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Kathryn Colony Ep 4 On Set Photo(s) – Update

Amanda Righetti (star of the long running drama series The Mentalist) recently posted the above image of herself and Kathryn on the set of the of Colony via various social media platforms.

It is clearly the set of the ‘you work for me’ scene from end of the 4th episode.  If the big cross through page of the script we can see Amanda holding is anything to go by there might well have been much more dialogue planned between the two ladies.

Thank you to Amanda for allowing us this brief look behind the scenes.

And thank you to Becca for letting me know via Twitter so it could be added it to our collection.

The full size version can be seen in the KM UK Gallery.

Update:  Three more photos from the set of this episode, called Blind Spot, have been added.

Colony_S01E04_on_set_002 Colony_S01E04_on_set_003 Colony_S01E04_on_set_004

Be My Valentine


To Kathryn, with inestimable admiration

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Colony Ep 7 Promo Photos

Colony_S01E07_still_001 Colony_S01E07_still_002 Colony_S01E07_still_003 Colony_S01E07_still_004 Colony_S01E07_still_005 Colony_S01E07_still_006

The USA Network is getting ahead of itself with the release of promo photos for episode 7 of Colony before number five airs tonight for the first time.

Six more images including Kathryn in her role as Charlotte, a woman acting as an art dealer in the ‘Green Zone’ of Los Angeles under the occupation of an alien invation.  I’d say there is a hint of Lilly in Kathryn’s hair-do in the last couple of images.  Would you?

This is due to be next time we see Kathryn in Colony after her first saw her last week in episode four.

The photos are now all in the KM UK Gallery.

Bone Tomahawk In UK Cinemas Next Week

poster_003_2000x1500It has been a long time coming but Bone Tomahawk will finally be released in UK cinemas a week on Friday.

antivalentine_poster_722x960For reasons unknown the film was delayed from the original December 2015 date, as reported here on KM UK back in November.  My best guess is that the distributor wanted to try and ride the wave of publicity from The Hate Eight, which also stars Kurt Russell, and the western-esque film The Revenant.  Going for a Friday in late January would have been a better option then.  Unless they are hoping for a further boost from those films being talked about a lot during the upcoming awards season, as we go through the BAFTAs and Oscars in the next couple of weeks.

Above (and now in the Gallery) is a copy of the Bone Tomahawk poster for the UK release.  I’ve also included the UK trailer video.

Very much taking its cues from that art work is the one you see on the right.  It is to promote a special pre-release screening of Bone Tomahawk to be held this coming Sunday as part of an ‘Anti-Valentine’ event to be held somewhere in London.

If you’d like to attend for free then the HeyUGuys website is giving away three pairs of tickets to the show.  It is for UK residents only and you’ll have to be quick due my slowness.  Entries have to be in by midnight (23:59) on Wednesday the 10th (tomorrow at time of writing).  You can read the details on the HeyUGuys website here.

Colony S01E04 – Blind Spot HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E04_004A quick summary for those that haven’t watched Colony before.

Aliens have taken control of Earth, quickly wiping out all significant military targets that could have put up a fight.  The remaining population are living in walled areas known as ‘blocks’ (the LA in the show is just one of many) under the control of an armed police force made up of humans.  It’s either do as your told or be shipped off to ‘the factory’ for a fate unknown.  What the aliens want or why they’ve done this is not known either.  Some people are fighting back, others making the best of it.  The show follows the lives of a small collection of people living and working on either (or both) sides of the line.

Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) is the sister of more central characters of Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies, The Walking Dead) and Katie’s husband Will (Josh Holloway, Lost).  She has a son with diabetes and is having to get insulin for him on the black-market, presumably all normal sources have been removed by the ‘hosts’.  Maddie is taking jobs assigned to her (there’s no unemployment in the ‘block’).  Previously we’ve seen her as a waitress at a party in the ‘Green Zone’.  Today she’s got a new job.

Kathryn’s Charlotte Burgess is in the ‘Green Zone’, a part of the ‘block’ inhabited by those people in powerful and privileged positions.  Though, no doubt, they too are doing so in fear of what would happen if they dissented.  Charlotte is collecting works of art for distribution to the luckily few.  Maddie has been assigned as her new assistant.  As luck would have it Maddie previously worked in an art gallery so has information that is of use to Charlotte to strengthen her position.  Maddie needs insulin.  Charlotte can make that happen.  But, as Charlotte makes clear with her “If you work for me, you work for me.  Do you understand?”, she doesn’t consider this an equal trade.  As we’ve possibly seen in previous confusing promos (the videos have often contained footage not from the episode in question) Maddie may have to compromise herself further to care for her son.

In total Kathryn was in the show for less than two minutes but there is clearly more to come from Charlotte.  However, the information I have is that we won’t see Kathryn again until episode 7 so make the most of this for now.  I’ll try to keep you informed if this changes.

It was announced yesterday that Colony has been renewed for a second season, with 13 episodes instead of this initial run’s 10.  We don’t know Charlotte’s ultimate fate in season one yet so we will have keep our fingers crossed for more.

I must confess to not being a big fan of the big fringe and ear covering ‘do’, or the bold lipstick in the first scene.  Oh well.  It is still good to have Kathryn back on our screens.

Now we have 54 HD (720p) screencaps of Kathryn from this episode of Colony in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E04_015 Colony_S01E04_024 Colony_S01E04_053

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