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Danny’s Spanish Fans’ Xmas Marathon

001After yesterday’s Danny Pino screencap post I was contacted by a group of his Spanish fans via Twitter about an idea of theirs for the upcoming holiday season.

Our new friends over at the Danny Pino Spain site have decided to have a bit of Danny-themed fun over the Xmas & New Year period to fill the gap between now and when L&O:SVU returns in January.  Their plan is to watch a film or TV show each week that stars Danny and then have a discussion about it in their forum.

If you feel like joining in you can read all the details on the Danny Pino Spain site (an English translation is included).  There is even have a promo video.  The group’s Twitter account is @DannyPinoSpain.

Danny In L&O: SVU Screencaps Part 3

002Looks like last week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU was the final one of 2011 so to help tide you over until January I’ve done another set of screencaps of Danny on the show.  Think of it as an Xmas bonus.  You lucky, lucky people :-)

In a recent Tweet Danny was asked by user @YoriYoriKBBQ whether he’d be taking his shirt off.  Danny’s response was “I always go shirtless when intense“.  Better hope for some torment then ladies.  Of course, in these days of equal opportunities, and a little chivalry never goes amiss, I think it should be ladies first: Kelli? 😉

Where was I?  Oh, yes…  Screencaps of Danny in SVU.

Episode 10, Spiralling Down – 133 HD (720p) screencaps in a 15MB zip file on MediaFire

You can find screencaps from episodes 4 and 5 in a previous post and links in that post to the first one of this type.  This is just an occasional thing for the many Danny fans that visit KM UK, I won’t be covering every episode.  Let me know if there is a particular episode that want caps of.

In another response to a Tweeted question Danny finally acknowledged Kathryn.  He’s been asked a few times about his time on Cold Case and hadn’t responded to them.  It was nice to see him do so.

King Jeremy The Wicked

Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera on Cold Case) is the one key cast member of CC that we have yet to cover in these occasional updates.  Time to put that right.

Looking at Jeremy’s listing on IMDb things have been reasonably quiet on the TV and movie front for him.  Not Kathryn quiet.  More than John, but less than Danny or Tracie.

Just last week a trailer for a new movie, The New Republic, was released in which Jeremy appears briefly.  The film is about a young man “caught between political extremists and two high-ranking government agents”.  Jeremy is one of those agents.  The exact time-line of the production is not clear but the filming was likely to have been completed last year.  It received a première in June.  With the trailer out the activity on the film’s Facebook page has increased.  Something is definitely happening soon.

Earlier this year Jeremy put on his cop hat again for a guest role in the American version of Shameless, and in 2012 stars in a film called Lost On Purpose with Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm In The Middle) and C. Thomas Howell (Southland).

We all wish him well for the future.

If you have any news on Jeremy’s upcoming projects please contact us.

Generally John

Since doing a piece like this on Thom Barry (Will Jeffries on Cold Case) last month I’ve been hoping to do a follow up about what the two remaining major Cold Case cast members (John Finn and Jeremy Ratchford) have been up/will be doing.  There has been very little news on either.  John has been in the public eye even less than Kathryn!

So, to see John Finn (John Stillman on Cold Case) guest star in the most recent episode of one the biggest TV shows in America was a surprise.  No, not X Factor!  Playing a very senior member of the Naval service, a General I think, John got to encourage NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to pull out all the stops in solving the case of a female Lieutenant missing in Iraq.  The way certain characters were behaving suggests there is more to this meets the eye so far.  I say ‘so far’ because it is not over yet.  Will the team find the missing Marine?  Is John’s General really the good guy he appears to be?  Find out next week in the thrilling instalment of this two-part story.

Mark Harmon has had the pleasure of working with Kathryn twice in his career.  The first time was in the TV movie Long Road Home, the first role for “Kathy”.  The second was the TV movie And Never Let Her Go, based on the real story of murder victim Anne Marie Fahey.

As I said, there’s been no other news on John’s future work, at least not that I’ve found.  If you can prove me wrong please you the Contact form to let me know.

Danny In L&O: SVU Screencaps Part 2

001Let me get this straight:

  • Detective Nick (Danny) has a bit of a temper.  We saw him getting a little “hands-on” with a suspect within hours of joining the squad.
  • One of Nick’s partners is a blonde female detective.
  • The Captain is quite old and balding.
  • There’s an attractive red-headed A.D.A.

Anyone else have a sense of déjà vu?  :-)

I won’t be doing every episode but I’ve created two more sets of Danny screencaps from recent episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

You can find screencaps from episode 2, Danny’s debut, in a previous post.

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