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Annual HD Update – 2009 (Part 1)

terminator_salvation_01No theme leaps to mind with this set of updates, part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD, except for the obvious ‘gorgeousness’.  But that’s an almost continuous theme here :-)  Feel free to suggest one in the comments if you can think of any.

In this, the first update to larger size of images from 2009, we have the following:

So that’s 29 newly upgraded images across the four albums.

Children_Mending_Hearts_Gala_07 julie_and_julia_014 003

2009 Creative Arts Emmys Screencaps & Video

creative_arts_emmys_2009_031Was it really 6 months ago?  It only seems like last week.

Even if only 7 days had gone by it would still be worth re-visting this event, if only for that award winning dress.  KM UK Award winning that is :-)

Kathryn sounds a little horse as she speaks.  You know what it’s like: you get all these women together in their fancy frocks and shoes and they just can’t stop talking.  It’s a wonder the ceremony started at all!  :-)  Or maybe she was a bit under the weather :-(  She should be tucked up in bed… hang on… no, I spelt that right 😮

The smile, oh the smile, is still very much still in evidence :-)

Anyway, 47 exclusive screencaps and a small video clip covering Kathryn’s presenting on the show have been added to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2009 gallery album.  Enjoy.

Huge thanks to Lester for putting the effort in to getting this to me so I could share it with all of you.

creative_arts_emmys_2009_024 creative_arts_emmys_2009_039 creative_arts_emmys_2009_042

Is It Getting Warm Out Here? – Update x4

environmental_media_awards_013That’s quite a contrast to the event the previous day.

Kathryn attended the Environmental Media Awards held at the Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, on 25th October 2009. The event was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Well, if we’ve been having these events for 20 years perhaps the environment isn’t in such a mess after all :-) Remember to recycle that joke.

I have to say that, much like for the Monte Carlo Television Festival event on Saturday, I’m not a fan of the dress. I don’t think it suits her.

And the hair is not as good either. Why are there bits hanging in front of and behind the shoulders? If it was all swept back it would be better.

At least she didn’t over do the lipstick as she did a couple of years ago at the same event. And the dress that time out was a little odd too.  Kathryn, just don’t try so hard and you look great.  Nice to see the legs on display again though :-)

34 HQ images are in the Gallery.

environmental_media_awards_001 environmental_media_awards_002 environmental_media_awards_007
environmental_media_awards_032 environmental_media_awards_033 environmental_media_awards_034

Thanks again to Ludo, he really came through for me this weekend.

Update: 13 more images added to the gallery. Thanks to 007 this time.

Update 2: 17 more images added to the gallery. Thanks again to 007.

Update 3: Interview video added. Thanks to silversideup.

Update 4: Maximum Morris edit video and HD screencaps added (November 2010) to the Gallery.

Another (B)rush With Royalty

monte_carlo_tv_festival_003And I’m sure HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was greatly honoured to be in Kathryn’s presence.  Lucky beggar!

Kathryn attended the Monte Carlo Television Festival Cocktail Party last night (24 October 2009) in Beverly Hills, California.  If you are going to hold an event for the Monte Carlo Television Festival, where else would you hold it other than California?

The Prince and our “princess” have already met, in actual Monte Carlo that time, a couple of years ago.  That event, again part of the TV festival, is one currently missing from the KM UK Gallery.  It will be added at some time in the future.  But let’s stick with the present for now.

I can’t say I’m particularly keen on the dress.  It’s Kathryn, so she’d look great with or without it, of course (you expect anything else of me?).  But after the last outing, in the jaw dropping Creative Emmys appearance, which had so much going for it, this was always going to disappoint just a little.

3 large and high quality images are now in the Gallery.

monte_carlo_tv_festival_001 monte_carlo_tv_festival_002 monte_carlo_tv_festival_003

Huge thanks to ludo.

Do You Recognise This Woman?

creative_emmys_onstage_001Sure you do.  I think you may have seen pictures of her around here somewhere?  :-)

OK, this is a request for assistance from you dear reader.

The picture above is from the 2009 Creative Arts Emmys awards event as Kathryn took to the stage to present an award.  Pre-show photos (with an emphasis on the H-O-T part) can be seen in an earlier post.  What I really, really want to see is video of Kathryn actually doing her brief turn as host.  The show was, apparently, broadcast on US TV last Friday afternoon (18 September 2009).  I’ve searched everywhere I can think of, and several places I can’t, to no avail.  I’m beginning to think I may never get to see it :-(

Can you help?

The Contact form is waiting for you to put me out of my misery.

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