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Colony On UK DVD Tomorrow

colony_season_1_dvd_artwork_003After the false start a couple of weeks ago it is looking at season one of the USA network sci-fi-ish drama series Colony might actually be hitting the shelves tomorrow (6th February 2017) here in the UK.

Any further delays and we may have to sending people to the factory.  No green-zone for them!  :-)

The Amazon UK page for the disc is definitely showing the release date as tomorow and allowing pre-orders at time of writing.  Be quick and choose the fastest/most expensive shipping option and you could have on the day.

Season two of Colony has reached the fourth episode in America and, very much as predicted, there has been no mention of Kathryn’s character Charlotte.  Press releases and promo images for upcoming episodes have given us no suggestion that that will change.  Charlotte’s husband (Adrian Pasdar) is shacked up with the woman (the lead character’s sister-in-law) she introduced him to in season one.  We have been getting more insight into the labour camps though.

It should be noted that in a flashback to the initial invasion, the construction of the wall around the Los Angeles ‘block’ the Bowman family (Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies plus kids) live in was shown.  It was a very quick process of dropping large pre-assembled segments into place.  I would imagine that the realities of sealing an even longer border with such an erection may be a little more difficult and time consuming.  But it is fiction after all.

Colony On UK DVD Tomorrow? Maybe Not

colony_season_1_dvd_artwork_003I was going to start this post by saying it could very well be my last post involving the sci-fi-ish drama series Colony.

Kathryn is not likely to be in the second series, which started in the US last week.  The season one DVD is out in America already and the show is available via streaming services.

That being said, the DVD release of the show in Great Britain marks the end of the saga for us on KM UK.

However… it is looking like the scheduling gods have other ideas.

Tomorrow, the 16th of January 2017, was due to see the UK season one DVD release.  The Amazon page for the product has changed to ‘Currently unavailable’, which initially I took as meaning out of stock due to too many pre-orders.  The release date is still shown as the 16th.  Some other sites have the date down as the 6th of February.  I’ve found one that has the discs down for release on both dates.  Go figure!

So… Colony will probably not be available to purchase on DVD from tomorrow.  Thanks for reading  :-)

Kathryn Colony S1 Promo Photos Update

Colony_S01E04_still_009 Colony_S01E07_still_003

Is it too late to say ‘Happy New Year’?  The 8th of January feels like it is pushing it a bit.  Oh well.  Happy Sunday.

Season 2 of the sci-fi-ish TV series Colony from the American USA Network is starting on Thursday (12 Jan 2017).

The year two run is expected to last 13 episodes, three more than number one.

We were dropped right in to the heart of the alien take over last season.  A lot had happened already with few details given to the audience.  It was likely done that way so the show hit the ground running and to give the viewers a sense of the confusing and tense situation in which the protagonists found themselves.  The upcoming first new episode is said to contain a lot of flashbacks to the time in the run-up to the alien take-over.  Some of those ‘how did this happen?’ questions should be answered.

We last saw Kathryn’s Charlotte Burgess being taken away by the security services for disobeying the new masters.  Sadly, we probably have to assume that that is the final time we will ever see her.  But you never know in sci-fi shows, especially with flashbacks involved.  Charlotte’s husband Nolan (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes) is certainly still involved in the political world and now has a new lady at his side in the form of Amanda Righetti’s (The Mentalist) Maddie.  Charlotte used Maddie for her own nefarious ends but met a sticky one herself.  Perhaps Charlotte underwent a similar experience climbing the greasy pole and continued the cycle of abuse.

To mark the new season starting I’ve added some newly upgraded promo photos from episodes past.  The three new replacements are all shown above.  The main image is now huuuuuuge.  That means I have to apologise for the gratuitous bit of nudity on display.  We’ll just call it art :-)

You can see them, along with many more images of Kathryn from Colony, in the KM UK Gallery.

Netflix & Thrill(er) – Colonisation Comes Early

colony_banner_2880x1260Waaaaaay back in March (remember then? happy times) in amongst news of Colony season one coming to the UK via Sky there was mention of Netflix acquiring the global rights.

At the time the streaming network was said to be making the sci-fi-ish drama series available to all subscribers early in 2017.

Well, Xmas has come early to sci-fi fans paying [insert correct amount here in local currency] per month to watch Netflix’s bought-in and original shows.  Colony series one will be released on Tuesday (13th Dec 2016).

Kathryn guest stars in four episodes across the season, starting with number three.  She plays a wealthy art collector helping the invading aliens gather paintings from across Los Angeles.  As Charlotte she is also the wife of a political figure (Adrian Pasdar).

Season two of Colony is due to start in one month from tomorrow, with the first episode due to hit the USA Network on the 12th of January, as reported here last month.

Colony Season 2 Date Set

colony_banner_2880x1260In the past week there have been a couple of significant announcements regarding the upcoming season two of the USA network TV sci-fi-ish drama series Colony.

First:  The debut date for the first episode of season two is set as the 12th of January 2017.  That means the show is retaining its Thursday night slot.  A promo video is out there.

Second:  Additional characters and the actors who will play them have been named.  William Russ (Cold Case, S07E18, The Last Drive In) will be a new resistance fighter Hennessey.  Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls, due to return to the TV this coming week with a new mini-series) is a new Homeland Security staff member working with Kathleen Rose Perkins (Episodes) and Josh Holloway (Lost).  And finally we meet another Redhat (the army/police enforcement squad working with the invaders) questioning his role in the form of Paolo Andino (The Last Ship).

I say ‘finally’ but earlier this year Tony Plana (Ugly Betty), Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black Sails), and Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill) were announced as joining growing the cast as well.  Tony will be the new bloc proxy, replacing Snyder (Peter Jacobson will still be on the show).  We will likely get more of a look at the so far hidden side of the occupation because Jessica is someone in one of the labour camps.  Towards the end of season one we saw Thora Birch in a significant position in the resistance.  She and her small crew captured one of the aliens.  Thora will not be in season two but her character remains, now in the shape of Bethany.

Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist), Adrian Pasdar (Agents Of SHIELD), Peter Jacobson (House) and Tory Kittles (True Detective) are all returning to the series in recurring roles.

An obvious omission from this list is Kathryn.  We last saw her character Charlotte, the wife of a political figure (Pasdar) and art collector, being taken away by the Redhats for keeping works of art that should have been handed over to the authorities.  That could very well spell the end for Charlotte but we did see glimpses of the labour camps that humans were taken to so all is not necessarily lost.  Sadly though, I do think we have to assume that Kathryn will not be returning though.  Let us hope I am wrong.

Colony season two will continue the story of the Bowman family and their fights for survival in a world taken over by an alien force.  The world has been split into walled-in state-sized ‘blocs’.  What remains of the human population is held within these areas.  Little is known of what lies between them.

Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) are searching for their missing son as well as looking after their other two children.  He is essentially a cop coerced into working for Homeland Security.  She is a resistance fighter, risking everything for the sake of freedom from the invaders.

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