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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – August 2015

It’s time for the latest CCCC-up, our end-of-month look at the on-going careers of the cast of Cold Case.

In July I made some bold statements about Danny Pino‘s (Scotty Valance in CC) future regarding the Imagen Awards.  I’m pleased to say that I have been proved correct once again (it doesn’t often happen, note the date!).  Yes, a month ago I claimed the awards that recognise the work of those from the Latino community in the media would be happening on the 21st of August.  Also, I asserted that Danny was nominated for an award.  And, lo, it came to pass that KM UK was shown to be a teller of truth.  A truth peddler be I!  Enough!  The awards happened and Danny won in his category of Best Supporting Actor: Television.  The show he was in, Law & Order: SVU, won the gong for Best Primetime Television Series: Drama.  Congratulations to Danny and all those involved in SVU.

Thinking it had been lost in the desert I’d pretty much given up on Death Valley, a drama film starring Katrina Law (Arrow), Lochlyn Munro (True Justice), Victoria Pratt (Mutant X), Kelly Hu (Arrow) and Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera in CC).  Over the past couple of years I’ve been vaguely tracking the movie.  There have a few festival showings and… well… that was about it.  In the past week or so things have turned around significantly.  The film, about four friends who find themselves in a spot of bother in the aptly named area in eastern California, will now receiving a more general release in US cinemas on October 23rd.  It may not be in every multiplex but it should possible to track down a showing in your area of America (assuming you have an area that is).

Each month Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) manages to inject something into the CCCC-up.  The lady is just soooo busy.  This time out it’s called Injection.  A drama short about a family dealing with cancer and the appearance at the door of a possible cure.  Not sure of Tracie’s role in the piece yet other than her character’s name: Sarah Wenscombe.  Tracie doesn’t seem like a Wenscombe to me, but she’s a good actress so I’m sure she’ll pull it off.  We can be a little more certain about Tracie and the webseries Send Me.  The drama is about an academic, Gwen (Tracie), with ability to send other African Americans back to the times of slavery in the US, and much of the world.  Earlier this month a couple of trailers for the project were released.  Follow through from the official website HERE to YouTube and you can find a load of behind the scenes videos.  I’ve not seen a specific date mentioned for the series release yet.

Back in the March CCCC-up I reported on John Finn (John Stillman in CC) had a role in a new drama series pilot called Doubt.  Since then, to say the least there has been a lot of doubt about Doubt.  The pilot clearly didn’t float the boat of those in the position to make the decision so a series was not commissioned from it.  However, the project was kept alive and there has been a lot of re-writing and re-casting going on the past few months.  KaDee Strickland (Private Practice) was to be the lead but she has been replaced by Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy).  Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me) steps in for Masters Of Sex star Teddy Sears, who has moved to The Flash.  Others, such as Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black), Dulé Hill (Psych), and Dreama Walker (Gossip Girl) are said to still be involved.  Whether John is or not we’ll just have to wait and see.

A few hours after posting last month‘s CCCC-up the news broke that American wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper passed away.  We’d only just mentioned the death of author Ann Rule.  Roddy, appropriately enough, starred in the season 7 wrestling-themed Cold Case episode One Fall.  A week later the actor Terrence Evans, he was the present day/older Lester Hughes in Daniella from season two, also died.  Our condolences to their families and friends.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – July 2015

To misquote someone: “It’s quiet in here, it must be Summer.”

All the major US TV show have started production on their autumn/fall seasons so news on castings is thin on the ground.   However, I’m sure we can collect together a few tasty morsels from the month of July (is it July already!) for our regular round-up about Cold Case cast members that aren’t Kathryn, aka the KM UK CCCC-up.

Let’s start with the gentleman pictured above: Danny Pino (Scotty Valens in CC).  The Imagen Foundation works to further the interests of the Latino community in the media.  Each year they hold an event to honour those that have embodied that goal in the previous year.  Not surprisingly they call it the Annual Imagen Awards.  This year marks the 30th running of the ceremony.  Danny is nominated in the Best Supporting Actor – Television category for his role as Detective Nick Amaro in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  He’s sharing the ballot with six other actors Justin Baldoni and Jaime Camil from Jane The Virgin, Raul Castillo (Looking), Joe Minoso (Chicago Fire), Carlos Ponce (Cristela), and Mel Rodriguez (Getting On).  The gongs are handed out on the 21st of August.  Good luck to everyone.  Of course, we know that Danny won’t be repeating this next year as he is not returning to SVU for the upcoming season.  No word on any future plans yet.

