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Spartacus Season 3 & Najara To Make A Comeback? – April Fool

Xena_S04E18_081*** SPOILER ALERT ***

This article and the linked interview contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Friday night (30th March 2012) saw the dramatic conclusion to season 2 (season 3 if you count the prequel mini-series) of the Starz TV hit show Spartacus.

The reluctance to shy away from killing off characters many would assume sacred was taken to shocking extreme as the finale drew to a close.  You’d think that being the star that brought in the crowds, had worked with many of the crew before, and is married to one of the show’s Executive Producers would give you some job security.  Apparently not, as the death of Lucy Lawless‘s character proves. This is not one of those “but they’ll bring them back somehow” deals either as Michael Ausiello’s interview with Spartacus Executive Producer Steven S. DeKnight makes clear.

So where does this leave Spartacus for season 3? A largely new cast including several new female characters. And what does this have to do with us here at KM UK?  A well informed someone who has chosen to go by the name of Maj-kat has let me know that they would really like Kathryn to take a significant role in season 3.  They know her well from her time on Xena, she is clear of her Cold Case commitments and has shown a willingness to take on more… errr… adventurous roles (*cough*Cougars, Inc.*cough*).  Call make-up, we may need a blonde merkin! 😉

Speaking of Xena:  Lucy Lawless may no longer be working on Spartacus but Starz have seen the audience figures she brings, and they are keen to expand the relationship with the production company behind such an international success as Spartacus.  Lightning could strike twice.  According to my little birdie Maj-kat the idea of the resurrecting the Xena: Warrior Princess show has been floated.  It would probably take on a slightly different tone from the original.  Not as extreme as Spartacus but less cartoon-like than Xena used to be.  Kathryn’s Najara character was a fan-favourite; was one of the few foes that almost bested the Warrior Princess, causing on going ructions between her and Gabrielle; and was not killed off.  Not that that is a major barrier to bringing someone back on a show like Xena.  It doesn’t take a genius to see where all this might be heading…  If it gets the go ahead by the end of this year we are unlikely to see anything of it until at least 2014.

Look out for more news on Spartacus season 3 later in the year and keep your fingers crossed for the return of Xena. We’ll keep you posted here on KM UK.

Thank you to my feathered friend Maj-kat for the late night email.

April Fool

Maj-kat is a day similar to April Fool’s day but happens on the 1st of May.

3 comments to Spartacus Season 3 & Najara To Make A Comeback? – April Fool

  • Spartacus?
    I do not watch the show, actually, I watch so many series that I have no time for one more. It’s depressing!


  • Lolly

    You troll.

  • Kathy

    I can remember the joke from last year, I read it back but never mind. A friend and I were very angry and then we read that it was just a joke.. we were laughing.
    It was a good joke. :-)

    This one too by the way.

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