campaigns to raise awareness of disabilities and that people should not be defined by them.  Kelly wasn’t going to let hers stop her enjoying life.  Brian continues his acting work, mostly doing voice work in Naruto anime games in films.

Kelly’s Holllywood was shown on the Showcase network and is now available on Amazon Video, free to Prime subscribers, in the UK and US.  I’ve posted a very small selection of not-so-great quality screencaps in the Gallery to give you an idea of Kathryn’s appearance in the film, and a couple of photos related to the première event.  There is a trailer and few videos out there if you want to see them.  Check out the full film if you can.

kellys_hollywood_015 kellys_hollywood_038 kellys_hollywood_052

Stop, Start Continues


The Start TV network has posted some additional items on their website referencing Kathryn.

The channel is very much focussed on women in and around the media.  All but one of the main shows they broadcast is female lead.  Only Early Edition starring Kyle Chandler (Catch-22) gets a look in, and he’s relegated to the appropriately middle of the night slots.  Cold Case gets televised back-to-back in mid-afternoon double.

First up is a brief article previewing a series of pieces celebrating women in TV ahead of the Emmy Awards, which happens on Sunday (22nd September).  After a quick recap of Kathryn’s career (so far) they link back to the interview we covered here back in July.  Not surprisingly that interview was not a complete transcript of the conversation which took place, and they have been holding bits back for use in these extra items.  It ends with this quote:

“I never really looked at Cold Case as an overnight success. I feel like I had 13, 14, 15 years of being an apprentice or a journeyman. I never underestimate the small steps in learning to become an actor.” After a pause, she added, “or learning how to do anything in life.”

Next is a much longer feature covering ten women, including Kathryn and Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC), that work in and around TV.  There are actors, producers and writers.

I assume that Start TV will continue to post pieces like these in the future and I will endeavour to highlight the ones involving Kathryn when they do.

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