As short as this post might be it (like most others in this series) would be even smaller if it wasn’t for the works of Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC).  First up Tracie has a role in a forthcoming movie called Equity.  It’s not about the value of a house or the UK acting union.  It’s a Wall Street-based film, but one with a difference.  Anna Gunn, in her first major role since Breaking Bad (I’m assuming most don’t count Gracepoint), leads the female-centred drama.  Alysia Reiner (Orange Is The New Black) and Carrie Preston (True Blood) also star.  There are some men too: Richard Kind (Spin City) and James Purefoy (Rome) amongst them.  Not too sure about Tracie’s role but she did make some comments on Instagram about being Alysia’s “movie wife”.  The other Tracie news is her guest starring in a series for Netflix called Love.  It’s been created by writer/director/producer Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) and Lesley Arfin (Girls), and stars Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Paul Rust (I Love You, Beth Cooper).  Love is… about Mickey and Gus’s relationship.  It already has as 22 episode order split 10:12 across two seasons starting next year.

This goes beyond the normal scope of the CCCC-ups but some times you have to let these things go.  Speaking of letting go…  News broke in the last few days of the death at the age of 83 of Ann Rule, the writer of the book And Never Let Her Go which was turned into a TV movie starring Mark Harmon (NCIS) and Kathryn.  The story is about Anne Marie Fahey (Kathryn), an emotionally vulnerable young woman, who disappeared in suspicious circumstances after ending an affair with a powerful and controlling attorney (Mark Harmon).  It all becomes even more disturbing when you discover that it is very closely based on true events.  Looking at Kathryn’s filmography it is difficult to believe that And Never Let Her Go comes between The Contender and A.I. Artificial Intelligence.  As Anne Marie she seems much younger, and Kathryn brings that vulnerability across so strongly.  Interesting facts of the day:  Back in the 80s Harmon played serial killer Ted Bundy in a movie.  Ann Rule was good friends with Bundy before he was found out.  She was asked to write a book called Ted about a killer prior to finding out it was about Bundy.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – June 2015

tracie_thoms_001_430x180Squeaking in at the last minute again it’s June’s CCCC-up, the monthly post where KM UK looks at the continuing work of the Cold Case cast members that aren’t Kathryn.

I try to be a gentleman and always allow ladies to go first, but with the CCCC-up that would mean Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) would be leading the way every month so I try to let each have a turn.  This time we’ll give Tracie her go at the top.  In March I posted about the Fun Size Horror short films done for various websites for Halloween 2014 getting a DVD/VOD release in May.  At the time I mentioned that plans were in hand for a new set of similarly scary fare for this year.  Would you Adam & Eve it, a couple of weeks ago Tracie completed filming on a segment which will no doubt be released at the appropriate time in the autumn.  Before completing that project Tracie was involved in the filming of a new webseries called Dinner At Lola.  People from the ‘business that is show’ discuss the ‘business that is show’ over dinner (without the show).

One of our less frequent stars of the CCCC-ups is the gentle giant that is Mr Thom Barry (Will Jeffries on CC).  Thom recently wrapped on a new movie called Henry Joseph Church, not to be confused with another film Thom is in called Richard Peter Johnson (which seems to be stuck in post-production hell).  HJC, previously known as Cook, stars Eddie Murphy (Bowfinger) and Natascha McElhone (Californication) amongst others.  Eddie is a cook.  A young girl and her mother some how ‘inherit’ said cook.  The director, Bruce Beresford, previously made Driving Miss Daisy, which may give us an idea of the tone.  Thom is credited as ‘Frankie Twiggs’, who sounds like a 50s gangster from the east end of London.  No further info at this time.

