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Cougars, Inc. Première Video – Update

022A MrJBone99 (I dunno) has posted a video comprising of footage taken at the Cougars, Inc. première, the after party and various people discussing what a cougar is on YouTube.  Kathryn appears several times, including in snippets from the previously posted Mingle Media interview video.

The new video has been added to the Gallery.  As it is small sized, quite low quality and covered in credit text I haven’t done screencaps.  And the red carpet and after party event photos we have cover it anyway.

Thank you to MrJBone99.

Update: A 2nd version of the video has been posted on YouTube by CougarTutor (who I believe is actually one of the movie’s exec producers).  A copy can be found in the Gallery.  This version is lacking the alcoholic beverage branding but includes other captions that suggest it is being as a promotional tool in of itself with its “your logo here” type messages.  So, it is part promo for the tour and part promo for the company that put the promo together.  I think! :-)

3 comments to Cougars, Inc. Première Video – Update

  • icywinter2

    The user took it from, it’s logo is all over. Shame we didn’t see more of Kathryn, I rather just see her. The video is geared to draw in the teens to see this movie, the way it was done.

    I wish there was a second better interview with her… Perhaps there will be one closer to the DVD release next month..

    • Errr… no, it’s not a TMZ video. The credits at the start make it clear it was made by people connected with the movie. I think it is probably a promo video created for the screening tour.

      The short TMZ sections (the only parts with their logo on) are from a piece created over a year ago about Christian E. Murphy (son of Eddie Murphy) leaving the Mother’s Little Helpers wrap party.

  • Icywinter2

    Oh I see, now I understand:)

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