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Hayseed At Another Hole In The Head

poster_004.jpgIn a couple of weeks time, the new movie Hayseed will be getting an airing courtesy of the 2022 Another Hole In The Head film festival.

For those that need a catch-up (this site certainly does!), Hayseed is a new independent crime thriller/mystery/comedy in which Kathryn has a small role.  See the previous KM UK post about it HERE.

The San Francisco-based AHITH festival is primarily horror-focused but they do venture in to sci-fi and other genres as they see fit.

Hayseed has been added to the official selection for the 2022 running of the event.  However, as far as I can tell the film is not being screened in a theatre setting, but rather only via an online stream.  This appears to be limited to members and is also geo-locked to the California area and will be available over the 3 days from the 16th-18th December 2022.

For more details on the AHITH festival see their website HERE.

If you are able to view the film, please do report back to us.

The poster you see to the right (large version in the Gallery) gives us a glimpse of Kathryn in character.

Cold Case S04E22 – Cargo Photo Update

s04e18_on_set_001You might know as Vincent Mancini in The Godfather films.  Or Terry Benedict in the Ocean’s Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen movies.  Or maybe as Fernando Cienfuegos (does that mean 100 fires?) in Mama Mia: Here We Go Again.  And there’s about one hundred more of them.  Whatever role you know Andy Garica for, he has only turned his hand to directing on a handful of times.  One of those was the Cold Case episode ‘Cargo’.

The fact that Andy hasn’t directed since, at least until a project that appears to currently under way, might tell us a few things about his experience.  I’m sure it was fine, though the body language oozing of Kathryn in the image above is ‘interesting’ at first glance.

‘Cargo’ was the ante-penultimate episode of season 4 of Cold Case, being aired for the first time on this day in 2007.

The one image we have to add to the KM UK Gallery today is of Kathryn, Danny, and Andy on set.  It joins another picture that gained a certain notoriety on this site.  Oh, the stories I could tell.

Cold Case S04E21 – Torn Photo Update

s04e18_on_set_001I wasn’t sure whether to post these pictures or not.  I was really…………. Torn  :-)

The 8th of April 2007 saw the first broadcast of this episode of Cold Case, making it 15 years old today.  Torn was episode 21 of season 4.

A bumper crop of 9 new high quality promo photos this time.  In the last post, it was all about walking.  For this one we’ve taken up the more leisurely pursuit of book holding.  All are now in the KM UK Gallery.

s04e21_still_002 s04e21_still_003 s04e21_still_007

Cold Case S04E18 – A Dollar, A Dream Photo Update

s04e18_on_set_001Penny for your thoughts.  That would be great, but thanks to significant inflation these days we’re going to have to ask for a whole dollar for that dream…  See what I did there?

No dollar required here.  All updates on KM UK are free.  Today’s give-away are three new promo and on set images from Cold Case season 4, episode number 18.  This was first broadcast on the 18th of March in 2007, a 15 years ago today.

Three new photos, involving more walking, are now in the KM UK Gallery.

promo_04 promo_05

Cold Case S04E16 – The Goodbye Room Photo Update

s04e16_still_001Well hello to ‘The Goodbye Room’.  Sorry we didn’t get here on time, again.  Blame the Olympics, old age, solar winds, whatever.

A quick update with some more promo photos from an episode of Cold Case that first aired (just over) 15 years ago.  4th of March 2007 in this instance.

Today’s ‘new’ photos all focus around a particular scene with three of our leads in a park in the winter.  First up we have a trio of moderately sized promo photos. Then there is a small behind-the-scenes image showing the camera and lighting setups required for a simple walking and talking shot.

You can now find these images in the KM UK Gallery.

s04e16_still_002 s04e16_still_003 on_set_002

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