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My Creativity Fails Me – Update x5


Kathryn at the 2009 Creative Arts Emmy Awards.  Gallery.

‘Nuff said.

creative_emmys_001 creative_emmys_005 creative_emmys_007

Huge thanks to Term @ CU for kicking us off with 2HQ images.

Update: 2 more HQ images added.  Thanks to 007.

Update 2: 8 more HQ images added.  Again, thanks to 007.

Update 3: 8 more small images and a v.short video added.  Thanks to all contributors.

Update 4: Added larger size version of arrivals image 15 and a new “on stage” album with a single image.

Update 5: More small arrivals images added.

Kathryn To Present Award At 2009 Creative Arts Emmys

arrivals_09And to present the next award…

Kathryn will be one of the stars presenting awards at the upcoming 2009 Creative Arts Emmys.  The event is to be held on the Saturday, 12 September 2009 at the Nokia Theater in LA and is due for broadcast on the E! channel in the US the following Friday afternoon.

More information can apparently be found at the Emmys website, but there is no information about the event at the time of writing.

Courtesy of The Futon Critic.

Fingers crossed for some great red carpet photos and interview footage.

The photo above is from the 2007 Primetime Emmy awards, more from that event can be found in the Gallery.

Julie & Julia & Kathryn – Gallery Update

A further 5 more HQ images have added to the Gallery covering Kathryn’s attendance at a special screening of the new movie Julie & Julia back in July.  I felt they deserved a new post.  More details can be found in the earlier post.

julie_and_julia_014 julia_and_julia_011 julie_and_julia_015

Terminator Salvation Premiere

I’m a little bit late to the party with this one, luckily Kathryn wasn’t :-) This event happened on the 14th of May 2009. Of course this site didn’t even exist at the time, even though images have been in Gallery from day one. I added some more pictures from this event yesterday so I’m using that as an excuse for this post.

Apparently we have to give credit to a Kaufman Franco for the great dress Kathryn is wearing (I don’t know fashion at all). To him/her/them I say a big “thank you”. Kathryn looks spectacular! Truly gorgeous!

terminator_salvation_28 terminator_salvation_32 terminator_salvation_09

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