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Colony S01E09 – Zero Day HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E09_123I’m no expert on body language or reading people’s moods, women especially are a mystery (that’s why we love you so), but in the above image I’m sensing a certain amount of anger.

To round up this week in Colony for Charlotte (Kathryn), she:

  • Tried to further humiliate/punish Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) for breaking ‘the rules’, even though it is not clear she did
  • Found out that Maddie could be of further use
  • Suggested to Maddie that she would be rewarded for her loyalty
  • Got caught out defying the ‘hosts’ to line her own nest
  • Was thrown under the bus by her own husband Nolan (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes)
  • Attempted to drop Maddie in it to Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson, House)
  • Was taken away by the authorities

All in a week’s work for an art curator then.

Yes, as we saw in the sneak peek video from the other day things do not look good for Charlotte in her final appearance in this season of Colony, the USA network sci-fi-ish drama series.  Her longest screen time yet.  There is only one episode left to go.

After Maddie used her knowledge of a largely secret art collection in LA to regain her position with Charlotte she, knowing that it would ingratiate herself even more, arranged for one of the key paintings to be put to one side and kept off the official list.  For some reason the ruling alien race want to keep the pretty stuff for themselves.  So why was Charlotte still there?  😉

We didn’t see how it happened but someone (Maddie being the obvious source) tipped-off Snyder about Charlotte’s hoarding and he came with the troops in tow.  The unlisted painting was found by the ‘Redhats’ and Nolan agreed it should not have been there.  Charlotte blamed Maddie who described herself as “just an assistant” when asked who she was.  That sealed Charlotte’s fate.

No Kathryn in next week’s season finale but the show is set for a second, slightly longer, season, we know the ‘factory’ is not necessarily the end, and Charlotte is an established part of the Colony universe so they could still bring her back next year.

Either way, it was good to see Kathryn return to the small screen, even if it was in a relatively minor role.  Plus, we got to see that smile a bit in this episode.  Thank you to the people behind Colony for making that happen.

And, we didn’t get to see the more casual looking Charlotte in the scene shown in a couple of the promo photos released for episode seven.  There’s a deleted scene out there…

There are now 132 HD (720p) screencaps of Kathryn in the episode “Zero Day” of Colony in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E09_019 Colony_S01E09_032 Colony_S01E09_092

Charlotte’s Web Unspun – Colony ep9 Sneak Peek Video

Colony_S01E09_sneak_peek_014Things are not looking good for Charlotte in the next episode of Colony, which airs tomorrow night (10th March) in the USA network in… the US of A.

Colony_S01E09_sneak_peekA just-released sneak peek video shows Charlotte Burgess’s (Kathryn) hoarding of precious works of art, as discovered by Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) last week, being the cause of her downfall.  Hubby Nolan (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes) is not going to take the fall for her either it seems.

This does not bode well for Charlotte/Kathryn making it to the already announced season two of Colony.  Though, regular viewers of the show found out last week that the dreaded ‘factory’ may not be the end of the road most of us assumed.  But would the socialite art dealer cope there?

A small copy of the video, and some (not so great) screencaps from it, is now in the KM UK Gallery for your enjoyment.

Is it too late to say “Spoiler Alert!”?

Additional Colony Ep 4 On Set Photo

Ahead of the latest episode of the USA network drama series Colony airing today, Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist) has posted an additional photo of herself and Kathryn on the set.

It doesn’t related to tonight’s show, it is another in the set we saw previously from the scene in episode 4 where Charlotte (Kathryn) and Maddie (Amanda) come to an understanding.  The understanding being that Maddie will do what she’s told.  Last week we found out what that entails.

As we’ve become used to in this series Kathryn is playing very much a supporting role, though in this case she is in the foreground and not the background.

Thank you again to Amanda for the image.  The full size version can be seen in the KM UK Gallery.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have another glimpse of Kathryn from the promo for next week’s episode, which should see Kathryn star again.

Colony S01E07 – Broussard HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E07_008We’ve moved on a couple of episodes since our last visit to Colony and things have clearly progressed for Maddie, though we’ve been left to fill in many of the blanks for ourselves.

Speaking of filling in…  Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist), as described previously, is working for Charlotte (Kathryn) her house in the ‘Green Zone’.  She is helping to collate and catalogue works of art for distribution amongst the lucky few.  Nolan (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes), Charlotte’s husband, is a political player we see is involved in something a kin to a cult revolving around the take over of the planet by the invaders.  He took a shine to Maddie last time out.  Charlotte is clearly a control freak which we see very much in our first scene when Maddie and Nolan are… errr… you know… and we see madam Burgess is watching them.  Whether, to mis-quote the Spicy Girls, “three become one” is left to your own dirty mind.  Charlotte did look a little… ruffled.  We actually saw this scene weeks ago in, wrongly/oddly added to a trailer for an earlier episode.

Later, Nolan tries to get Maddie to go… errr… one-on-one with him which is very much against the rules laid (no pun intended) down by his wife.  Maddie’s not for turning though as she needs her mentor to get insulin for her sick son.

Which brings us to our next does of Kathryn.  Maddie notices some paintings have gone missing and finds them tucked away elsewhere in the house.  In the background we see Charlotte chewing out (that’s your mind again!) the gardener for doing something not to her liking.

As a form of punishment for allegedly breaking the rules Maddie finds herself demoted to paperwork, as she was doing before revealing her knowledge of locally held private art collections to Charlotte.  Incensed at this injustice that could cost her boy dearly she confronts Nolan and tells him she knows things she can use to harm his position (your mind is in the gutter again!).  He denies it but not particularly convincingly and goes on to describe his wife as being somewhat unstable and he’d like shot of her.  Everyone’s out for something.

I’m having to talk about Maddie a lot in these descriptions because that’s our (the viewers) way to Charlotte.  We’re using her, just like everyone on the show is using someone else for their own ends.

Kathryn/Charlotte were very much background players in both senses of the word in this episode of Colony.  She is due to return to the screen in a couple of weeks time for number 9.  Hopefully we’ll see her in a promo video or photos for that one soon.

Interestingly, the last two photos of Kathryn that were released as promos for this episode depicted a scene that was not in it.  Maybe they’re from the next one.  Or a deleted scene.

There are 37 HD (720p) screencaps of Kathryn in the episode “Brussard” of Colony in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E07_001 Colony_S01E07_016 Colony_S01E07_033

Bone Tomahawk UK DVD/Blu-ray Release?

blu-ray_box_003 dvd_box_002It was released in UK cinemas last Friday and was the recipient of a lot of praise from the critics.

But what of a home release of horror western Bone Tomahawk for those in the United Kingdom?

Well, it’s mixed news.

The division of Amazon based in England now has pages for Bone Tomahawk on both Blu-ray and DVD.  These are very recent additions.  The prices shown at time of writing are £16 (~US$22) and £11.50 (~US$16) respectively.  You can pre-order now.

That’s the good.

The bad is that the released dates for both disc formats are shown as being (again, at time of ‘going to press’) at the very end of December 2016.

I very much doubt that date is correct and I’m going to assume it is a place-holder in lieu of the actual date when it is announced.

If you don’t want to wait that long then you could try acquiring it from one of Britain’s continental neighbours…  The disc region codes are the same and they are likely to include an English language track.  Just sayin’…  Check before purchase though.  Caveat emptor an’ all that.

The box art above and flat versions are in the Gallery.

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