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CBS Summer TCA Party 2009

cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_010Or, to give it its full title the ‘CBS, CW, CBS Television Studios & Showtime TCA Party’.  Or, to give it a fuller title still, that would be the ‘Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS/Warner, Columbia Broadcasting System Television Studios & Showtime Televisions Critics Association’.  But what about the CBS in the middle of that?  Do these initialisations never end?!? :-)

The Television Critics Association events take place twice a year to promote new shows across the various networks.  The American TV system does seem to be very organised about such things, following a set pattern annually.

If the CBS pilot show The Surgeon General, which Kathryn starred in, had been picked up to series for the fall 2013 season we could very well have seen Kathryn at last week’s Summer TCA.  Sadly neither was to be.

Instead we’re going to look back to 2009 for a little Gallery update.  I last posted about this public appearance back in 2010 in a wider update covering the same year.

Four years ago Kathryn was not, as far as I can tell, in Pasadena (where these TCA events take place) to push Cold Case specifically.  She did attend the after-party as one of the CBS family.  These photos are from the red carpet arrivals.  Yes, yes, as you can see below the carpet was not red  :-)

The four new photos you see around this post now join the existing collection in the Gallery.

cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_008 cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_009 cbs_cw_showtime_summer_press_tour_011

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