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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – March 2015

It is very nearly a new month so it can only mean one thing here on KM UK: another edition of our monthly looks at the on-going careers of the non-Kathryn members of the Cold Case cast.  Your CCCC-up for March 2015 is served.

After a few months of mentioning it and what felt like longer waiting for it Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC) finally made his appearance in the now cancelled TNT drama series Perception.  When the news first broke on Thom’s role as an FBI field officer it looked like it would be recurring across a few episodes in the short closing run.  Sadly, Thom did not appear until the very last episode, regardless of what IMDb is saying at the moment.  Worst still it was all too brief.  I can only assume the intention was for it to be greater but it was, for some reason, cut.  How long will it be until we next get to talk about the big man?

Another of our less regular regulars is John Finn (John Stillman in CC).  We have another chance to talk about him today.  John has been cast in a pilot for possible new CBS drama series called Doubt.  No… doubt (see what I did there?) it will be in the running for a slot in the upcoming autumn/fall schedules.  IMDb has it listed a TV movie, which they often do for 1 hour pilot episodes like this.  You’ll remember The Surgeon General which Kathryn had a role in and never made it to series.  It is still characterised as a TV movie despite never airing.  Anyway, Doubt stars KaDee Strickland (Private Practice) as a defence lawyer.  In the pilot she gets ‘romantically involved’ (code for ‘doing it’, which itself is code for…) with her client, a man charged with the murder of a girl some years before.  I can’t imagine that will be happening every week though.  They are throwing the proverbial book at this show with Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black), Dreama Walker (Don’t Trust The B—- In Appartment 23), Dulé Hill (Psych), and Teddy Sears (Masters Of Sex) amongst those cast.  All we know about John’s role is it is a character called Don.  It could be a regular character or unique to the pilot.  We don’t know yet.  Since the last CCCC-up John apparently had a two-episode role in the TV series The Blacklist, which stars James Spader (Boston Legal) as a master criminal who, after years of evading the authorities, suddenly turns himself over the FBI and offers to help catch others like him.  ‘Judge Richard Renner’ (John) made his appearances in episodes earlier this month.

We can usually rely on Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) to help fill up a CCCC-up, often all on her own, but this time it was only a late entry that gets her mentioned.  Unbeknownst to me Tracie starred in a horror short last year that received a brief online-only release during Halloween.  It was one of a set of 31 films for the DreadCentral, Collider and BloodyDisgusting websites under the title Fun Size Horror.  Remember kids: fun is not a size.  Tracie played ‘Karen’ in a segment called The Collection.  May will see 21 of the films released via VOD services in what should probably be called an anthology titled Fun Size Horror: Volume One.  Plans are already under way for a new set of short films for Halloween 2015.  Be afraid, very afraid.

Another Cold Case Guest Star Reddit AMA

Want to chat online to a Cold Case guest star?

How about Jeffrey Combs?  He appeared in the 5th season episode Spiders as the father of the victim.  He wasn’t a nice guy.

Another Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) online Q&A session to be held on Monday (30th Mar) at 2pm EST (that’s 7pm UK time, 6pm UTC/GMT) gives that opportunity.

Jeffrey had recurring roles on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise TV series so I would assume much of the questioning will be about those shows.  We are talking about an online chat after all!  He might appreciate a discussion about a very different role.

As well as a lot of voice work on things like various Transformers and Marvel cartoon series, Jeffrey has worked on many other shows (She Spies, CSI, The 4400, Chadam, Criminal Minds) including the latest Batman prequel series Gotham and movies (Re-Animator).

Thanks to Todd Smitts for passing along the info.

The Reddit IAmA page HERE has all the details etc.

If you have details of something you think fellow Kathryn/Cold Case fans would be interested in then please use the Contact form to let me know and I’ll post about it.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – February 2015

tracie_thoms_001_430x180Things are still relatively quiet on the news front regarding the other members of the cast of Cold Case.  Like the month itself February 2015’s CCCC-up will be short and cold… I mean sweet.

Luckily for us Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) is always busy.  Back in the October 2014 CCCC-up we brought you news of a web series that Tracie was due to start working on.  At the time Send Me was seeking funding via Indiegogo.  Over a couple of weeks at the beginning of this month principal photography (that’s filming to you and me) took place on the project about Gwen (Tracie) who has the power to send people back in time.  Gwen uses this ability to teach individuals about slavery in the US by transporting them to the 1800s to witness it first-hand.  As well as Ms. Thoms the show has a starry cast:  Gabrielle Carteris (90210), Jerrika Hinton (Grey’s Anatomy), Jasika Nicole (Fringe), Ahmed Best (Dexter), Kevin Daniels (Sirens), and Steve Harper (Chico & Rita) are amongst them.  Steve also wrote and produced Send Me.  The crew will be deep into post-production now.  Hopefully, in the next CCCC-up, due at the end of March, we’ll know more about the release plans.

Over a couple of CCCC-ups last year (starting in June) I covered the news that big Thom Barry was signed to guest star in the TNT drama series Perception, led by Eric McCormack (Trust Me) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Antitrust).  Thom was said to be appearing as an FBI field office boss.  Subsequent CCCC-ups noted Thoms absence as the season progressed.  Having just returned from the mid-run hiatus there are now only 4 episodes left of the entire series.  Fingers crossed.  On a related note:  congratulations to Rachael and her husband on the news they are expecting their second child later this year.

Who Shot LR?

Cold_Case_S04E24_lilly_195That guy did.  The one with the gun!

It’s not a big mystery.  We are, of course, talking about Stalker the Cold Case season 4 finale in which Ed Marteson draws a gun on the squad in their own building and takes Lilly hostage.  With everything else going on in Lilly’s life (her mother being ill etc.) she needed this situation like she needed a hole in the… err… shoulder.

But why bring this up now?

Joe Reegan the actor who played Ed has done an interview for The Examiner website in which he talks about his role in Cold Case as well has a his work in TV dramas, films and helping to rescue mistreated dogs.

“I did a couple episodes of Cold Case when I first started,” he said. “I ended up doing the season finale with a cliffhanger when I shot Lilly Rush, who was the lead character on the show. The season premiere wasn’t until the next season, so several people came up to me and were like ‘I can’t believe you shot Kathryn Morris!'”

Contrary to expectation it improved his career prospects! :-)

Since taking down Detective Lilly Rush Ed has been in CSI: LV and NY shows, Castle, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, Hawaii Five-0, and Chicago PD.  He will also be in the new Cyber offshoot of the CSI franchise when it starts in March.

Joe is currently promoting a new film Alien Outpost (aka Outpost 37), which is due for a limited release in a few days time.

You can read the full article on The Examiner website HERE.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – January 2015

jeremy_ratchford_001_430x180It’s the first CCCC-up of 2015 and we’re getting off to a slow start looking at the on-going careers of the cast of Cold Case.

If a month went by and there was news about only one of the key CC cast members then you’d put your money on it being Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC).  If in doubt, Tracie.  I’m sure she’s been very busy since the last CCCC-up, as always, but this month we get to report on just Jeremy.

Almost without me noticing Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera in CC) managed to sneak in a guest appearance in the CBS TV drama The Mentalist a couple of weeks ago.  The highly successful show is in the middle of its 7th and final season.  It sees Simon Baker star as Patrick Jane, a con-artist psychic who initially joins forces with the police to catch the killer of his family.  Jeremy’s role in the episode entitled ‘Little Yellow House’ was as a guy called George Holiday.

Short but sweet, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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