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Resurrecting Resurrecting The Champ: Out Of The Blu… ray

rtc_160File this one under:  Really?  This wasn’t a thing already?

News has reached KM UK that the 2007 film Resurrecting The Champ is set for a Blu-ray release in America this coming June.

Some parts of the world, notably Germany, had a Blu-ray version of the movie years ago but it appears that wasn’t the case back home in the US.  Now, a release as part of the MVD Marquee Collection is set for June 11th.

The hi-def home viewing solution includes some extras but they don’t look like anything new and are all in standard definition so must be lifted from the earlier DVD releae.

blu-ray_cover_001For new comers, Resurrecting The Champ revolves around Josh Hartnett and Samuel L Jackson’s characters.  Josh is a newspaper sports reporter looking for a big story to make his name.  Samuel is a homeless man Josh stumbles across who claims to be a once-famous boxer with a tale to tell.  His he who he says he is?  It’s a film with boxing but is definitely not a boxing movie.

Kathryn is one of the many big names making up the supporting cast.  Director Rod Lurie has a habit of doing this with his films.  As Josh’s older, more successful writer, mother to his son, and estranged wife, Kathryn is the grown up in the relationship.  She’s also gorgeous in every shot.  A quadruple (or more) threat.  She has some great scenes with Josh.  Well worth checking in full HD.

There are various images and videos relating to Resurrecting The Champ already in KM UK The Gallery.  The Blu-ray box cover, above, has now been added.

Cold Case S01E15 – Disco Inferno Promo Update

promo_001I don’t think I’d be speaking out of turn too say that ‘Disco Inferno’ is a firm fan favourite amongst Cold Case episodes.  Feel free to let me know either way with a comment below.

At episode 15 of season one the show was into its stride.  The format is bedded in, no doubt with changes implemented after viewer feedback from the early part of the season.  The flashbacks have developed in length and complexity.  Danny Pino is settled in as the new partner Scotty Valens.

It is one of the few episodes where we get to see Lilly enjoying herself.  ADA Kite takes her dancing and we get some lovely shots of that as well as Lilly’s sighting of ‘the ghost of victims past’.

This promo image upgrade post, part of the KM UK run through season one 15 years since first airing, involves two pictures.  The first (above) is a significant increase in image size.  The 2nd (below) is all new, and equally big.  Find them both in the Gallery.  I know, they are not of the disco scene :-(  Check out the screencaps in the gallery to re-live those memories.


Be My Valentine


To Kathryn,
with great affection

Happy Valentine’s Day

These days we seem be ever more narrowing our focus on the ‘app’ rather than looking at the wider picture of ‘happy’.  Why don’t we try being Kinder to each other instead of the digital alternatives?

Anyway, after a number of years doing this I’m beginning to suspect that these entreaties are not having the desired effect.  Perhaps persistence becomes endearing, eventually?

Will you be my Valentine this year, Kathryn?  It doesn’t to be today, if you’re busy, tomorrow’s OK too :-)

I’ve gone back Zoé’s amazing banner image this year.  It just works so well and will always be one my favourite images.  It shows what the Fan Art section of KM UK Gallery is for.  Thanks again to Zoé.


banner_177_800x376_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

From all your fans at KM UK

Every so often one of those special birthdays comes around.  One that is seen as more significant than others.  Today is one of those days.  It’s Kathryn’s birthday!  What did you think I was going to say?  I would never!

Having been in Reverie, we hope that Kathryn is in a reverie today of all days.

As has become tradition here on KM UK we like to mark such a special occasion with some fan-created artwork.  Uber-fan Diane (who recently celebrated her own birthday) has kindly supplied us with the image above.  She drew from promotional images of Kathryn’s appearance in the TV show Reverie to give us the banner seen above.

This new picture joins the many hundreds of wallpapers, banners, avatars etc. that can be found KM UK fan art gallery. All contributions, on any or no topic, are welcome.  Contact me if you’d like to see your works of art included.

Cold Case S01E13 – The Letter Promo Update

promo_003In last week’s update for ‘Glued’, we mentioned things were getting a bit personal between Lilly and Kite.  This week it’s more professional, but really it’s about the personal.

We have just one updated promo image from ‘The Letter’, episode 13 in season 1 of Cold Case.  You can see the picture above and the new, much larger sized version in the Gallery.  It was 15 years ago today that this one first aired.

You think 2004 is along time ago?  The case they re-opened was nearly 65 years old back then, and involved the murder of a young black woman in August of 1939.  And that isn’t even the oldest crime they looked at.  Assumptions by the police at the time about the victim probably made them even less inclined to investigate.  You’d like to things have changed a lot since then.

To do posts like these I need a few helpful reminders about each episode.  A very useful resource to jog the memory is the fan-created Cold Case Wiki on the Fandom website (the link is always in the list on the left of this site).  There is a huge amount of information about the show in general, the episodes, the cast (including guests) and crew, and much more.  It is constantly being updated.  Go check it out.  I’d like to think that my little site has helped the editors there at times too.

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