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Cold Case Virtual Season 8 Première

Last year, after the cancellation of Cold Case, a group of fans on the Look Again forum decided to write their own season 8.  That work has come to fruition and the results are now being made available with the season première yesterday.

I’ll let participant nomnivore take it from here:

Our first episode in Cold Case’s virtual season eight is now available!

Visit for the first episode in our virtual season “The Wall”, written by Todd Smitts.

Lilly and the squad reopen the case of a CIA agent who retired at the end of the Cold War, only to be murdered in a park in 1993, when new evidence comes to light that robbery may not have been the motive. As they delve deeper into the case, they soon learn that even retired spies have secrets, and that the man’s co-workers and even his own family may know more than their letting on. Meanwhile, as Lilly gets ready for a new chapter, working for the FBI, she begins to have second thoughts as she she realizes she’ll be leaving behind more than just her job. The music of REM is played throughout the episode. Part 1 of 2.

In the coming weeks we’ll publish further episodes featuring Cold Cases from all eras (including a case from 1926). Highlights include:

  • Lilly must choose between working in the FBI and staying with Stillman’s team
  • Scotty deals with fallout from his involvement in Jimmy Mota’s murder
  • The return of former Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty
  • We learn more about the extended Rush- Cooper family

Congratulations to all involved for making this happen.  It’s a shame that I can’t make screencaps from it :-)  I’ve added a link in the menu on the right to the CC VS8 site.

Any chance there’ll be a story line about a suave Englishman sweeping Lilly off her feet? :-)

33 comments to Cold Case Virtual Season 8 Première

  • Icywinter2

    That whole story line sounds completely out of place ( Nothing against the creavity of the writers), especially we know from the real last season that Lilly was never thinking of joining the FBI. I think the storyline needs to be revised a bit, in sync with the real storyline. Lilly did think about what would have left behind if she did that . That’s just me, no offense to anyone :-) I mean that :-)

    That’s just my personal feelings :-) Congrats to everyone who worked hard on this :-)

  • Icywinter2

    I do realize this is just fiction, but the case itself sounds very intresting :-)

  • Carrie

    That’s a really cool idea. It’s fun. What did Kathryn say back last year:cold case never dies 😀

  • CCfanka

    I loved the first episode of virtual season 8. It was written in real CC spirit. All the characters were very believable. People who stand behind this virtual season have done tremendous work and I just hope they will have time and energy to go on.

    Icywinter, it wasn’t clear that Lilly decided to stay in Philly.

    • Welcome to KM UK CCfanka.

    • Icywinter2

      @CCfanka- Actually it was when Scotty yelled at her and mention that, she turned around in disbelief; in the series finale. So that was clear enough. We all know that Lilly would never leave her squad, they are her family.

      I have a question why would Lilly joining the FBI be put into the script, that basically ruins the entire storyline of what the show is supposed to be. I know it’s a fan written thing and not real, but it seems very out of place.

      Just don’t understand why, that’s all. Like I had said nothing against everyone who had put time and energy into this. You can’t have Lilly not be with her squad, it’s just odd. To me that is…

      • It was never made clear what Lilly’s decision over the FBI was. The chance of another season of CC or a spin-off show meant the writers left it deliberately ambiguous.

        As for the look on Lilly’s face during that argument, it was likely supposed to be surprise that a) Scotty knew about the FBI offer and b) that he brought it up like that. She was angry at him for not telling her about Christina and he lashed out to get back at her.

        I haven’t read any of the virtual season 8 but Lilly still pondering the FBI offer is a reasonable place to start. It gives the virtual season a continuity that the real show rarely had.

        • Icywinter2

          @RichE- There was no mention of the network ever considering a spinoff show in the news. Unless it was some rumor that a fan made up. All I know was that everyone was contracted till season seven and that CBS wanted to get rid of it; by putting it on at 10pm to kil the ratings.

          Sorry if I’m making such a big deal about this. Just this whole virtual thing storyline seemed very odd to me.

          • CCfanka

            I’m with RichE. It wasn’t clear that Lilly chose to stay in Philly. And the argument with Scotty didn’t prove anything. I think it’s great start of the virtual season that Lilly is pondering about her future career.

            Icywinter, the virtual season is made by fans, not CBS. And why does anybody bother to creat it? Because as you said “everyone was contracted till season seven and that CBS wanted to get rid of it.” If it didn’t happen nobody would care about creation any virtual season at all. But it happened, and the plot about FBI is very believable.

  • Icywinter2

    @CCfanka- I meant the CC having a spin off not the virtual season.

    I know it’s made by fans ( The virtual season). To me it isn’t believable about the FBI thing at all, in sense it ruins the entire series of the show; since it basically revolves around Lilly solving Cold Cases in Philly.

    I think the storyline should have excluded that part, and had the rest of the case proceed as normal. Have Lilly raising her niece in Philly , and later taking over Stillman’s position ( Which was something I could see her doing.)

    I’ll stop, but that’s just my two cents ( Once again no offense to anyone. I’m not trying to put this down in any way.

    • CCfanka

      If you were offered a job which could be a next step in your career, wouldn’t you at least consider accepting it?
      BTW I don’t see Lilly raising her niece.

