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Again Time For Time For Heroes Picnic 2010

a_time_for_heroes_picnic_023Soooo, where is KM UK’s ‘way-back machine’ going to take us today?

What do you mean “the A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic in 2010”?  Where did you get that idea from?  Oh, the title  😉  Kinda gave the game away there didn’t I? :-)

As part of the on-going goal to make the KM UK Gallery the best it can be I have an update to our album of photos from the aforementioned event in early June 2010.  Previously I covered it the day after it happened, and in a couple of updates since.

Kathryn attended the event support the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) held at Wadsworth Great Lawn in Los Angeles.

Kathryn also lent the EGPAF her support back in 2005 at the A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival, though no doubt charities supporting causes involving children have taken on an added importance since the birth of her own twin boys.

More details the EGPAF can be found on the organisation’s website HERE.

We have updates to two of the earlier photos (12 & 13) and 6 extra one in the Gallery.

a_time_for_heroes_picnic_012 a_time_for_heroes_picnic_025 a_time_for_heroes_picnic_026

The Coin On At Hyart Film Fest Today

hyart_film_festival_logo_2048x2011A quick reminder for those in, or very soon to be in, Wyoming USA you can can see the short film The Coin today at the Hyart Film Festival.

‘Today’ presumes you are reading this on the 19th of May 2015, preferably before 7pm Mountain time (that’s UTC – 6 currently).

The Friday screenings at the Hyart Theater, Lovell, WY, start then and consist of nine short films.  One of them is The Coin, which, as you know, stars Kathryn as a stressed mother who takes her young son (Jack Ryan Shepherd) to a shop.  Whilst left to his own devices the boy meets a homeless man (Christopher Lloyd).

Amazingly I’ve been posting about The Coin for nearly three years now.  July of 2012 is when the news broke of Kathryn’s role.  It was mentioned as a small aside in a piece about director/writer/producer Fabien Martorell’s starting work on another film.  Two years ago, almost to the day, the 9 minute work première Palm Springs International ShortFest.  Since then it has been screened at more than a dozen festivals around the world.  And there’s almost certainly more to come.

Kathryn @ Scooby-Doo Première 2002

ScoobyDooPremiere03When I did one of these looks at a past public appearance by Kathryn back in early March it was from the première of Minority Report.  The Tom Cruise-led film is over 13 years old!

That gave me an opportunity to expand the piece by mentioning the planned Minority Report TV series.  The cast for a pilot was being assembled.  Since then the Fox network has taken up the option and commissioned a full season.  It starts on US television this autum/fall in a Monday at 9pm slot.

We’ve still got our fingers crossed for Kathryn reprising her role as Lara Clarke, the estranged wife of Tom’s John Anderton.  Not sure how they could shoehorn in a guest spot for such a character but you never know.

Which brings me to today’s post.  It may be about Kathryn at the June 2002 première of the live action (with lots of special effects of course) Scooby-Doo movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. (She’s All That) as Daphne and Fred of Mystery Inc.

“But why the waffle about Minority Report?” I hear you say.  The boy very sensibly making sure he keeps hold of Kathryn in the newly added photos is actor Dominic Scott Kay, 6.  Dominic appeared in the film as Sean, the young son of Lara and John who separated due to the emotional turmoil of his disappearance.  The film premièred just a couple of weeks after this event so this was their chance to get in some extra publicity by turning up together.  Or, Kathryn needed an excuse to go and watch the film and knew a boy that she could take as cover  😉

Dominic’s acting career continued with guest roles in things like NCIS and House and he even wrote and directed his own short film which starred Kevin Bacon.  More recently Dominic has concentrated on music and auditioned for The Voice

A small collection of small images have been added to the event album in the KM UK Gallery.

ScoobyDooPremiere06 ScoobyDooPremiere08 ScoobyDooPremiere10

The Coin’s Hyart Film Fest Timing

hyart_film_festival_logo_2048x2011Since my post on Monday information on the schedule of screenings at the the Hyart Film Festival have been released.

There isn’t a great deal of detail but there is probably everything you need to know at such an event.

The opening night is next Thursday (18th May) and it looks like it is ‘sci-fi night’, possibly ‘spoof sci-fi night’.  RZ-9 might be a serious feature length movie.  Israeli short film Schnitzel, tagline ‘A boy, a girl, a space-alien and fried chicken’, definitely isn’t.  Phoenix could go either way.  Doors open at 7pm.

Friday night is shorts night.  I said ‘shorts’ not ‘shots’ 😉  Starting at 7pm the evening is made up of nine short films from around the world.  Not surprisingly this is where The Coin features.

And on Saturday is another multi-film collection, this time eight, which includes a world premiere of a French short called Rêve de fer (aka Iron Dream).  Set in 1794, a writer believes he’s found something very important about the country’s ongoing revolution.  It’s in the synopsis on IMDb so I won’t be spoiling to say “he’s wrong.”  You guessed it: 7pm.

The Coin @ The Hyart Film Festival

hyart_film_festival_logo_2048x2011You would think it was spent (geddit?) by now but The Coin continues its attempt to break the world record for the greatest number of film festival appearances :-)

As has become the usual for Fabien Martorell has let us know that his short film, starring Christopher Lloyd (Roger Rabbit) and Kathryn, will be screened at another festival.

This time it is the Hyart Film Festival in Lovell, Wyoming USA.  The event’s name comes from the theater used to host it.  The building has a very distinctive turquoise frontage and a large sign as seen in the festival’s logo (see pic on the left).

Wyomingites don’t have to wait very long because the film festival starts Thursday-week, the 18th of June, and runs for three days.

As of going to press the screening schedule has not been published.  I’ll let you know when we have more news.

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