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Cold Case S07E22 – Shattered Promo

Cold_Case_S07E22_lilly_137A newly released promo video for season 7 finale, Shattered, has been added to the Gallery.

Thanks to IcyWinter for the heads-up.

The Wendy Williams Show 27 April 2010 – Screencaps & Videos

Screencaps and video clips from Kathryn’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show from Tuesday can now be found in the Gallery.

I’ve made two videos to give you the choice of viewing.  But you’ll probably just watch both :-)  First we have the whole segment of the show that Kathryn starred in, allowing you to see everything in context.  It is a small sized and relatively low quality video to speed downloading.  Secondly there is one of my trademark Maximum Morris edits, this time at full size meaning you get the most important bits at the best quality.  Of course the editing puts some odd jumps in it.  The screencaps are, of course, the best they can be, all 177 of them.

Huge thanks to Sceptre for the help this one.

twws_068 twws_103 twws_172

2009 Creative Arts Emmys Screencaps & Video

creative_arts_emmys_2009_031Was it really 6 months ago?  It only seems like last week.

Even if only 7 days had gone by it would still be worth re-visting this event, if only for that award winning dress.  KM UK Award winning that is :-)

Kathryn sounds a little horse as she speaks.  You know what it’s like: you get all these women together in their fancy frocks and shoes and they just can’t stop talking.  It’s a wonder the ceremony started at all!  :-)  Or maybe she was a bit under the weather :-(  She should be tucked up in bed… hang on… no, I spelt that right 😮

The smile, oh the smile, is still very much still in evidence :-)

Anyway, 47 exclusive screencaps and a small video clip covering Kathryn’s presenting on the show have been added to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2009 gallery album.  Enjoy.

Huge thanks to Lester for putting the effort in to getting this to me so I could share it with all of you.

creative_arts_emmys_2009_024 creative_arts_emmys_2009_039 creative_arts_emmys_2009_042

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