      • Icywinter2

        @CCfanka- Why would you think that Lilly wouldn’t be raising her niece. Who else would beside her? . One last thing, not if it came to her family. Sometimes that’s more a reason to stay. After the whole christina thing, that’s what puzzled me about this whole virtual season storyline in the first place.

        @TRB- You are right about it being out of the unexpected. That’s my whole point. I did read the story, and it’s good. Yet I’m glad that fans got together to put a virtual season out there. Although I have my feelings, everyone did a good job and should be proud :-)

        Again I apologize if anyone was offended, which was never my intent to bash anyone’s creativity.

        • Errr… wouldn’t Christina be the obvious choice for bringing up her own daughter?

          • Icywinter2

            @RichE- Not in the condition that Lilly found her in. Christina is addicted to drugs, plus isn’t a stable person to be raising her own child. More likely it’s going to be Lilly that would be raising her daughter.

          • A fair point but in that situation I would imagine that the whole family (Lilly, Cooper, his wife and Finn) would play a part as Lilly has a full-time job.

          • CCfanka

            I think Cooper and his wife would look after the baby (as it was suggested in Virtual Season) for some time until Christina is clean. And then of course Christina. You are right that Lilly can help a bit. But she wouldn’t play the kid’s mother.

  • TRB

    To those claiming up and down that Lilly would never ever ever ever not in a million years join the FBI? I’m willing to bet that you just don’t like change. You’re so used to seeing Lilly doing certain things, and being with certain people, that when a change comes, you nearly freak out. In your mind, Lilly is only supposed to do certain things, and to heck if it becomes stagnant.

    I for one, welcome the concept of Lilly possibly joining the FBI. (I say possible, because if you actually read the story, you would notice that while she is heavily considering it, she has not actually gone through with the decision.)

    So, in the immortal words of some people…Slow your roll!

  • Icywinter2

    @RichE- I disagree, Besides her niece is old enough to be put into daycare and Lilly would be perfectly able to care for her

    @CCfanka- Lilly would never play the role of being her niece’s mother, she’d be her aunt who is caring for her. I can’t see her father Paul Cooper being the one either. He might not be able to either financally or emotionally.

    That’s just me of course. Even after Christina comes clean, she’s not going to be able to raise a child on her own. she has her own set of problems emotionally.

    I do like how people see this playing out differently. It’s interesting, that above is how I see it. Christina would want her sister to care for her child; not their father. She trusts her.

    • CCfanka

      Actually Cooper seems not to have problems with money. I think he leaves in quite an affluent neighbourhood. And he wants to send his son to Cornell which must cost a lot. So I don’t think money would be a problem. And he seemed to be more tolerant to Christina than Lilly was. He’s probably retired so he’s got time. And of course his wife could help with a child.
      You mentioned daycare. But the child would have to stay there from the very early morning till night considerieng Lily’s devotion to her job. Can you imagine that?

      • Icywinter2

        @CCfanka- Being retired or having money doesn’t mean anything. We also don’t know the extend of his relationship with Christina from what we saw. He isn’t aware of her past, and her current drug use. I won’t say that he’s tolerant. You can’t say that he’s toleratant with Christina, from just the little we saw.

        It’s most likely that Paul has no idea about Christina’s background. He never once brought her name up to Lilly.

        Second, at his age he might not want to take on that responsiblity of caring for a young child. Just because he’s a grandfather doesn’t mean he wants to care of her 24-7. Young child can tire one out easily.

        Third, We don’t know too much of what Celeste does.

        Forth, Lilly could have arriage for a babysitter that she trusts to pick up her niece from daycare. there are many options. A single woman such a Lilly can take care of a baby. Her niece appears to be almost a year old.

        • CCfanka

          I’ve mentioned about money because you wrote “He might not be able to either financally …”

          Anyway I think neither of us will change their opinion so probably it’s time we stopped arguing :)

          Anyway I think if there was a real sesason 8 where the main case to solve would be “How to bring up a child by a career woman”, it is better that there is no season at all. Of course I exaggerated a bit :)

          • Icywinter2

            @CCfanka- I’m not arguing I just having a debate about this. You are right about neither of us will change our opinions which is cool, I’m fine with that :-) I just think that a single woman such as Lilly like every other single parent is perfectly capable of raising a child on their own.

            There’s nothing wrong with that, if even if the child their niece. I enjoying talking about this, it’s nice to hear about what other people thought about this topic :-)

            No harm done :-)

            We’re entitled to have our own opinions, I respect that :-)

          • CCfanka

            There are lots of single parents that do just great raising their children and I’m not going to deny this. It’s just I wouldn’t like to see a single “mother” (auntie Lilly)drama in CC. This show has never been a soap opera.

            As you said of course we are entiltled to have our own opinions. I agree with that entirely.

  • christine

    Does Scotty go to jail and get kicked off the force?

  • ryan

    haven’t made it there yet. The site has server issues and hasn’t made it past episode 5.

  • Todd Smitts

    Hopefully the few episodes completed can be added soon. Pity, since we had some big plans for Season 8, but maybe we bit off more than we could chew. Regardless, I’m very proud of the 2-part season opener and hopefully some more people will get to see it.

  • The CCVS8 site is back online, or will be shortly, so hopefully you can continue your work.

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