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The Perfect Guy Released Today

poster_005Here at last.

It finally made it.

The new thriller movie The Perfect Guy is going on general release in the United States Of America and Canada today (11th Sept).

Other territories will see the film over the coming months.  Here in the UK we have to wait until November 20th (contrary to the date shown currently on IMDb).

The Perfect Guy stars Sanaa Lathan (The Cleveland Show), Michael Ealy (Almost Human), Morris Chestnut (V), Charles S Dutton (Longmire), and Rutina Wesley (Arrow), amongst others.

Sanaa is Leah.  She’s ends a relationship with Morris’s Dave and starts a new one with Michael’s Carter.  Carter is perfect, until he stops being so.  Then Dave is back on the scene.  Can Leah trust either of them?  Apparently there’s a twist.

Kathryn has a small role in the movie as one of a group of Leah’s friends.

If you get a chance to see the film please come back and let us know what you thought of it, especially about Kathryn and her work in it.

The Perfect Guy – Spot The One We Love

protect_the_one_you_love_001Tomorrow The Perfect Guy hits the cinemas in north America.

Today KM UK brings you another glimpse of Kathryn in the movie.

If you thought Kathryn’s appearances in the previously posted trailer and featurette videos were of the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ variety, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  If you even think about blinking with this one you’ve already missed it.

interview_soundbitesIncluding the credits at either end, this TV trailer titled ‘Protect The Ones You Love’ is 15 seconds long.  They squeeze a lot of movie into the fifth of a minute, including a few frames of a certain Ms. Morris.

Unlike the previous restaurant scene we’ve seen a couple of times now this one looks to be set at a home, possibly that of Kathryn’s character Karen.  Based on the film’s synopsis and the presence of Morris Chestnut and Sanaa Lathan in the scene I’d take a guess it is from early in the film.

The video and a few screencaps from it are now in the Gallery.

The Perfect Guy – Kathryn Featurette Appearance

featurette_the_story_003Today was expected to see the première event, red carpet and all, of The Perfect Guy movie.

Contrary to the information I had (and reported here) the first screening happened last week.  Kathryn was not, as far as I can find, in attendance.

interview_soundbitesTo help make up for that disappointment I have added a new promotional ‘featurette’ video to the Gallery.  The 1 minute long piece; which includes movie clips, snippets of interviews and some behind-the-scenes shots; focuses on the story.

At around the 20 second mark we Kathryn fans get a slightly different take on the scene we saw in the first trailer.  This time around we get a little more than an “ahhhh” and a smile.  Only a tiny bit more though :-)

As well as the video, I’ve included a handful of screencaps for your perusal.

The Perfect Guy is released this week in the USA.

The Perfect Guy – Kathryn Interview

interview_soundbites_036Welcome back Kathryn.  It’s great to see that smile again.

We are only a just over a week away from the release of the new thriller movie The Perfect Guy in cinemas in the US of A.

interview_soundbitesThe stars Sanaa Lathan (Boss) and Michael Ealy (The Following), and to a lesser extent Morris Chestnut (Nurse Jackie), have been hitting the publicity trail, with various interviews and appearances.  Not surprisingly, based on her small role, Kathryn has not been involved so far.

However, Kathryn has, along with the other key cast members, done a small interview as part of the released publicity material, or Electronic Press Kit, common for modern releases.  And we’ve got it for you today.

In the Gallery you’ll now find a copy of the video and a set of screencaps taken from it (example above).

Be At The Perfect Guy Première

poster_005The new thriller movie The Perfect Guy is less than a month away now.

US cinema goers can see it from the 11th of September general release date.

However, the official film première is due to take place a few days before that on the 8th of the month.  It will, not surprisingly, be happening in L.A. but at the time of writing the exact location has not been published.

I’m sure that members of the public will be able to catch a glimpse of the movie’s stars on the red carpet but, if you want to be a bit more certain there is something you can do about it.  And be charitable at the same time.

The film’s promoters are taking the opportunity to raise money for three different charities.  In return for their generosity donors can get special gifts.  The Omaze website is hosting the sale of the rewards.  They range from $10 donation to the charities, $100 for a t-shirt, all the way to $5000 for a Skype chat with one of the them.  Only the three main stars (Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut) are mentioned.

Each entry is added to a prize draw.  The winner of that will get the VIP treatment including a flight to L.A. and a 4-star hotel stay.  There are no specific details but I’m assuming that will only be available to US residents.

The three charities are the The Lustgarten Foundation (funds research into pancreatic cancer), HerShe USA (supports girls in foster care as they become adults) and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (supports children’s hospitals across north America).

You can read all the details and make pledges at the Omaze website HERE.

We don’t know if Kathryn will be present at the event.  Fingers crossed for an appearance.

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