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The Perfect Guy Could Be A Winner

poster_005By the end of November The Perfect Guy‘s box office take had risen to around $60m, five times the reported production budget.  The DVD/Blu-ray sales, due to start just after Xmas, can only help push it higher.

That sort of success is bound to attract attention to all those involved.

The film will have garnered a bit more interest yesterday (8th December) when the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP) announced the nominees for the 47th running of its annual Image Awards.

The NAACP has put forward both The Perfect Guy leads for awards.  Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy appear in their respective Outstanding Actor/Actress category.  Michael is up against the likes of Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) and Will Smith (Men In Black).  Sanaa is vying with Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder) and Zoe Saldana (Avatar) amongst others.

Their co-star Morris Chestnut has missed out on actor or supporting actor in film nominations but gets one for acting in the TV series Rosewood.

For obvious reasons Kathryn does not figure, and was no doubt not even considered, for the supporting category.

The film itself is not in the shortlist of five films up for Outstanding Motion Picture.

The awards ceremony is due to take place on the 5th of February 2016.  Good luck to all the nominees.

Celebrity Kart Racing Toy Drive – Dec 2007 – Lap 2

toy_drive_017I[t] coulda been a contender!

toy_drive_007KM UK’s 2015 Advent Calendar is themed around the Where’s Wally/Waldo? book idea.  Each daily image is of Kathryn in one of her minor film roles and (sort of) obscured in the picture.  If public appearance photos had been included I could have used the one above.  OK, she’s not exactly hidden but she’s not the only one with long blonde hair in it either :-)

toy_drive_002Every so often I like to revisit an old public appearance with an update of new or improved photos.  If possible I make them date appropriate.  This celebrity karting event in aid of the Marine Toys For Tots Foundation took place on December the 2nd in 2007.  Eight years and two days ago!

You can read more about the event in the last post about it in 2012 here.  In the meantime enjoy the three large images you can see around this article that have now been added to the Gallery.

Bone Tomahawk @ Abertoir Tomorrow

abertoir_horror_festival_618x206There is too much of the wrong sort of horror in the world.

The films at events like the Abertoir Film Festival in the mid-Wales coastal town of Aberystwyth are the right sort.

The screening of Bone Tomahawk starts at 9:30pm at the Arts Centre venue.

Tickets are in limited supply so if you don’t have a pass already you might be out of luck.  The official website has details.

All Roads Leeds To Bone Tomahawk Tomorrow

leeds_film_festival_300x300.jpgThe 29th Leeds International Film Festival has been running for a week now.

And it has one week left to go.

It’s a long one.

Bone Tomahawk will feature v. late tomorrow night (actually 1am v. early on Saturday morning) in a marathon within a marathon.

The festival is two weeks long (5th-19th Nov) and features hundreds of films.  Getting the middle weekend started is an event called ‘Fanomenon Night Of The Dead XV’.  The comparatively mild 9pm Friday night kick-off belies the serious nature of this endeavour: four feature films and a couple of collections of shorts.  10 hours later, at 7am, the last film is due to end.

Tickets, available via the official website, cover the whole thing and not individual films within the set.

SNOB Has Two Sided Coin

snob_film_festival_960x355As reported three weeks ago The Coin makes a return to the festival circuit in New Hampshire, USA.

Since the news broke the Somewhat North Of Boston Film Festival has released its full schedule of screenings during the three four day event.  The last day is a recent addition, which allows another viewing of a selection of short films.

The Coin will be shown twice, each time in a group of themed short films.

The first is on the opening night (12th of Nov) at 8:30pm in an 85 minute block titled ‘Friends & Family’.

Number two is on Saturday (14th of Nov).  It is a two part affair starting at 3:15pm with a section called ‘Searching…’.  After an hour or so filled with seven films there is a break.  At 4:30pm things kick off again with ‘…& More’ and another seven films.  The Coin is in the second half.

In both cases the short film blocks are being shown in auditorium B of the Red River Theatres on Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire.

More details can, of course, be found on the official SNOB website.

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