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Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Interview

009In the earlier post covering the Cougars, Inc. Hollywood première some of the images we saw were actually hi-res screencaps from an interview done with Mingle Media TV.  They’ve now posted the video of the chat with Kathryn and Kyle.  It is also on YouTube.

In the clip Kathryn talks about the fact that she and Kyle sort of worked together on Cold Case and that this dramatic change in their roles was a little odd.  They also get down to… errr… getting down to it.  There’s lots of laughs and that amazing smile is in great supply, she looks amazing.  Kyle looks a little embarrassed.

A smaller copy of the video is now in the Gallery.  No need for screencaps as we already have them.

Thanks to Mingle Media TV for making and posting the video.

5 comments to Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Interview

  • icywinter2

    Great interview, funny how Kathryn forgot what Season that Kyle guest starred in. That’s to be expected, she’s done seven seasons of CC that’s hard to remember which one exactly.

    Kyle was in Season 4, Episode 1- Rampage. To refresh everyone’s mind.

  • Lolly


    • icywinter2

      @lolly- Hey at least Kathryn isn’t like some of these celebs out there. She’s actually normal and dresses nicely.. I adore the fact that she can be herself even while being interviewed.

  • Lolly

    Me too! 😀 I have 5 actresses I’m completely obsessed with, and they’re all normal, respectable people, whereas my friends prefer the actresses that aren’t famous for anything other than being super controversial…
    Kathryn Morris + Zooey Deschanel + Lucy Hale + Emma Stone + Leighton Meester = <3.

    Don't even get me started on some of these singers nowadays… oh geeze…
    Kathryn was once a singer, she should release an album. 😀

    • icywinter2

      @Lolly- Kathryn did claim that she can’t sing, just because she sang with her family as a kid, isn’t a cause to release an album.

      She did say if she was a good singer, she would have become one. I really don’t think Kathryn will do anything reguading singing. Her career never involves that.

      Anyone can release an album, but Kathryn isn’t into that. If she was it would have happened. She doesn’t star in musicials for a reason.

      It won’t happen… Kathryn wants to produce and her whole career so far doesn’t involve any musicals. It tells you she isn’t that type of celeb to do that.

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