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Xen Talks The Protocol At NY Comic Con

on_set_012The actress and acting coach Xen Sia attended the recent New York Comic Con event to promote a new comic book called Treadwater, aka TRDWTR.

Although Treadwater exists as a traditional comic book, and there is an animated series and much cross-media material (videos, websites etc.), they are using real-life actors to portray the characters in promotional material.  Xen is one of them.  There is also talk of Treadwater becoming a live action TV series.

As part of her endorsement work at the NY Comic Con Xen was interviewed by Michael Artsis for the BeTerrific!! (their exclamation marks) website.  During the chat she also talked about another new project: The Protocol.  Regular readers will know a pilot for this possible TV series was filmed in the summer of 2013, with Kathryn making an appearance whilst she was heavily pregnant with her twin boys.  The photo above was taken on the set during filming.  Xen makes reference to Kathryn’s character, who we know to be called Grace, also being pregnant.  I’m not sure that was quite the coincidence that Xen implies.

Just a few weeks ago I reported on The Protocol‘s increasing presence on IMDb, suggesting there is a move to make the show happen.  Whether it will or not is another matter.

Xen Sia at NY Comic ConThe Protocol is set in a not too distant future when the government mandates that all citizens take drugs, the titular ‘Protocol’, to control behaviour.  None compliance sees you banished to a dystopian realm.

During her discussion Xen makes much of praising Kathryn for her work so far in the likes of Cold Case as well as her nurturing attitude towards an upcoming actress.  Xen says the sort of things that we, as fans and followers of Kathryn, would completely expect her to say about Kathryn.  It’s all good.

A video of the interview can be seen on YouTube here.  A small copy has been added to the KM UK the Gallery.  Talk about The Protocol starts at around the 4 minute mark for those wishing to skip ahead.

The Coin On Set Interview With Kathryn – Update

exclusive_interview_screenshot_001This is a nice little surprise.

We’re in danger of becoming this site dedicated to the short film The Coin and a Fabien Martorell appreciation society, but that’s OK.

Today we have to thank Fabien for posting a video taken on the set of The Coin when it filmed back in the summer of 2012.

The video, hosted on Vimeo here, sees Kathryn explaining her reasons for taking on the role of the under stress mother.  Christopher Lloyd also makes a brief appearance.

It is so nice to see Kathryn on screen again like this, even if it is so brief.

Update: A copy of the video and screencaps from it have been added to the Gallery.  The video page includes a transcript of what Kathryn says to help any one wanting to translate it into their native language.

Hell Swarm

hell_swarm_31It’s a double bank holiday weekend so prepare for rain.

Going through my very long to-do list for KM UK I realised that I have never written here about Hell Swarm, despite screencaps from it being in the Gallery from day one.  It’s been a while since the last one so it is time for another of my “it’s been in the Gallery from the beginning but I’ve never written about it here” posts.

I sat down to write a lengthy review of it, and even re-watch the film if necessary, and then I realised that I’d written a review ages ago for the Look Again Cold Case fan site.  So, along with having the screencaps already, I don’t need to write anything new.  Result! :-)  It turned into a Good Friday after all :-)

You can read my particularly entertaining take on Hell Swarm HERE.

However, to prove I’ve done something new for this post I have sweetened the deal a little with a set of small video clips and a couple of miscellaneous images.

All the Hell Swarm goodness/badness can be found in the Gallery.

Oh yes, Happy Easter/Friday/Saturday.

hell_swarm_71 still_001 hell_swarm_part_6_small

Kathryn @ Toyota Pro/Celeb Race Day – April 2007

toyota_race_day_26Oops!  I’m sure that’ll polish right out!  😯

That was from the practise day so no worries.

Three weeks after the training it was race day.  On this day (14th Apr) in 2007 (it was a Sunday that year) Kathryn took part in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race in aid of the Racing For Kids charity that supports local children’s hospitals.  Last year we brought you a photo of Kathryn and George Lucas visiting one of those hospitals that receives funding a few days before the race.

As well are four more photos from the weekend we have two videos.  One is from the practise day.  The second a longish highlights show covering the race.  Kathryn features multiple times in both videos so try and watch them all the way through.  Find it all in the KM UK Gallery.

