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Roommate Wanted Trailer

roommate_wanted_title_002Roommate_Wanted_trailer_001If only I’d known about this a week ago I’d still have been a week late.

A trailer for the movie Roommate Wanted, previously known as 2 Br/1 Ba, has been released.  A copy can now be found in the Gallery.

Not surprisingly it focuses on our two leading ladies: Alexa Vega and Spencer Grammer.  Kathryn does not feature, but then neither do any of the rest of the cast really either.

For more details on the movie and the May DVD/VOD release date check out our previous post here.

Kathryn @ Minority Report Première 2002

minority_report_premiere_003Normally with these little visits to past public appearances I generally try and make them seasonally relevant.  The recent awards event photos posted within a few days of the most recent ceremonies.  That kind of thing.

This update, however, has been triggered by the unearthing of a video in which Kathryn features.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t also make it topical.

I’ll explain.

Moves are afoot to make a TV series based on the Tom Cruise-starring, Steven Spielberg-directed movie Minority Report.  Kathryn, of course, had a small but crucial role as the estranged ex-wife of Tom Cruise’s crime preventer Chief John Anderton.

In the past few weeks there has been news about the casting of the Fox-ordered pilot due to be set 10 years after the film.  Start Sands (Generation Kill), Meagan Good (Cold Case episode ‘Soul’) will play the leads as both twin male Pre-cogs (they can see the future) and a Precrime officer respectively.  Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s Show) has recently been added to the cast as another police officer.

Links to the film are kept with Laura Regan (Mad Men) taking the Pre-cogs Agatha role as portrayed by Samantha Morton originally, and Daniel London actually reprising his part as Wally the caretaker.

Wouldn’t it be great if Kathryn’s Lara Clarke could also appear at some point as a way of linking back to John’s time in the Precrime unit and the events of the hit movie?  Make it happen Hollywood!

Having not been included in the KM UK Gallery previously I have now added an album of various photos of Kathryn doing the red carpet walk in New York for the première of Minority Report.  And, the video that triggered this post has also been added alongside the snapshots.  Kathryn appears very briefly in middle of the clip answering a question about fate.

minority_report_premiere_002 minority_report_premiere_007 minority_report_premiere_001

Costume Designers Guild Awards 2006 Update

cdga_63Last week we had the 2005 ADGA (Art Directors Guild Awards).  Today we’ve skipped B and gone straight to the CDGA, aka the Costume Designers Guild Awards.  We’ve also skipped on by 12 months by taking another look at the event in 2006.  Previously a set of photos were posted here in a 2010 update.

Kathryn was at the CDGA in 2005 supporting Cold Case costume designer Patia Prouty who worked on the show across the first three seasons.  The premiere, Look Again, being the notable exception.  Despite being nominated for the CDG Award three times between 2005 and 2007 Patia did not take the gold.

Since leaving CC Patia has worked on TV dramas Saving Grace and Justified.  Currently she is designing costumes for the Cinemax series Banshee, starring, amongst others, Lili Simmons and Geno Segers.  Both of those actors will be in the movie Bone Tomahawk, which Kathryn has a small role in.  It’s a small world.

The 2015 CDGA happened a week ago.  American Horror Show, Games Of Thrones and True Detective wcdga_red_carpet_002on in their respective TV categories.  Films du jour Birdman, Into The Woods and The Grand Budapest Hotel took the honours for movies.

A new (to the Gallery) photo of Kathryn looking very fetching in an off-the-shoulder red dress at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in 2006 is now in the KM UK Gallery.

Plus, you lucky people, we have 2 short videos of Kathryn on the red carpet at the event, the 2nd is an interview.

Women In Entertainment Breakfast, Dec 2010 – 4th Helpings

063One of the many good things about the Xmas period is all the repeats.  Or, ‘bringing back classics’ as we prefer to call it.

KM UK never likes to buck a trend so we’ll make no apologies to returning to a… firm… favourite 😉  We last visited this particular public appearance three years ago.  12 months ago we looked back at Kathryn’s appearance at the 2006 running of The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual ‘Power 100: Women In Entertainment Breakfast’.  Sadly, despite the evidence so far, Kathryn is not on a 4-year cycle for this event.  She was a no-show for last week’s latest get together.

Considering our chosen event took place in early December of 2010 it is remarkably un-cold looking.  Obviously Kathryn looks hot, that almost went without saying, but even Los Angeles must have cooler days.  No sign of a chill in the air on that day 😉

For those currently afflicted with wintery weather hopefully this new update with 20 more photos (48-67 in the Gallery) and a video of Kathryn’s arrival on red carpet will warm you up somewhat.  Southern-hemisphere dwellers may need to crank up the AC!  Enjoy them all now in the Gallery.

Same time next year?

048 061 women_in_entertainment_breakfast_001

W.E.I.R.D. World TV Movie Clips

weird_world_223Last week KM UK brought you something special that few of you will have ever seen before.  You might even have thought you never would.

Alongside our review of the 1995 TV movie W.E.I.R.D. World, which stars Kathryn as Lucy, the personal assistant to Ed O’Neill’s (Modern Family) Dr Monochian, we had a set of screencaps.  I hope you enjoyed seeing Kathryn in one of her earliest roles.  If you haven’t read that piece yet, go back and do so immediately.  We’ll wait here for you :-)

As promised at the end of that article we now bring you a small set of video clips from the film.  They are now exclusively available in the KM UK Gallery.  Sadly the picture and sound quality is not great, it’s the best I can do from the source.

weird_world_scene_1 weird_world_scene_2 weird_world_scene_3

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