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wallpaper_267_1672x929_dianekmfanHere at KM UK we very much echo the sentiment the message found in the image above:

From the bottom of our hearts we’d like to to wish you a Happy Birthday Kathryn

Your fans.

The site’s front page currently includes a lot of happy.  We have the Happy New Year, Happy Xmas, and the lovely images of Kathryn at the Ante Up For Autism 2019 event.  With this post we are adding a big Happy Birthday for our favourite lady.

Thanks again goes to super-fan Diane for the image above.  She has incorporated a lot of new images and nice thoughts.  As I am sure you would agree, we could all do with more of their like in our lives on a daily basis.

The wallpaper above can be found KM UK fan art gallery which has well over 700 works of art provided you the fans. There are banners, avatars, drawings, wallpaper and a video. If you would like to add this archive please contact me.

Ante Up For Autism 2019

ante_up_for_autism_2019_001.jpgA few weeks ago we posted a few images of Kathryn and kids at a recent Ante Up For Autism funding raising event.

They came as something as a pleasant surprise as they’d got passed us at the time.

Stumbling across those photos did send me down something of a rabbit hole. though

Be vewy, vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits! :-)

Didn’t find any rabbits.  Got something much, much better….  A couple of really great photos of Kathryn at the previous Ante Up For Autism event in 2019.  She looks knock-out in red on the red carpet.

Check out the second of the two photos in the KM UK the Gallery.  Kathryn looks a little more wind swept in that one.

Cold Case S04E08 – Fireflies Photo Update

s04e08_still_002.jpgAfter a few weeks of nothing to add in our series of update posts from episodes of Cold Case that aired 15 years ago, we’re back with a set of stills from ‘Fireflies’.

The 12th of November 2006 was the date that this one (episode 8 oF season 4) flickered into life and shone brightly for… about 1 hour on CBS in the USA.

There are now 7 new photos from Fireflies in the KM UK Gallery.

s04e08_still_001 s04e08_still_004 s04e08_still_007

…And Kathryn Morris

poster_002.jpgA new poster for the upcoming film Hayseed has been published.

Kathryn gets the ‘and’ credit.

This is often given to a star name that has a small role.  Many a Hollywood contract has hinged on who gets the ‘with’ and ‘and’ against their names in the credits, and where it features on the poster. I’m sure that’s not the case here though.

Hayseed is said to be in post-production, with filming recently completed.

Advertising Week New York 2021

adweek_001.jpgThis is turning into a busy week… for Kathryn.

After her appearance on breakfast/daytime television and the posting of an article she’d written about her experiences as a mother to twin boys with autism, Kathryn turned up at Advertising Week in New York.

On Wednesday (20th Oct) at The Creative Showcase Stage, Kathryn sat down with Tom Ajello, senior partner at the Lippencott creative consultancy.  They discussed the founding of her The Savants initiative and the journey she has gone through since the diagnosis of her children.

I must admit to being a little puzzled by this one.  Not sure how this fits together.  Maybe Advertising Week is about more than just those 4 minute-long interruptions in our favourite TV shows and distracting images on websites.

If it helps get Kathryn’s message out and that in turn helps others then it can only be a good thing.

Hopefully we can bring you more on the event in the not too distant future.

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