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Cold Case S03E23 – Joseph Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E23_1080p_099We only got to spend a brief time with Lilly Rush over the course of seven seasons of Cold Case.  In the course of that we didn’t learn a huge amount about the lady herself.  One thing that was clear though, was that she did not have a lot of success in her personal relationships.

‘Joseph’, episode 23 of Cold Case season 3, showed us the very beginning of the latest and it was not a strong start.  Falling for a dead guy in a photo and then pointing a gun at the same man is hardly one you tell the grandkids.

The Joseph in question was thought to be a murder victim from a case just a year before.  Lilly manages to narrowly avoid dating a ghost by finding him alive.  She goes off the books a bit during the investigation, a fact that is noticed by Lieutenant Stillman.  We get the whole disappointed father/disgraced daughter thing.  This continues into the next season.

Bringing to an end our look back at Cold Case season 3 episode 15 years after they were first broadcast, we have a huge 460 (Full HD, 1080p) new screencaps in the Gallery.  It’s a very Lilly-centric episode so there’s lots of scenes to cover.

Cold_Case_S03E23_1080p_181 Cold_Case_S03E23_1080p_334 Cold_Case_S03E23_1080p_427

Cold Case S03E22 – The River Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E22_1080p_025Hasn’t the image above just made your day a little bit better?  Whether it was good or bad before, it’s improved now.  One of the (very many) things we love above about Kathryn, even when play Lilly Rush, who has her reasons not to, is that she. Gives.  Good.  Smiles.

At this point in these posts I usually make reference to the story (the shooting of an ER doctor with a gambling problem) in the episode and the fact it first aired 15 years ago today.  Not doing that just yet.  No sir-ee.  Just basking in the smile for a while longer….  a bit more….

So, where was I?  Oh yes, ‘The River’ was about the shooting of ER doctor with a gambling problem and the episode first aired 15 years ago today.  Did I?  Oh well.

Just added further enhancement to your Friday (or whatever day you see this on) we have 2 new high resolution promo photos (see 1 of them below right) to join our brand new 160 (Full HD, 1080p) screencaps in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E22_1080p_030 Cold_Case_S03E22_1080p_150 s03e22_still_002

Cold Case S03E21 – The Hen House Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E21_1080p_089The Philly cop squad look into one of their oldest cases in ‘The Hen House’.  This was episode 21 of the third season of Cold Case and was first broadcast today, the 30th of April, 15 years ago (2006).

The case involved the death of a female journalist in 1945, just after the end of World War 2.  Did Lorena Kinney find out something that was worth killing her to keep secret.  Will Lilly and the team finally bring the truth into the open.  You know they will.  We’ve yet to see an episode where the police just shrug and say ‘oh well, looks like this one is too difficult.’

The headline news here is nearly 170 (Full HD, 1080p) brand new screencaps in KM UK the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E21_1080p_020 Cold_Case_S03E21_1080p_094 Cold_Case_S03E21_1080p_153

Cold Case S03E16 – Death Penalty: Final Appeal Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_001Lilly’s hot.  Damn hot!  And the Philly PD air-conditioning system’s inability to copy with the Pennsylvania heat is making her too warm as well :-p

Breaking with recent tradition, this series of new screencap posts from episodes first aired 15 years ago is going to include new screencaps.  They’re hot too.  Freshly made, especially for you.

This week’s case involves an old one of Jeffries, 10 years previous.  A man is on death-row and will soon be executed for a murder he maintains he didn’t commit.  He places one last call to asking for help.  The squad have a literal deadline to meet on this one.

With much appeal we bring you a final set of 188 (Full HD, 1080p) new screencaps from this episode.  They are now available in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_019 Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_105 Cold_Case_S03E20_1080p_166

Cold Case S03E19 – Beautiful Little Fool Photos Update

still_002Beautiful Little Fool?  Beautiful Little Fool!?!  How dare you!  Beautiful? Very much so.  Little?  She is quite petite.  But, sir, I draw the line at fool!  :-)

Early in Cold Case history it was hinted that Lilly had her issues with alcohol.  Rush was, perhaps, a lush.  She’d managed to stay away from it for a while before we got to know her.  Few things could make her partake in the booze.  Her mother is one of those exceptions.  The irony, if that’s right, is that Ellen Rush has had even worse issues with drinking and has not dealt with them as well as her daughter.  The much loved Meredith Baxter (Family Ties) made her first of four Cold Case appearances as Lilly’s mother in this one.  Meredith herself had alcoholism earlier in life.

Alongside the Rush family dramas, the episode’s case involves one of its oldest.  The 1929 death of a woman on Xmas Day of that year.  ‘Beautiful Little Fool’ aired for the 1st time 15 years ago today.

Like last week, there are no new screencaps from this episode, as there are already a full suite of them in the Gallery.  Instead we have two new, large, and high quality promo photos to bring to you.  As you can see, they both involve the awkward meeting of Lilly and her impending new step-father.


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