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Since doing a piece like this on Thom Barry (Will Jeffries on Cold Case) last month I’ve been hoping to do a follow up about what the two remaining major Cold Case cast members (John Finn and Jeremy Ratchford) have been up/will be doing.  There has been very little news on either.  John has been in the public eye even less than Kathryn!

So, to see John Finn (John Stillman on Cold Case) guest star in the most recent episode of one the biggest TV shows in America was a surprise.  No, not X Factor!  Playing a very senior member of the Naval service, a General I think, John got to encourage NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to pull out all the stops in solving the case of a female Lieutenant missing in Iraq.  The way certain characters were behaving suggests there is more to this meets the eye so far.  I say ‘so far’ because it is not over yet.  Will the team find the missing Marine?  Is John’s General really the good guy he appears to be?  Find out next week in the thrilling instalment of this two-part story.

Mark Harmon has had the pleasure of working with Kathryn twice in his career.  The first time was in the TV movie Long Road Home, the first role for “Kathy”.  The second was the TV movie And Never Let Her Go, based on the real story of murder victim Anne Marie Fahey.

As I said, there’s been no other news on John’s future work, at least not that I’ve found.  If you can prove me wrong please you the Contact form to let me know.

Danny In L&O: SVU Screencaps Part 2

001Let me get this straight:

  • Detective Nick (Danny) has a bit of a temper.  We saw him getting a little “hands-on” with a suspect within hours of joining the squad.
  • One of Nick’s partners is a blonde female detective.
  • The Captain is quite old and balding.
  • There’s an attractive red-headed A.D.A.

Anyone else have a sense of déjà vu?  :-)

I won’t be doing every episode but I’ve created two more sets of Danny screencaps from recent episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

You can find screencaps from episode 2, Danny’s debut, in a previous post.

Danny In L&O: SVU Debut Screencaps

001A request has flooded in for some screencaps of Danny Pino in his new role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  How could I possibly refuse? :-)

Danny made his début as Nick Riviera (oops, that’s the dodgy Doctor in The Simpsons :-) ) Detective Nick Amaro in the 2nd episode of season 13 of SVU a couple of weeks ago.  He started off rather hirsute but soon lost the beard, and then it was into familiar procedural territory.

These screencaps are from that episode.  They fall outside the scope of the KM UK Gallery so I’ve made the set of 188 HD 720p (1280×720) screencaps available in a 20MB zip file via MediaFire.

Hopefully the images are good enough, the change of focus may have effected the usual errrr… attention to errrr… detail 😉

I won’t be doing this for every episode but I could be persuaded to do a few more during the season if there is demand.  Let me know.

Big Thom Was In The Big House

Another of our occasional looks at the careers of Cold Cast cast members besides Kathryn.

Taking a break from his usual roles in law enforcement, Thom Barry has swapped his police badge and/or hat for a white coat and stethoscope.

Thom made a surprise guest appearance as a prison doctor in the new season première of the TV show House this week.  Looks like Gregory House will back at the hospital soon but we will be seeing more of the young female prison doctor in upcoming episodes.  There is no sign of Thom’s role recurring in future episodes.  It was nice to see him on the small screen again.

We’ve already reported on Thom being in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D film due next year but there maybe other cinema work in the offing.

It is rumoured that Thom will be reprising his character of Agent Bilkins in The Fast And The Furious series of movies.  Thom was in the first two.  Instalments 6 and 7 are said to be filming back-to-back in Europe next year with a release for the first of them in 2013.

Other than that things seem to be quiet on the Thom Barry front.  If you have any news on Thom’s future plans please contact us.

Jumping On The Bandwagon

001Every so often here on KM UK we like to report on what Kathryn’s Cold Case co-stars are up to since the cop show ended.  Today it’s time to give a little love to Tracie Thoms.

I’m a little late jumping on this particular… errrr… bandwagon :-)

This year Tracie has been involved in web-based series called Bandwagon, starring Emma Caulfield (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community).  It’s a comedy mockumentary based around Emma’s actress character looking for a cause to support.  She wants to use the campaigning it to bolster her flagging career.  Tracie plays a friend of Emma.

Originally Bandwagon started back in 2004 as a low-budget movie and involved Emma helping a “developmentally disabled girl get into show business.”  Last year it was released for free on the web as a set of short episodes.  This year a 2nd season has been produced and, again, made available freely via YouTube.  Emma recently announced that this new season 2 has been renamed to season 1 and season 1, as was, would be called Bandwagon: The Movie.  Still with me?

Each episode is around 10 minutes long so you can get one watched if you have a small time gap to fill and fancy a laugh.  And with Bandwagon season 2 season 1 reaching its end with a two-part finale starting next Wednesday you haven’t got long if you want to catch up.

Check out the show via the official website.  Purchase something in the online store and get a treat.  Lots of things are available, from a Twitter ‘shoutout’ to a job as an extra.

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