Thanks to Jan Wagner at the Automatters website for allowing KM UK to post their photos.

In the race Kathryn finished a creditable 13th out of the 17 taking part.  Not bad on her first ever race.  Dave Mirra (BMX racer) won outright despite coming up through the field from 30 seconds behind with the other Pros Bucky Lasek (X Games winner) and Scott Kelly (drag racer).  Tennis legend and returnee to the event, Martina Navratilova, was 2nd (1st celeb) and Joshua Morrow (The Young And The Restless) was third.  George Lucas continued to disappoint in spectacular fashion by crashing out and taking innocent victim Annamarie Dean (charity fund raiser) with him.  Kathryn and Emily Proctor (CSI: Miami) weren’t able to put the first part of their evil plan into play.  We don’t know if the managed the second part.  Watch the video to find out more.

The 2014 version of the event happened yesterday (13th April) and was won by returnee Brett Davern, who finished 2nd last year.  Brett will be known to Cold Case viewers as Lilly Rush’s half-brother Finn Cooper.  Currently Brett can be seen in the TV show Awkward. (with a full-stop).

toyota_race_day_24 toyota_race_day_25 Toyota_Celebrity_race_day_Interviews

Kathryn @ Toyota Race Training – March 2007

toyota_training_16The start of a new season raises thoughts of the prospects it brings.  All the changes to come.  So many possibilities.  The sights, the sounds (or lack of), the smells.  The ugly noses!

What?!?  Spring?  No, I meant the 2014 season of Formula One that kicked-off in Melbourne, Australia,  the weekend before last.  It’s a new era for the sport with massive technical changes signalling a move towards more advanced power-trains to increase the relevance to road cars.  And ugly noses.

Naturally when considering the opening of a new fight for the F1 World Championship (and very much NOT the ugly noses) one’s mind turns to Kathryn.  No?  Just me then?

Seven years go (that’s 2007 for those thinking about taking their socks off at this point) Kathryn was invited to take part in a Pro/Celebrity Race which features at the Long Beach Grand Prix each April.  The event is backed by Toyota and is run to raise money for the Racing For Kids charity which supports children’s hospitals in the area.

toyota_training_16March 17th was where those taking part that year met for initial training in handling a car on a race track.  With Kathryn were tennis legend Martina Navratilova, X-Games star Dave Mirra, actor/singer Joshua Morrow (The Young And The Restless), ‘model’ Kendra Wilkinson, actress Kelly Hu (Arrow), actress Aisha Tyler (Friends), radio personality Robin Quivers (The Howard Stern Show), film director George Lucas (Star Wars), and actress Emily Procter (CSI: Miami).

The training was done at the Willow Springs International Raceway in California using the same Toyota Scion tC cars that were used in the race.  The Scion range is only sold in North America, though in some cases the cars are available elsewhere in the world under different names.  The front engined, front wheel drive Scion tC was the model used for the Pro/Celeb races from 2006 to 2012 and has been replaced by the FR-S (aka the more racey rear wheel drive Toyota 86/GT86/FT86).  If you want to you can follow in Kathryn’s wheel tracks without even leaving your sofa as the Willow Springs circuit features in the PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 6.  The Scion tC doesn’t.  George Lucas has a history with the track.  No, it wasn’t used for the podrace in SW: Episode 1, it is where he made one of his first films: 1:42.08.  Also, the British TV show Top Gear filmed a segment there in 2013 which saw the presenters chased by aeroplanes.  Silly boys.

The 2014 Long Beach Grand Prix is due to take place on Sunday the 13th of April.  This year the likes of Adrien Brody (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Corbin Bleu (High School Musical), Lilly Rush’s half-brother on Cold Case Brett Davern, and Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) are getting behind wheel for charity.

Sartorial elegance was not the order of the day but Kathryn still looked adorable as further shown in 12 new photos from the training day.  We also have 2 small videos.  One is brief interviews with some of the guest drivers.  The other is just general footage from the day, which doesn’t noticeably feature Kathryn until the very end.  They’ve all been added to the existing set in the KM UK Gallery.

toyota_training_20 toyota_training_22 Toyota_Celebrity_Training_Interviews

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