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Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Interview

009In the earlier post covering the Cougars, Inc. Hollywood première some of the images we saw were actually hi-res screencaps from an interview done with Mingle Media TV.  They’ve now posted the video of the chat with Kathryn and Kyle.  It is also on YouTube.

In the clip Kathryn talks about the fact that she and Kyle sort of worked together on Cold Case and that this dramatic change in their roles was a little odd.  They also get down to… errr… getting down to it.  There’s lots of laughs and that amazing smile is in great supply, she looks amazing.  Kyle looks a little embarrassed.

A smaller copy of the video is now in the Gallery.  No need for screencaps as we already have them.

Thanks to Mingle Media TV for making and posting the video.

Another Cougars, Inc. Trailer

trailer_003_004Today Asher Levin has posted another trailer for Cougars, Inc. on the movie’s Official Facebook page.  It is a “red band” video, meaning it is not following certain guidelines for content.  It should therefore be considered very much NSFW.  Kathryn doesn’t feature a lot but some of the time she does it looks… errr… interesting 😉

A small copy of the video and a handful of screencaps can now be found in the the Gallery.

Thanks yet again to Asher for posting.

Loverboys Trailer

The German distributors of Cougars, Inc., dtp entertainment, have posted a trailer for the film on YouTube.  Loverboys is the title of the film in Germany.

The video, still in English, is the same as the version released by Grindstone Entertainment back in mid-February, except for the title.  As such it contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, consider it NSFW.

Loverboys is due for release on DVD & Blu-ray on the 21st of April 2011 in Germany.

The video has been added to the Gallery.  The text accompanying the YouTube posting has been copied and quickly translated below.

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Cougars, Inc. Photoshoot Behind The Scenes Video

001We may have been disappointed by the lack of Kathryn at the Oscars but I think this may make up for it.  A lot! 😉

Photographer Steven Taylor, who did the Cougars, Inc. photoshoot we saw images from late last year that makes up the cover art work for the DVD/Blu-ray releases of the movie, has put a behind the scenes video from the shoot on YouTube.  And it is quite a sight to behold for us Kathryn fans.

The video shows the ladies of the movie Kathryn, Denise Richards, Rebecca Mader and Catalina Rodriguez and Kyle Gallner posing for photos.

There are a set of HD (720p) screencaps and a small copy of the video in the Gallery.  You can find the original YouTube video HERE.

Thanks to Kareen_T for the heads-up and thank you to Steven for the video and photographs.  Hopefully we’ll more of the results of this shoot in the coming months as we near the DVD/Blu-ray release.

steven_taylor_behind_the_scenes_with_cougars_inc_photoshoot_006 steven_taylor_behind_the_scenes_with_cougars_inc_photoshoot_022 steven_taylor_behind_the_scenes_with_cougars_inc_photoshoot_033

Cougars, Inc. Trailer

Is this the actual official Cougars, Inc. trailer?  It certainly looks like it could be the real deal.  All the details tie up with what we know already and the poster appears to work for Lionsgate/Grindstone, the distributors.  At the time of writing the referenced Lionsgate DVD website does not have the movie listed.

The video appeared on YouTube late yesterday and it states in the description that the film will get a DVD & Blu-ray release on 10th May 2011.  Remember that the film is ‘R’ rated in the US and the trailer does contain strong language and scenes of a sexual nature, consider it NSFW.

Kathryn appears in various parts of the trailer, it looks like she has some interesting scenes 😉 , but Denise Richards features more prominently.  Brit actress Rebecca Mader also gets a few lines, she seems to be the comic foil.

The video has been added to the Gallery.  A small collection of screencaps, they are not great quality, has also been added.

Thanks to Kareen_T for the heads-up.

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