Veena Sud is a name that most of you will recognise.  Occasionally I stretch the third ‘C’ in CCCC-up to include a few other key people involved with CC.  Veena was a writer and producer on Cold Case across several seasons and she went on to do the same for the American version of the drama The Killing.  There is no news on the actual project yet, but Veena has, in the last few days, signed a development deal with Fox 21 TV Studios to create new a drama for cable television.

Yet Still More Cold Case Guest Star Reddit AMAs

Up for a bit of Cold Case chat with an actor that guest starred on the show?

Thanks to Todd Smitts, our resident expert in all things Cold Case, I have an update on a couple more of these Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions on the Reddit website.

This was Todd’s latest message to me:

[T]wo more Cold Case actors will be doing AMA’s on reddit this week.  Ksenia Solo (Lena from “Cargo”) will be doing on at 5 PM eastern on June 8, and Ian Anthony Dale (Ray Takahashi from “Family 8108”) at 5 PM eastern on June 9.

Ksenia Solo is a Latvia-born Canadian actress who has starred in the movie Black Swan and the TV series Lost Girl amongst many other things.  You may remember her in Cargo as the girl with curly hair, a look she doesn’t appear to sport these days.  Currently she is busy with shows Orphan Black and TURN: Washington Spies and has a film called Another You out at some point this year.  She’s a busy woman.

By the time Ian Anthony Dale guested in Family 8108 he’d already been a regular on shows like Charmed and Surface.  He’s also guested on a lot of other shows.  Bones, 24, all the CSIs, The Mentalist, Burn Notice, The Event, are just a few from a long list.  Most recently Ian had a recurring role in Hawaii Five-O and a lead role in Murder In The First.  He’s a busy man.

The Reddit IAmA page HERE has all the details etc.

If you have details of something you think fellow Kathryn/Cold Case fans would be interested in then please use the Contact form to let me know and I’ll post about it.

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – May 2015

danny_pino_002_430x180It’s late in the month and the picture above is not of Kathryn so that can only mean one thing: it’s the latest CCCC-up, where KM UK keeps track of the on-going careers of the other Cold Case cast members.

I don’t follow Law & Order: SVU so I only happened to stumble on the big news about the show and Danny Pino (Scotty Valens on CC) the other day.  It was a bit of a shock to read.  Apparently Danny will not be returning to the show when the 17th season starts in the autumn.  He’s done 4 years as Detective Nick Amaro, joining the long running drama in 2011, after Cold Case finished.  I get the impression Amaro was not written out in the finale, the decision was probably taken after filming was completed.  They will have to some how explain the character’s absence in the early new episodes though.  It’s still very early days but there is no sign of Danny taking on other projects yet.

Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller on CC) is, as always, racking up those star-miles with at least two new projects on the go.  Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp is a short comedy series for Netflix.  8 episodes is short by US sitcoms standards but it is more than many British shows have.  The cast is impressive in both width and depth.  Including a list of even half the ones you’ve definitely heard of could overwhelm this post.  How do Bradley Cooper, Kristen Wiig, Elizabeth Banks, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni, and David Hyde Pierce sound?  And there are soooo many more, and most of them seem to be in all the episodes too.  It’s going to have to be a jam-packed 30 minutes.  But what’s it about?  The title certainly makes it sound an American Pie-style comedy about the American institution that is the summer camp.  The addition of the colon punctuation and subtitle to the name also gives away that this is a sequel.  The original, with very much the same cast, was a film from 2001.  The film is due for release in late July.  The second string to Tracie’s bow is a 2016 film called Border Crossing.  Josh Charles (The Goodwife and WHAS:FDOC I’ve just mentioned) and Julia Stiles (The Bourne Ultimatum).  It’s about a psychologist who rescues a drowning man he knows from a past criminal case he worked on.  Tracie’s role is not clear at this time.

There’s no new news on new projects for John Finn (John Stillman on CC) but there is some almost-news for a recent project of his.  The TV series/film An Bronntanas; which saw John star as a police office investigating a case involving coast guards, drugs and dead body; received three film nominations in the recent Irish Film & Television Academy Awards.  If you don’t want to know the results before the Irish TV broadcast of the event on Monday look away now.  It didn’t win anything.

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