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Cold Case S04E07 – The Key Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S04E07_lilly_010An old case of Will’s resurfaces for the team to investigate the death of a housewife and mother who got reluctantly involved in a “key” party.

24’s Agent Renee Walker travels back to the schwinging 70s as this episode sees a guest appearance by Annie Wersching.  Schwing!  :-)

95 new and exclusive Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps and a promo video can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S04E07_lilly_002 Cold_Case_S04E07_lilly_080 Cold_Case_S04E07_Preview

Moneyball Trailer

The theatrical trailer for Moneyball has now been officially released.

As previously thought it is the same as that shown on Entertainment Tonight, so no sign of Kathryn.  There are no credits either.  The trailer finishes with a link to an official website,  There is also an official Facebook page HERE.  Links to both are now in the menu on the right.

You can find a copy of the trailer in the Gallery.

Moneyball 2nd Look On Entertainment Tonight

2nd look or first look?  I’m not sure yesterday’s really counts :-)

Anyway, what we have today from Entertainment Tonight last night (still with me?) is very likely to be the first Moneyball trailer in full, minus a proper voice-over and credits.

No sign of Kathryn.  But then again, there is no sign of Robin Wright either or Philip Seymour Hoffman.  He only appears briefly and doesn’t even get to say anything.  We do see shots from a couple scenes of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) with his daughter from his first marriage.  Kathryn took the role of Beane’s second wife.

Video of the ET piece is now in the Gallery.

Thanks again to JoliePittStop for the high quality video.

Update: As suspected it appears that the video ET played is the trailer.  Jen Yamato (a writer for the Movie Line website) sent several Tweets about the trailer.  Jen saw the trailer in the cinema earlier in the day and notes it is better without the ET presenters talking over it.

Cold Case S04E06 – Static Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S04E06_lilly_088Unencumbered by man issues Lilly throws herself into a new case.  The gang investigate the murder of a popular radio DJ from the 1950s.

106 exclusive Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps can now be found in the Gallery.  This week we also have the first of our new promo videos for an episode, see the preview for Static in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S04E06_lilly_016 Cold_Case_S04E06_lilly_026 Cold_Case_S04E06_Preview

Cougars, Inc. Première Video – Update

022A MrJBone99 (I dunno) has posted a video comprising of footage taken at the Cougars, Inc. première, the after party and various people discussing what a cougar is on YouTube.  Kathryn appears several times, including in snippets from the previously posted Mingle Media interview video.

The new video has been added to the Gallery.  As it is small sized, quite low quality and covered in credit text I haven’t done screencaps.  And the red carpet and after party event photos we have cover it anyway.

Thank you to MrJBone99.

Update: A 2nd version of the video has been posted on YouTube by CougarTutor (who I believe is actually one of the movie’s exec producers).  A copy can be found in the Gallery.  This version is lacking the alcoholic beverage branding but includes other captions that suggest it is being as a promotional tool in of itself with its “your logo here” type messages.  So, it is part promo for the tour and part promo for the company that put the promo together.  I think! :-)

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